monsters and demi-god in hogwarts?!?!

This is a story about the camp half blood main charicters having a quest and going 2 hogwarts but unexpectidly meet a girl who has a VERY big secret. And they all meet ther pokemon partners yay

Tags: harry potter. Camp half blood. Angels. Monsters. Draco. Twyla. Percy. Annabeth. Nico. Thalia. Piper. Leo. Hermionie. Ron. Pikachu. Pokemon


2. charicters

 NAME: Twyla Silvermoon


hair coler(s):Black


house: slytherin

hair style: just FRIKIN LOOK AT THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bffs:Draco and of course Yveltal!!

creature: Angle of darkness

godly parent:Zues

eye coler/s:left a cinnomin coler and right a flame blue coler

p.s im wearing leather jacket on da train so SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!! SO HOW DO YA THINK SOO FAR?!?!? (PRETTY GOOD HUH??)

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