I Have Not Forgotten (Don't You Forget About Me Sequel)

This is the sequel to "Don't You Forget About Me".
Now that Beca and Jesse are living in heaven as angels, they have two options. They can live together in holy matrimony as Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Swanson. Or, they can continue seeing their friends by watching over them as their guardian angels. That was a no brainer, but choosing their friends came with more obstacles than they thought. Follow Beca and Jesse in their crazy, love filled afterlife as they fight to protect their friends.


2. Chapter 1~ The New Job

Please ignore any mistakes.

"So let me get this straight. We could be guardian angels and see our friends again but they won't be able to see us?" I asked the men that called themselves, The Elders.

"That is correct. This job is not about mingling with the living, it is about protecting them." The modern sounding Elder answered. "Protect them from what, exactly?"

"Anything. If we can prevent them from dying then we do it." The same Elder answered. "Uh huh. And why do you want us specifically?"

"Because Rebeca-" the smarter sounding Elder started but I cut him off. "It's Beca." I corrected him.

"Beca, we have been watching over you your entire life. You have always had the perfect mixture of brains, strength, and heart. It was not until you fell in love with Jesse that these characteristics became of the same strength, making you a tough human. Now that your an angel, you have only gotten stronger and that is the type of angel we want as guardians."

"Then why do you want Jesse?" I asked, getting an offended 'hey' from Jesse. "If we did not have him then the two of you will never see each other again. We knew that there was no chance of you joining us if that happened."

"Good point." I agreed. "Besides, he is willing to do almost anything to the protect the ones he loves. How do you think you were awakened from that coma?" I was about to ask what he meant when the hunky sounding leader cut in.

"You do not have to have your answer today. Sleep on it and the two of you can come by to see us tomorrow. We will discuss this in full detail and you can give us your final decisions then."

These memories of last night have been playing through my head all night. The thought of being with my friends again is wonderful but I don't know how well I would do under all of that pressure. I need to think about this and what helps a woman think more than a nice, long, hot bath? Nothing and that's why I'm doing exactly that at this very moment.

I'm in the midst of thinking when Jesse walks into the bathroom. My mind falls clear of guardian angels and fills with my amazing angel boyfriend. "I see you're doing some serious thinking." He said as he eyed the steaming bubble filled water that has engulfed my body.

"Is it that obvious?" I asked with a small smile. "No." he said as he knelt down beside the tub. "I just know you enough to know that when your in a steaming tub with fruity bubbles, it usually meansyou're thinking about an important decision."

"This is a lot of thinking for one girl. You wanna jump in and help me?" I asked him jokingly. He chuckled as he pushed the hair behind my ears. "As tempting as that is, no can do. Sorry baby, but this one is your decision. But, I can give you my advice if you'd like." he offered. I gestured for him to continue. "I think, that you should do it."


"Yeah, it'll be fun."

"Honey, just because you see it in movies doesn't mean that it's all that glamorous in the real world." he rolled his eyes and chuckled again. "I'm not all about movies, Bec. I have actually done the whole guardian angel thing before. It's fun."

"You? Were a guardian angel?" I asked, shocked by his words. He answered with a slight nod. "No way. Whose?"


"Sh*t, seriously?" his serious expression gave me my answer. "Wow. You have surpassed every guy that I have ever met in the romance category." Looking deep into my eyes, he smiled before leaning over and pressing his lips against mine. He lightly ran the tip of his tongue across my bottom lip and I parted them. His tongue slid into my mouth and met mine. I closed my eyes as I felt his lips slide over mine and our tongues dance gracefully. His hand cupped my cheek as he kissed me soft and slowly.

"I love you." he whispered against my lips. "I love you more." I replied. I caught a glance of his lips as they tugged into a quick smile before finding themselves connected to mine once again.

After a few moments, he pulled away completely and I whined as I immediately missed him. "Don't worry, this isn't finished yet. But for now, we have to go." he said with a smile. I sighed then slowly dragged my body out of the water. Steam expelled from my skin and I felt Jesse's eyes on me as they followed the movement of my body. I snapped my fingers in his face and his eyes darted up to meet mine. "Can I have that towel?"

"Right. Yeah." He grabbed the towel that was sitting on the sink beside him. With a smirk, he walked closer to me until our noses were almost touching and he held the towel between us. I smiled as I grabbed the towel, my fingers grazing over his. I wrapped the towel around my body and stepped out of the tub, Jesse's eyes still following me.

"Can you stop staring at me? It's weird." I said, pulling on my undergarments. "I'm sorry, I'm just thinking." He explained. "About?" I asked as I pulled my pants up. "How lucky I am that you chose me?"

"Well duh. Who else would like me?"

"You mean besides the whole male population at Barden, and Chloe?" he asked. I just eyed him as I grabbed my shirt, not comprehending what he means. He motioned to my body and it dawned on me. "Let me rephrase that question. Who else would be able to deal with me?"

"Oh come on, give yourself some credit. You're sweet, talented, and hot. Who wouldn't want you?" he asked as I pulled my shirt on. "Ok Mr. Kiss a*s." I said with a playful tone. "The point is, I didn't want anybody else. You were the one that caught my eye and stole my heart. I love you. Always have, always will." He smiled at my remark and I returned it with a smile of my own. "And as for Chloe, I love her and all but there was never a chance for us."

"Because you love me?"

"No, because she's a she." He nodded and I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Of course part of it is because I love you." He smiled as he lightly rested his hands on my waist. I gave him a soft kiss before pulling away to finish dressing.


"So after this meeting, I think we should spend sometime alone." Jesse said as we walked down the street, side by side. "Didn't we just do that?" I asked with a smile. "Yes but I mean spend some time really alone."

"I don't know, Jess. I like literally just died yesterday." I said. "I know and that's why we should do it. When I first died, I had no one to help me through the disorienting time but you do."

"And you think that having sex will help me?"

"No." I raised my brow at him. "I think making love will. What's better than loving each other?" I chuckled as we stopped in front of the building we were told to meet at. "Ok, I'll think about it."

"There's no need. I already know your answer." I didn't know what he meant but when he started leaning closer, it clicked. I laid my hand on his chest, stopping him from moving any closer. "Woah buddy, it's not gonna be that easy." He just looked at me with that beautiful smile. "But I'll still let you kiss me."

He chuckled as he grabbed my waist and pulled it against his. Our lips barely touched when someone cleared their throat. "Mr. Swanson, Ms. Mitchell. If you're done, we're ready for you." The smart and unamused Elder from yesterday said. Jesse and I pulled away, feeling awkward, and followed the Elder.

"Do you think he heard all of that?" Jesse whispered into my ear as we trailed behind the Elder. "He heard it." The Elder answered. "Do you think he was weirded out?"

"He was but he's choosing to ignore it."  Jesse and I looked at each other and snickered. "Here we are." The Elder said obviously amused by our short conversation. Jesse and I thanked him as he held the door open for us.

We stepped inside to a big, white room with nothing but a table and chairs in the middle. The other two Elders from yesterday were already there and I could hear murmurs as they quietly exchanged a few words. "Ah, Ms. Mitchell and Mr. Swanson. Right on time." The average looking one said when Jesse and I caught his attention. The leader turned to greet us and I was immediately awed by his handsome features.

"Geez, Bec, he's not Ryan Gosling. You could at least try to hide the fact that you think he's good looking." Jesse said with an unhappy look planted on his face. "Are you jealous?"

"Why would I be jealous? My girlfriend is just fawning over our future boss, it's all cool." He said, the sarcasm dripping from his voice. His jaw clenched and I couldn't help the chuckle. "Jesse, you can relax your jaw, I'm not fawning over him. When I look at other guys, I hold them to a standard. None of them have reached that standard yet because that standard is you."

"Really?" He asked me to reassure him. "Yes. Jesse, there is no reason for you to get jealous of other guys 'cause you're the only guy I want." He smiled and I gave him a quick kiss before lacing our fingers together and joining the Elders at the table.

"Are you two ready to get started?"


"Got it?" the smart Elder asked. This meeting has only lasted about fifteen minutes and he's already done explaining the everything. "Yeah, I didn't catch any of that." I answered, feeling a little stupid. The smart one took a deep breath but his leader stopped him before he could speak. "You are a little smarter than  the average angel, maybe it will be best if I take this one."

"Thank you. He uses way too many big words." I thanked the leader. He nodded his head and began to reexplain everything. 

"The Gaurdian Angel system is sort of like the humans law enforement system, except we do not arrest or kill, we are here to protect from all of that. You will be assigned a single person and you are to protect that person from death until it his or her time to die. There is a rule that usually keeps most angels from joining us. When you are assigned to someone, you cannot converse with other angels unless your humans converse with each other. Take the two of you for example. Say we take Jesse and we assign him to your father and you to his. The two of you will never see each other again unless your fathers were to converse." Jesse grabbed my hand and I held his tight, I don't like the sound of that rule. 

"There is no need to worry, Mr. Swanson. Knowing how stubborn Ms. Mitchell is, we are willing to bend the rules a little to be sure the two of you are with soulmates like yourselves. It will; however, be up to your humans to keep it that way." the smart one assured us. "So, what do you say? Will you do it?" I looked from the Elders to Jesse as I thought intently about my response.

"Ok, I'll do it." the Elders became a little giddy but quickly caught themselves. "But, you have to be sure that Jesse and I can still be together." 

"Of course. Now, before you leave, there is one thing that you have to know. It is probably the most important rule for a gaurdian angel to remember." the average Elder spoke his first words through this conversation. I motioned for him to continue and his leader took over again.

"If you fail to protect your human from death before their time, you will be stripped of your wings and sent to live on earth with the rest of the fallen angels."

"You didn't think to tell me this very important piece of information before I accepted the job?"  I raised my voice a little. Before they could answer, something clicked in my head. "Wait, if that's true, then why isn't Jesse a fallen angel? Wasn't he my gaurdian angel?"

"I see he told you." the leader said then looked at  the braniac to explain this time. "When you died, it was your time. Jesse did everything he could to awake you from that coma and he succeeded. The moment Bumper told you about Jesse's demise, we forsaw the heartbreak and there was nothing Jesse nor we could do to stop it. Jesse was successful at his job." I nodded. "So if I were to become a fallen angel, is there any way I can find my way back to Heaven?"

"Well there is one way. If you were to perform a miracle and save a life from something so destructive that not even we can save the human, then your wings will be returned. But, this is very unlikely because our guardian angels are very good at their jobs. They protect their people before they get to the point of no saving." The average Elder answered.

"Well that just made this job ten times scarier."

"Don't worry baby, you'll be amazing." Jesse said then pulled my hand up to his mouth and placed a kiss on it.  I watched him as his lips pressed against my skin, momentarily forgetting the Elders were in the room. "I love you."

He smiled and connected his lips to mine. One hand still laced in his, I cupped his cheek with the other. The leader cleared his throat and we reluctantly pulled away. "Ok, please do that on your own time, it is kind of gross."


"We should get you guys out of here because I really do not want to see the follow up of that. So, you start tomorrow. Someone will be by to take you through the steps but, as of now, I suggest you two spend some quality time together. You deserve it."

"We can leave now?"

"Yes, you can."

"Great thank you, uh, I never did catch your name."

"And you won't, at least not until I deem you worthy enough of knowing." I raised a brow at him. Normally, I'd fight to get my way but since I'm dying to get Jesse alone I just blew it off. "Ok, see ya later then. C'mon Jesse." I grabbed his hand and ran for the door.


"Jesse!" I yelled with laughter as Jesse chased me into the house. He followed me as I ran up the stairs. I took a moment to laugh when he tripped over one of the stairs. Almost immediately, he darted toward me again and I shrieked and ran.

I ran down the hall to our room. I threw the door open and crashed onto the bed. I watched the doorway, awaiting Jesse's presence. After a few seconds he burst into the room, scaring the h*ll out of me, and jumped on top of me. I let out a squeal of laughter as he rested his head on my chest, out of breath.

"Maybe you should use some of your movie time to be active. Then maybe you wouldn't  be so tired." I said as I ran my hands through his hair. "I'm  not tired, your boobs just make a very comfortable pillows." I chuckled and carefully pulled his head off of my chest. "While you're at it, cut back on the popcorn. You're sweating butter."

""If I'm sweating butter then you're  sweating beer."

"Then I must taste very good."

"I'll be the judge of that." He said with a small smile. Without a moment's hesitation he leaned forward and licked from my neck to my ear. "Ew, Jesse!"

"Little salty. Maybe I just need another taste." Before I could stop it, his tongue was running up the other side of my neck. "Gross." I whined as I attempted to remove the saliva from my neck. Jesse chuckled at my failed attempts as his body pinned my arms to the bed.

"Don't be such a baby. How is that any different from when I do this?" He began softly kissing my neck and I became motionless. His touch immobilized me and I closed my eyes as I gave into the pleasure.

"Or this?" He whispered into my ear before closing his mouth around it. "Or this?" He lightly trailed his tongue across my lips before pressing it past them and pulling me into a passionate kiss.

His body shifted enough for me to retrieve my hands then pressed against mine again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him hard. I grabbed a handful of the back of his shirt and our lips separated as I pulled it over his head. His lips immediately refound mine and the kiss became deeper than before as I trailed my fingertips lightly down his chest. My fingers found his happy trail and I teased it causing him to groan.

Getting me back, he slid his hands under my shirt and lightly traced his fingers across my back. I arched into him as his fingers inched closer to my bra. With one swift movement he unsnapped my bra and removed it, along with my shirt, from my body. I moaned as I felt his lips slowly move down my chest. I felt his hot breath hit my skin as his warm lips pressed against it. When he came to the waistband of my jeans he stopped and I rolled over, taking dominance over him.

Pulling my hair out of my face, I leaned over and kissed him passionately. Keeping my lips connected to his, I reached between us and began unbuckling his belt. Finally pulling it loose, I whipped it through the loops of his pants and threw it across the room. "Your enthusiasm is such a turn on." Jesse said between kisses and I released a giggle into his mouth. Rolling over, he pulled away and ripped my pants off.

I laughed when he fell off the edge of the bed while pulling his pants off. "You think it's funny, huh? Why don't you join me?" I laughed harder as he pulled me off of the bed and on top of him. "You're such a weirdo." I said with a smile as I rested my chin on his chest and looked up into his eyes. He caressed my cheek and stared back into my eyes. "Kiss me."

"You don't have to tell me twice." I said then smashed my lips to his. His arms wrapped around me and pulled me up so to have better leverage. I held his face in my hands as his fingers gently dug into the skin of my back. "We gotta get off this floor." Jesse said, pain laced in his voice. I pulled myself off of him and onto my feet.

He stood and stretched his back out before slowly pulling me into yet another passionate kiss. "I'm so over kissing, when are you gonna take me?" I asked when he pulled away and pressed his forehead against mine. "Now." He quickly answered and threw me onto the bed then crawled on top of me. He pulled the blanket over us and....well, I think you can guess what happened next.


Oh my God, I am so terribly sorry this took so long!! I know you all were waiting and thank you so much for being patient. I can't believe this took so long it's just, there's a lot going on right now.

First of all, school is here UGH. With school comes responsibility and with being in honors, I have to keep my grades up and I'm currently working on raising a D-. Then, I had to do this paperwork for National Honor Society. Then, I got an admissions letter to Ball State Academy which will be preparing me for Ball State University. And, I have to practice for choir. I got my phone taken away and recently got it back and, oh yeah, my partner/sister is not much help with this. Also, I've been switching between books. I've been working on this one and my We Are Titanium (another Pitch Perfect Fanfiction) book.

Anyway, back to this book. I'm sorry for the late update, I hope you're not angry with me. Also, I hope this is a good update because I'm not really fond of it but, as I said, my sister hasn't been much help.

So, y'all just keep being y'all and I'm outta here to work on the next chapter (which will hopefully be done sooner than this one was)!!

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