It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


6. 6. Date night

Chapter 6 - Date night

During the next weeks Emma was rarely at home. She was busy with school, enjoying life with her friends, and she also met with Harry once in a while. He was a real gentleman, and Emma enjoyed his company. He was easy to be around and they always enjoyed themselves together. Although it was not serious between them, they had been out to eat a few times, and Emma had already met his parents. Tonight they were at Emma’s place for the first time. Emma's dad was on a business trip, once again, and Louis was with Zayn who Emma deliberately had avoided since the bonfire. She felt ashamed of her behavior but she was still hurt. Although she felt like she was missing something of herself when she had not seen him in too long - she just couldn’t stand the thought of him with Amber.

„As always, you look extremely beautiful Emma,” Harry complimented as he arrived, and kissed Emma on her cheeks. Emma could not help but notice how her face flamed. They had ordered food from one of the area's best restaurants and for dessert they had eaten strawberry ice cream- it had been delicious. „Which one would you rather see?” Harry asked later and showed the two films Emma could choose from. „The Woman in Black or Paranomal Activity, you are definitely in the sinister corner,” she said laughing and chose The Woman in Black. They took their seat on the couch and started the movie.

„When is it exactly that you leave?” Emma asked. Harry had during dinner told her that he had to go to Paris for two weeks to visit his father's family. He had often been there as a child, and he loved the place. He had explained everything about the sophisticated city that engulfed visitors in the culture and amazing monuments. Emma was already, thanks to Harry's description, falling in love with France's capital city. It sounded like a place for her. „I already fly out next Thursday. It was a pretty spontaneous decision, but I am really pleased. It is such a great city and also quite romantic. Next time maybe you should come with me? Then we can go in the Eiffel Tower and experience The Louvre,” Harry suggested and put his arm around Emma's shoulders. „Really? It would be really amazing,” Emma sighed dreamy.

Emma would love to experience Paris and it certainly did not make the trip worse if it was with a cute guy like Harry. Suddenly she felt quite sad. This meant that he wouldn’t be home all autumn break, but luckily both Audrey and Esme would be here in London and they had already planned a festive holiday. The film became scarier, and although Emma tried not to seem frightened, it did not work as well as she hoped it to. She let out a startled scream as the ghost appeared, and snuggled closer to Harry. She hid against his neck and whispered: „Tell when she's gone again. She is simply too creepy to look at”. Harry laughed indulgently at her and promised to tell her when the ghost once again disappeared from the TV screen.

„She's gone now,” Harry said softly in Emma's ear. Emma slowly opened her eyes and noticed how close her face was to Harry’s. The words „thank you” slipped from her lips as she looked deep into Harry’s captive eyes. His face slowly approached hers as if he was waiting to get some sort of permission. His eyes flickered down to her lips, and just before his lips reached hers, she closed her eyes. His lips were soft and the kiss tasted of strawberry ice cream, which they had for dessert. He was gentle with her and his hands slowly stroked her bare arms. Emma felt extremely lucky, maybe her heart wasn’t completely whole after what happened with Adrian but and maybe she still missed Zayn - but Harry made her forget this for a moment. The kiss felt soft, enjoyable and relaxed, and Emma could have stayed this way if they had not been interrupted.

„Are we interrupting?” Emma instantly withdrew from Harry - and her older brother was standing in the doorway with a big smirk on his face. Though it wasn’t him that caught her attention, but Zayn who was standing behind him. In a split second she noticed the surprise in his face, and then she saw the hurt - but it was only a moment before he again had his emotions under control. „My mum came home, so we didn’t have to look after my little sisters after all. We didn’t know that you had a visitor, ”he explained casually. „You must be Harry, I've heard a lot about you,” Louis said, still smirking.

Emma introduced them to Harry: „This is my older brother Louis,” she said, pointing toward Louis. ”And that's Zayn, one of Louis's friends.” One of Louis's friends? Zayn was in shock. Was she serious? She didn’t even think of him as her own friend anymore? Was he just a random guy from her brother's entourage? He could simply not believe it. Zayn kept trying to catch Emma’s gaze, but she avoided all eye contact. One of Louis's friends? What else would she have said? A guy I've always had a crush on, but who would never look at me the same way? It was way better to lie.

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