It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


7. 7. Only wearing a towel

Chapter 7 - Only wearing a towel

Harry friendly greeted the boys, and since the movie had just ended, Zayn challenged Harry to a Fifa game. Harry looked at Emma as to see if she had some objections, but she just smiled superficial and gave him a single nod. She would not stand in their way. Emma did not understand Zayn’s mood shifts, but suddenly he was once again happy and welcoming. Harry would probably not be able to resist Zayns charm, no one could. He always had that twinkle in his eyes, and when he smiled, it was simply impossible not to get captured by him. But Emma was done with that. She had been hurt enough, and now she had closed her feeling completely off. She had had a good time with Harry. He was both sweet and fun to spend time with, and a great kisser, but she was not in love. She could not handle another broken heart, and therefore she would from now on just enjoy life and have fun. No obligations, no love, she just had to be able to cope.

„He seems like a really nice guy,” Louis said, leaning back onto the sofa. Emma nodded absent. „He certainly is.” She was observing Zayn on the sly. Both Zayn and Harry was quite busy with the Fifa-game. Zayn somehow managed to take the breath away from her. He was just wearing a pair of black jeans and a tight white t-shirt - she could even make out his slim but muscular body. His dark, almost black hair was disheveled and random but still looked so attractive, and Emma felt this crave to run her fingers slowly through it. She was interrupted by her train of thought as Zayn suddenly cheered. He had apparently won the game and Harry took the loss nicely, as the gentleman he was.

„I'd better get home. It was really nice meeting you guys, and thanks for the game Zayn - we have to have a rematch some time,” Harry said grinning. „I will walk you out,” Emma said, ​​getting up from the couch while she tried to ignore Zayns glances. „Thank you for a lovely evening Emma. I'm already looking forward to seeing you again,” he said and kissed her goodbye quickly. Emma closed the door and she hurried up to her room, hoping to avoid Zayn which succeeded.

When Emma finally fell asleep, she had nightmares. She ran around alone in a forest in the middle of the night, and she continued to hear Adrian call out for her. She tried to escape, but no matter where she ran he was waiting for her. Suddenly she woke up covered in sweat. She felt clammy and threw her pajamas on her bed before she, only wearing a towel, slipped into the bathroom and turned on the shower. While the water was getting warmer she looked in the mirror. It was obvious in her reflection that she had not slept well last night, so she decided that a little self-indulgence would be needed. She therefore started putting on a face mask and she also used a body scrub from Boots all over her body, so her skin felt soft and smelled delicious. When the water finally seemed more warm than cool, she got in the shower and. After she had finished washing the hair treatment out of her hair the water suddenly got ice cold so Emma squealed and rushed out of the bath.

Typically Louis, he had once again used all the hot water. He had to grasp that Emma was getting tired of bathing in the icy water. She quickly grabbed a towel that covered her wet body and she hurried through the house. She burst through the door to the living room. „You need to fucking stop using all of the hot water. I'm so fucking tired of always ... ”She stopped mid-sentence when she saw that it wasn’t Louis who was sprawled on the couch, but Zayn. He was only wearing a pair of gray sweatpants, and Emma tried to take her eyes off his absolute approved six-pack, thank god for creating those abs, but she couldn’t. When she finally met his eyes, she blushed immediately. His hazel brown eyes seemed darker than usual, and they gave her an approving nod after checking her out from head to toe. She insecurely tightened the towel around her body.

„It. I’m. Sorry about that Zayn. I thought it was Louis who was in here,” she stuttered as she was trying to hide the fact that she couldn’t take her eyes of his tattooed torso. „Don’t worry about it Em. I didn’t want to drive home last night, so I crashed here instead - Louis is still sleeping, so I came down here to watch TV. But don’t be sorry, the pleasure is clearly all mine,” he said with the usual twinkle in his eyes and winked at her. For some reason, this made Emma even more fuming. He should not think that he just could charm his way back into her life again. She was tired of that and she never knew her place with him. „Stop it Zayn, I'm simply not in the mood for your shit today,” she said monotone and turned around to leave.

Zayn was fast on his feet and grabbed her arm before she got anywhere. „What happened Em? What's the matter? Is it Harry? Has he tried anything, ”he said angrily. „Stay out of it Zayn - I already told you my life is none of your business,” She looked bitterly at him. „Sure it is Em!” He exclaimed and looked despairingly at her. „Give me one reason Zayn? Aren’t you busy with changing out the girl of the month? Thank you for your concern, but you do not have to worry about me,” Emma hissed sarcastically. „What’s going on between the two of you? You are fighting all the time, why?” Louis said baffled as he appeared in the doorway. Emma tightened the grip on her towel and rushed across the room. „Emma?” Zayn sounded so desperate that it nearly caused her to stop. He never called her Emma. What was going on between them? Zayn didn’t know. All he wanted was to make sure that Emma was never hurt again. She deserved to be happy, but what if it was just Zayn who made her unhappy? Maybe this was why she had avoided him lately? Although it was hard for Zayn he didn’t followed Emma, ​​but instead he let her have her peace.

Emma slammed the door to her room and fell to the floor feeling like all her energy had abandoned her. She just sat with her back against the door for a while. She felt numb, yet a tear managed to appear and roll down her cheek. Pull yourself together Emma, she thought. Do not cry for him, he obviously doesn’t even care. Fortunately, she received a text message that immediately changed her mood. Hola chicas! How about a game of shopping and a cozy cafétrip? I could certainly use a little quality time with you * -: See you in an hour in Westfield. Te amo, Audrey. Emma laughed to herself, Audrey had been completely obsessed by Spain just because of the Spanish guy. Love makes you do crazy things. She quickly sent a clear yes back. A little comfort-shopping and girly fun was just what she needed.

The girls happily hugged each other as they arrived at the shopping center, and then they headed directly towards Snog. „They make the best froyo ever!” Esme gushed with yogurt all over her face. „Let me get a picture of the two of you to put on Instagram,” Audrey said. Emma and Esme laughed silly when the flash went off. „Let's get started with the mission: Find awesome clothes for Emma and Harry's last date before he goes to Paris,” Emma laughed. „It's great to see you so happy again,” Audrey smiled, while Esme nodded in agreement. „Thank you girls, but it's nothing serious. We just enjoy each other's company.” The girls left Snog arm in arm, and they started their shopping mission in high spirits.

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