It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

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4. 4. The boys in Red and White

Chapter 4 - The boys in Red and White

A knocking pulled Emma out of her dreamless sleep. She looked at the clock, the time was quarter past six - she had slept for a little over an hour. The boys had probably returned. „Come in,” Emma murmured and sat up in bed. „Hi Sleeping Beauty, is it fine with you if we just order pizza tonight? Dad just called and he has to work overtime - so the guys are staying here for dinner. You could invite Audrey and Esme as well,” Louis suggested. Emma nodded sleepily and yawned, and then she sent a text message to the girls who were glad to join.

Emma got in the shower, and then she jumped in a pair of black Adidas sweatpants and a white t-shirt. She could not be bothered to blow dry her hair, so she settled by drying it with a towel and then went downstairs to the boys. The boys were sitting in the living room watching the match between Arsenal and Barcelona. Barcelona was in the lead, 2-0. ”You go Barca!” Emma cheered. She was not that into football, but she often saw it with Louis, who completely was an Arsenal-fan, as were most of his friends. The boys stared at her with open mouths before starting yelling at her: „You're kidding?”, „What are you thinking?” „Arsenal forever, you traitor” rained down on her and she just shook her head laughing. Just then Arsenal scored, and all the boys cheered loudly. They suddenly broke into song: ”Go down the field again, just one more goal, no other team can fight like the boys in Red and White,” and they lifted up their beer cans all yelling „cheers.”

The doorbell rang and Emma got up to open. It was the pizza delivery guy who brought their dinner - and when Emma had paid, both Audrey and Esme arrived. Little by little everybody was sitting in the living room eating pizza. Audrey and Esme fortunately got along well with Louis's friends, so after they had eaten they all agreed to watch a movie.

It was at times like this Emma felt on top of the world. She had her best friends around her - and just by watching their happy smiles she automatically felt at ease. Emma excused herself and went into the kitchen to get another Coke.  She got a shock when someone behind her cleared their throat which caused her to drop her glass. „I'm sorry I frightened you. I just wanted to hear if you were okay after accident with Adrian today?” Zayn asked sincerely worried. „Yeah, I'm fine. But Zayn, could you not tell Louis about it? He’s already too worried about me, please?” Emma pleaded and he nodded uncertainly. Louis was pretty protective of Emma, ​​but he should still know the truth - especially when Adrian had been such a fucking jerk towards-Emma. But she had asked Zayn for a favor, and he had to keep his promise to her. They stayed in the kitchen and helped each other to clean up after the broken glass. „I just wanted to be sure you were okay before I left. But you promise to tell if something is wrong okay? We're practically family,” he whispered softly, and tugged one of her curls behind her ear. Family. Why did he have to use that word? She certainty did not see him as a big brother, more like a real nice guy, she happens because of her brother was close with him.

Emma shuddered under his touch and his intense gaze. She was just about to reply when they were interrupted by Louis. „Zayn my man! I thought you already left to go to Ambers.” „Amber, as in the new girl who’s going to audition at my cheer squad?” Emma asked and tried to hide the sadness in her eyes. „This month's lady,” Louis laughed. Emma knew that Zayn only saw her as a sort of reserve-sister. She had always had a crush on him, and though Adrian had temporarily made her forget about this, it still hurt to know that he was with someone else. Emma nodded and walked quickly back into the living room, while Zayn stiffly followed her with his eyes.

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