It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


5. 5. The bonfire

Chapter 5 - The bonfire

„My life is seriously an everlasting clothing-crisis! Have you seen my black dress that’s low in the back? ”Esme threw around with all her clothes while she frantically looked for the dress. The girls were in Esme’s room while they got ready together to go to the bonfire. Although the weather was still warm, Emma was sure that Esme was going to freeze in that revealing dress. Emma had chosen a pair of black skinny jeans and a petrol blue top. „No matter what you wear, you going to look fierce Esme!” Audrey giggled, clearly already affected by alcohol.

The girls were ready and took the underground directly to the outdoor bonfire, which was an annual tradition for the London youth. The place was packed with people, and the mood was high. Around the pyres there were set up benches, and in addition someone also had put up a great sound system - Burn with Ellie Goulding pumped out of the speakers. Emma searched for Louis somewhere in the crowd and of course he was, as always, surrounded by a whole bunch of people. Everybody always found him so charming and entertaining.

Emma, ​​Audrey, and Esme danced, drank and laughed all night long, and Emma's thoughts were finally somewhere else. Sadly that changed when she saw Chelsea and Adrian snogging over by one of the speakers. She left the girls who inattentively danced on and went to get another drink. She quickly emptied her glass and poured another drink. „Are you sure that is a good idea Em?” She turned around, and of fucking course, Zayn was right behind her and looked at her with a worried look. „None of your business Malik. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pretend like you care,” Emma stated blurry and poked him hard in the chest. „Em, why are you acting like this? Of course I care about you? ”He replied and cupped her face with his soft hands, so she was forced to see the honestly in in his eyes. She could not possibly be mad at him he hadn’t even done anything wrong. But just she was about to apologize she was interrupted by a beautiful blond girl.

„Zayn babe, I've been looking for you all night”. „Amber?” Zayn asked confused. „Zayn, just let me be. I'm fine. Everything's fine,” Emma said and hastily disappeared when she figured out that this model-resembling girl was Amber, Zayn’s Amber. Great, she thought sarcastically, ‘you have no chance against her.’ Emma knew that Zayn was not interested in her in that way but she still felt a strong chemistry between them. Maybe it was just something she imagined, because he clearly didn’t feel it.

”Am I interrupting?” an unfamiliar voice asked. Emma looked up trying to focus on the boy in front of her and shook her head. He had the cutest brown curls and captive emerald green eyes. „My name is Harry,” he said, smiling. Dimples, adorable. ”Emma,” she stuttered shyly. Harry was with Emma for the rest of the evening. He was sweet and polite, and both Esme and Audrey whistled loudly as they both, very drunk, found Emma and him in the middle of an intense conversation regarding their big love to Ed Sheeran. This attracted much attention among the people around them, all of which now looked directly at Emma and Harry. Louis then teasingly sent his little sister a wink, but he still wanted to go over and set himself in respect towards the guy who she was with. If he hurt Emma, ​​as Adrian had done, Louis would clobber him to pieces.

Emma’s older brother quickly forgot this idea as a sweet girl distracted him. Thank god, Emma thought when he changed his direction. Zayn on the other hand looked far from happy, and that made Emma hopeful, but when she discovered he was still standing with Amber, she instinctively reached out after Harry's hand, who sent her a bright smile. She knew she should not do this just to make Zayn jealous, but Harry was also really sweet - and Zayn still looked to be fully engaged in the conversation with Amber. Zayn, however, had seen it, but he was already too frustrated to respond to it.

„Amber, why can’t you understand that it's over? I told you it would never be anything serious - and we agreed that it wouldn’t be, ”he said wearily. „I know that you don’t mean that babe,” she whispered and wrapped her arms around his neck. „Stop Amber”. He warned her and removed her arms. „I thought we talked about this last night. It's over,” he said harshly and left her whimpering. He knew he was being cold - but they had agreed that this would be nothing but fun, clearly Amber had some comprehension difficulties-

Esme’s dad came to pick up the girls later, but before they left Harry got a hold of Emma. „Love, ​​would it be okay if I got your number? I would like to take you out sometime,” he said as he hugged her goodbye. Emma blushed and wrote her number on Harry's phone. It had been, despite all a lovely evening, and she welcomed the idea about seeing Harry again. Before she went to sleep with the girls in Esme’s huge bed, she received a text message:

Thank you for a nice evening beautiful. I'm already looking forward to next time! - Harry :-)

Emma fell asleep with a smile.

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