It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

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32. 32. Not so secret anymore

Chapter 32 - Not so secret anymore

„What!? How?!” Louis was speechless - how could he not have noticed his sister falling in love with his best friend? He had suspected it at some point but he had just thought he had been imagining everything - the longing gazes they gave each other and the small touches they shared when they thought no one was paying attention. It had been so obvious though. How could he not have seen?

„I’m in love with you,” Emma repeated this time locking eyes with Zayn who now had the biggest most genuine smile on his face. „I love you too Em,” his voice so soft and caring. „Are  you guys serious? Is this some kind of joke?” „Louis I love you - but I also love Zayn. He’s so sweet and he treats me well. I don’t even think you understand how wonderful he can be. He always stands up for me but at the same time he listens - and I mean truly listens - to all I have to say. I love him so much and it has really hurt me not being able to share this with you, you’re my brother Lou and you said so yourself you could see how happy I’ve been and it’s all because of him,” Emma said and reached for his arm to loosen his grip on Zayn.

„I’m really sorry for keeping it from you Louis - but we just wanted to make sure it would all work out before worrying you with the details. She makes me smile mate and she makes me forget about all what’s wrong in this world. I promise you I would never intentionally hurt your little sister - but I just can’t stay away. If this wasn’t real I would never have acted on my feelings towards her. If this just had been a small crush I would never have done it - because I couldn’t do that to you. But it’s not - and I intend to keep seeing her I would just prefer not having to keep it from you every time,” Zayn explained.


Right after Zayn and Emma had tried talking to Louis he had left the apartment without saying a word to any of them. It had been a couple of hours now and Emma was starting to get worried. Zayn and she had been trying to watch TV but none of them could concentrate so instead they just ended up talking and stealing loving glances at each other. They hadn’t kissed though. But of them felt badly for hiding their relationship from Louis but now knowing that he knew and didn’t approve was even worse.

When they heard the door open both Zayn and Emma got up instantly. „Louis where have you been I was so worried?” Emma asked her brother. „I ehm,” he hesitated. „I actually went to meet up with Liam,” he said and avoided their gazes. „You did what?” Zayn asked - now he was starting to grow impatient. „Yeah, I felt like I need to take out anger on someone and he was the first one coming in to mind - well except you Malik but that didn’t seem too smart with you being in love with my baby sister and everything,” he sent them a small smile. „I really don’t get this - so you beat up Liam because of Zayn and I?” Emma asked confused. „No actually he kind of talked me down. Well I guess everything you guys told me was quite a lot to take in at once - but he talked it through with me,” Louis explained and went into the kitchen.

Emma and Zayn were still standing in that exact spot when he re-entered with three cups of tea, which he placed on the table before sitting down. „So what are you precisely saying?” Zayn asked trying to piece these new bits of information together. „I guess I’m telling you to not break my sister’s heart - and I’m asking you to take good care of my best friend,” he said - the first part addressed to Zayn and the last to Emma. „Are you serious?” Emma asked unbelieveable, and huge smiles erupted on all of their faces as Louis simply nodded yes.


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