It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


8. 8. Louis is throwing another party

Chapter 8 - Louis is throwing another party

Emma and Harry walked hand in hand down her street. She had decided to wear her black disco pants from American Apparel, along with a clinging black crop top with short sleeves and her leather jacket. The top was new and it went perfect with the outfit. She had left her brown waves loose, and Emma had painted her lips bright red lips and wore her favorite silver watch from Marc by Marc Jacobs. She looked great which Harry also had pointed out a countless number of times. He had insisted on taking her home from THE ODEON, where they had watched The Internship. It was hilarious, so at least they had spent their last night together laughing.

It had suddenly become Wednesday and tomorrow Harry was going to Paris. Emma knew she was going to miss his lovely company, but in a way she was also glad that he was leaving for a while. They had been seeing a lot of each other in the past weeks, and she needed a break, so it wouldn’t seem too serious between them. Harry squeezed her hand. „A penny for your thoughts?” He asked. „I’m just thinking about how I’ve enjoyed getting to know you,” Emma replied ​​and sent him a sincere smile. They stopped in front of Emma's home.

„Wauw, something is definitely going on in there,” Harry grinned and pointed towards her house. It took him by surprise that Louis was having a party on a normal Wednesday night. It didn’t surprise Emma though. The music was extremely loud - and even from the outside the guests sounded extremely drunk. Emma, however, was not so enthusiastic. She simply could not stand having to listen to them all night, when she still just wanted to sleep. „You are welcome to stay with me. I just need to finish packing, and then I'll leave tomorrow morning,” Harry said, when he noticed her skeptical expression. She shook her head. „No, thanks, I'd better stay here.” She did not want to complicate their relationship by spending the night together. That was a step she wasn’t ready to take with him - due to all that happened with Adrian. ”Good night, Harry and enjoy Paris - I'm so jealous,” she smiled before getting on her tiptoes to kiss him goodbye.

Emma took a deep breath and mentally prepared herself for whatever was going on in the house. She then slowly opened the front door. She was instantly hit by what felt like a wall of music as they played Holy Grail with Jay-Z feat Justin Timberlake loud from the speakers, and the noise level was at its peak. As she slowly moved further into her house, she could almost feel the bass. The house was packed with people, who all eagerly were trying to overpower the music. There were booze everywhere, and a bunch of boys surrounded some poor guy who tried to survive a game of ”truth or dare”, the challenge: to drown the entire contents of liquid from a beer bong. The girls were all dress in short tight dresses clad and dancing uncontrollably. They all tried to get a little extra attention from the guys. How obvious. „What's going on here Louis?” Emma yelled to make sure that he could hear her over the noise. The only thing she caught from his reply sounded like something about enjoying life before their father came home from his business trip tomorrow. Emma just shook head smiling. This was typical for her older brother. It would be great to be like Louis, and never have any worries. She deserved to relax and enjoy herself as well, so she headed straight for the refrigerator. The hardest question tonight would be: Beer or vodka/juice? Finally, a dilemma without any further consequences, she thought, reaching for the vodka bottle.

„Well look who finally arrived! It was nice of you to join us Emma, and you look great as always.” Liam, one of Louis's good friends was suddenly standing behind her. „Let me pour you a drink,” he continued, reaching out for the bottle in her hand. She sat down on the kitchen table while he rummaged around the room. „I hope you like it,” he said just as he was about to lose his balance, which caused Emma to erupt in laughter. They lifted their plastic glasses in a cheer, and she sipped at the mixture with some caution. It tasted terrible, and she grimaced at the sharp taste of alcohol. It was probably mixed half-half, and when Liam once again raised his glass and said the words ”Bottoms up”, she quickly emptied out the glass without tasting its contents. Disgusting.

The next couple of drinks Emma mixed herself she didn’t want to risk anything by getting to drunk. In the meanwhile Liam asked about her busy life. He had noticed how she was rarely home - but when she started telling him about Harry he tensed. „Where is Curly tonight then?” Liam spat, trying to sound casual, and Emma told him about Harry traveling to Paris. Liam started to move closer towards her which made her feel a bit uncomfortable, so she excused herself and explained how she had to find Louis, and she left alone Liam in the kitchen. She could feel how he followed her with his eyes. Although Liam was a nice guy, he always seemed flirty which made her uncomfortable since he acted a bit like he was better than anyone else. He was just a tad smarter and perhaps more intense than most of Louis's friends - so he scared her a little.

Emma went to change the song on the playlist when she felt a stab in the heart. Right in front of her stood Zayn, of course, surrounded by a whole bunch of beautiful interested girls - and why wouldn’t they be? Typical. Emma quickly shifted her direction and was looking for an escape route to avoid Zayn and his usual fanbase, so when she discovered the open patio door, she slipped out trying to be unnoticed. Zayn did notice Emma though ​​but he had already lost her in the crowd again. Wow, she looked stunning tonight. He knew through Louis that she had been out with Harry, and it made him furious to know that Emma dressed like that for Harry's, which just made him confused. He had no right to decide who she went on a date with - but he still could not stand the thought of those two together.

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