It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


9. 9. A moment

Chapter 9 - A moment

Zayn tried to escape the girls who all were throwing themselves at  him. They meant nothing to him, yet he enjoyed the attention they gave him. They were a distraction for him. He finally succeeded and was able to slip past them, and he concentrated fiercely on keeping his balance as he popped over for another beer. „Another beer Zayn?” Louis asked far from sober himself. Zayn just laughed goofy at him and patted him amicably on the shoulder. What a wild party. It felt still as if something was missing. Therefore, he began searching for Emma. Sweet, beautiful Emma, ​​whose laughter always made ​​him smile, no matter what mood he was in and how his day had been.

Zayn looked everywhere trying to find her - but she was nowhere to be seen. Eventually he gave up in despair, and instead he went outside to smoke a cigarette. Hopefully he would become a little clearer in his head due to the fresh air, because right now he felt really befuddled. It was pitch dark outside, but the moon illuminated the terrace. He noticed the ringing in his ears, probably due to the sudden silence. Zayn took out a cigarette, put it between his lips and lit it. He took a deep breath and felt the smoke spread to his lungs, which automatically made ​​him relax. Deep breath in - and out. His thoughts were quickly interrupted when he discovered he was being watched. He carefully took a few steps forward and joined Emma, ​​who was leaning out over the railing. „The moon is so beautiful tonight,” she whispered pointing up at the full moon. Zayn looked captivated her. „Not as beautiful as you,” he replied before he was able to stop himself. The moonlight revealed Emma flushing. She sent Zayn a cautious smile.

„I am glad that we are on speaking terms again,” he then said and took a step closer to Emma so she was standing with her back against the railing but face to face with him. She suddenly felt dry in her mouth and her heart started beating faster. She had no idea why, but he always made her so nervous. He watched her intently and took another drag of his cigarette. All he could think about was how it would feel to kiss her perfect lips. Zayn did not know what came over him. He leaned toward her and threw the cigarette on the ground. Then he took ahold of the railing with both hands on each side of her so she was stuck. „Zayn,” she tried but stopped again when she could not escape his intense gaze, those orbs. The way she said his name made him want more - he wanted it all with her. His best friends’ little sister. He gently caressed her cheek and she immediately noticed how her hope began to evolve again. Perhaps it could actually work between them? If she took a chance then perhaps he would tell her, that he felt the same - that he always had. She thought for a second, but then she suddenly remembered Amber. Amber and Harry.

Zayn suddenly noticed that his face were right in front of Emma’s. He slowly leaned in since the alcohol had him braver. „Stop.” The word had barely just escaped her lips before she already regretted them. „Why?” Zayn looked at her without understanding. „You know why,” she silently replied. If she actually allowed herself to be with him now, she would never be able to control the feelings she had for him. It would crush her ​​completely, and she would not be able to cope. Zayn really tried to understand what she meant, but he could not concentrate on anything as long as he was this close to her. He was so close that he could feel her breath against his skin and he felt her heart beating rapidly. Then it abruptly hit him that she was with Harry. What was he thinking? He should not have gotten so drunk since it made him act on impulse. This wasn’t good.

„Harry,” Zayn stated as the explanation, and his gaze wandered from hers and back again. „Amber,” she replied which made him slowly pull back. „I'm not with Amber. It didn’t feel right anymore,” he said and searched her eyes for just any emotion. For a moment he sensed a joy in her gaze, but it soon died down again. „So you’re already on to the next? It sure seemed like all of the girls here tonight are interested.” Emma tried to control her trembling voice and Zayn was sure the jealousy that was evident was just something he imagined. „Not the one that matters,” he replied silently and took a sip of his beer. It's the alcohol talking Emma - you must not lower your guard now, she thought - then you will just get hurt. Emma did not know what to say, so she turned back around and observed the moon. A little later she heard the door close again and then Zayn was gone.


„Would you like another drink?” Liam asked thrilled as Emma came back inside. She shook her head vaguely and muttered something about that she had better go to bed. She hurried up the stairs and closed the door to her bedroom. She threw her clothes in a heap on the chair, and found her black nightgown from Victoria's Secret. The fabric easily fell down her body and felt silky on her skin. Her head was spinning and she threw herself exhausted on her bed. It had been a long night. Downstairs Liam was in the middle of an interesting conversation with one of his friends. „I am confident that it was an invitation from the smokin’ cheerleader,” he smirked. „Louis will beat your as if you go up there,” the guy laughed at his friend. Liam just shrugged but couldn’t deny how tempted he felt - and therefore he put his empty beer bottle on some table before heading towards Emma’s room.

„Who is it?” Emma asked dazed and turned her night light on, when she heard a knock on her door. She had a shimmer of hope. It could be Zayn. Her door slowly opened it wasn’t him and she immediately felt unsafe. „I thought I had better make sure that you were alright up here in bed, all alone,” Liam said with a smirk. He slowly walked toward Emma and sat at her bedside. „Then I thought that now that Curlyboy is headed to Paris, I could keep you company,” he continued, his eyes turning darker. Emma instinctively backed away from Liam.


„You'll never guess who just invited himself into Louis's sister's bed!” One of the guys laughed while he was explaining to some of the party guest that Liam was planning on seducing Emma. Zayn’s body automatically tensed as he overheard the conversation and without even looking back he sprinted up the stairs.

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