It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


33. Epilogue


„I really can’t believe this is finally happening,” Harry stated not being able to sit still. He had been walking around in the hallway waiting for what felt like forever and he was definitely starting to grow impatient. „Calm down mate - here have a snack,” Niall offered which was quite rare. Niall was sitting at the floor surrounded by Mac Donald’s bags which Liam hadn’t missed an opportunity to comment on. „Come on Niall, you have to clean up this mess - if they get this on film then nobody will ever take us seriously.” „I’m sure all of the girls would love my appetite.” He simply replied with a cheeky grin.

„Has anybody seen Louis? I’m pretty sure you guys are up next,” Emma asked and got up to go look around for her brother. „I don’t think you’d want to be around him right now Em,” Zayn chuckled as he grabbed her waist and pulled her back on his lap before placing a kiss on her bare shoulder. „Why not? What did you guys fight about this time?” Emma giggled. She wasn’t quite used to Zayn being this affectionate in front of other people even though they had been together for more than a year now it still felt as if they had just started dating. The butterflies hadn’t disappeared yet and their feelings kept growing stronger.

„I might have told him about your tattoo - it was an accident though,” Zayn confessed. „You did what? My god he’ll kill me for that - you’re right I hope he doesn’t come back here before the judges call you out on stage,” Emma said with a small smile on her face caused by the memory of Zayn finding out about her tattoo.

„Babe are you okay?” He asked and kissed her gently. „Of course I’m okay Zayn. I just had the best night of my life - and I got to share it with my boyfriend.” This moment was perfect. Zayn pulled her closer and his shirt, which was covering her naked body, slipped up her hip. „Hey, I didn’t know you had a tattoo? When did you get it?” He asked as his finger traced the circle near her hipbone. „Actually it was after the two of us got together. I guess I’ve always loved tattoos - but being with you made me brave enough to do it you know,” she simply shrugged her shoulders before placing her hand on his bare chest. „What does it mean love?” He asked his girlfriend. „Well actually the circle is the symbol of my name Emma - and it also represents wholeness which is how I feel when I’m with you,” she said and hid her face in the corner of his neck as she felt the blush spread on her cheeks. „Don’t hide babe,” he said as he cupped her beautiful faces with his hands. „I love that I make you feel whole - because that’s how you make me feel as well. I love you so much Em”.  „And I love you Zayn”.

„One Direction you’re up,” a crew member from The X factor UK team called just as Louis entered the room. „It’s now!” Niall yelled and got up from the floor practically dragging Liam and Harry with him towards the stage. „And you and I need to have a little talk later sis,” Louis stated trying to seem angry even though Emma could easily tell it was all just an act. He then followed three fifths of his band into where the auditions were going on. „Well, wish me good luck babe,” Zayn stated before pecking his girlfriend’s lips. „Good luck!”


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