I Have Not Forgotten (Don't You Forget About Me Sequel)

This is the sequel to "Don't You Forget About Me".
Now that Beca and Jesse are living in heaven as angels, they have two options. They can live together in holy matrimony as Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Swanson. Or, they can continue seeing their friends by watching over them as their guardian angels. That was a no brainer, but choosing their friends came with more obstacles than they thought. Follow Beca and Jesse in their crazy, love filled afterlife as they fight to protect their friends.


1. Introthingy to the Thing with A Lot of Words That People Can Understand

Previously on Don't You Forget About Me:

Beca and Jesse were in an awful wreck leaving Beca in a coma. Jesse was crushed when he heard that Beca may never wake up but he kept his faith. It paid off. To everyone's astonishment, she woke up but there was a catch. She woke up with memory loss.

Jesse spent months trying to get her memories to return to her and he eventually ran into some luck of both types. After a passionate night with the love of his life, the memories came flowing back but they were too strong and it messed with Beca's brain damage.

It was all too much and she died but the doctors were able to revive her. Half an hour after being revived, her friends and family began telling her to wake up. She was confused but it became clear as she awoke, for real this time.

After finding out that she was indeed in a coma from a wreck, Bumper broke the devastating news that Jesse didn't make it out. Her heart was broken and she went into cardiac arrest. To the dismay of her friends, she died of broken heart syndrome (is an actual thing), for real this time.

After one last glance at her still living friends she walked into the light to the one thing she knew couldn't live without. Jesse. They reunited with a passionate kiss before planning their eternal life together. And that's where we left off, let's continue!

*Beca's P.O.V.*

"It is, isn't it? And it's ours. We can finally be together forever, without the stresses of  living." he (Jesse) said as held me close to him.

"Forever." I repeated. "I love the sound of that."

"Let's go." Jesse said after a moment of silence. He grabbed my hand and dragged me along. "Where are we going?" I asked. He let me go and turned to look at me. "Home." he answered with a smile before running off laughing like the kid I know he is, leaving me to chase after him. Even in death he's still that big goofball that I fell in love with freshman year of college.

After catching up to him, he stopped running and intertwined his fingers with mine. Our bodies gently pressed together as we walked down the street, hand in hand. "So, how did you...." I trailed off, trying not to be insensitive. "Die?" he asked. I nodded and he took a deep breath before explaining.

"I took the blunt of the wreck. I knew that I couldn't stop the collision but I also knew that I could save you, or die trying. When I realized that frantically spinning the wheel wasn't helping, I quit. Instead, I quickly unbuckled and covered you, protecting you with my body. When it was all over, I woke up and saw the medics pulling us out of the car. You weren't awake and, though I felt myself slipping away, I held on until I heard the medics say you're alive. When I knew that you were not ok but alive, I stopped fighting. I wanted to live but I couldn't fight anymore. I knew it was my time so, I let go."

"Wow. And I thought I suffered a slow and painful death." I said without realizing it. "Yeah, what was that? How were you the one to die of a broken heart?" he asked. I scoffed a little. "It may surprise you to know that I do have a heart."

"Oh I know you do, I'm not saying you don't but, nobody would've guessed you'd be the one to die of a broken heart. We always thought that you would die of reckless behavior and I'd be the one to die with a broken heart afterwards. Not the other way around."

"What can I say? You didn't just own my heart, you were my heart. When you die, so do I." he came to an abrupt stop. He looked at me, a smile on his face. "Your use of the past tense of words makes me nervous. Has another man taken residence in your heart?" he gently pushed the loose hair behind my ear. I lifted myself onto my toes and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"No. My heart is all yours. It always has been, always will be." his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer. His lips inched closer to mine, the space between them becoming smaller and smaller until his lips slid over mine, making the space extinct. His hand ran up my body until his fingers rested slightly on my chin and he untangled his lips from mine.

"You don't know how much I've missed this. he whispered, his lips lightly brushing against mine with the words. "I think I have a pretty good idea." I replied. He moved his hand to cup my cheek before retangling our lips. 

"Ok, let's head inside." Jesse said when he pulled away. "Inside here?" I asked pointing at the house in front of us. "Yeah. This is our house." 

"Jesse, that's not a house. It's a mansion." he chuckled a little. "It's heaven, Bec. Everything is thousand times better. Now, come on." he stuck his hand toward me. I eyed the house once more then grabbed his hand. We stepped through the threshold and I was immediately awed by the beauty. "Wow, this is amazing."

"And that's only the first part, wait until you see the bedroom." he said with a little wiggle of his eyebrow. I just snickered at him and continued admiring the house.

I was studying a beautiful piece of artwork (woah, so not me) hanging on the wall in the hallway, not paying attention to things around me. A pair of arms suddenly wrapping around my waist followed by a chin resting on my shoulder, startled me. "You seem very interested in that painting."

"Sorry, it's just so unique." with it still resting on my shoulder, he cocked his head and lifted an eyebrow at me. "You're interested in the painting?"

"I'll have you know, I like more art than just music."

"Oh that's why you like me." he said jokingly. I playfully rolled my eyes at him. "Yes because you are just God's masterpiece. You are so impeccable that I just have to study every inch of you until I can't stand it anymore."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves." I snickered a little at the hint of sexual humor in that sentence. "Living room's right there. Make yourself at home while I go get us a drink." he kissed my cheek before releasing me and heading to where I assume the kitchen to be located.

Continuing to admire my new home, I slowly walked in the direction that Jesse had pointed me in. I made it to the doorway but still dragged my eyes slowly along the interior of the hallway. When I laid eyes on the living room, I was immediately distracted from what's on the walls and focused what's on the couch.

"Jesse!" I got my boyfriend's attention. Keeping my eyes on the distraction, I awaited his response. "Yeah?" his voice echoed down the hall. "Were you expecting company?" my question was followed by a crashing sound down the hall and Jesse appearing at my side. 

"What are you doing here?"

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