It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


31. 31. A confession


Chapter 31 - A confession

„Em, I’m really sorry. I just…” Zayn got up from the couch the moment she was back in the room. She instantly put up her hand to stop him. „Don’t bother Zayn, it’s clear at you and I aren’t on the same page about this ‘relationship’ right now - if I can even call it that”. She sat down and tried blocking his voice out by focusing on the movie. „That’s not true babe. I jumped to conclusions and I can’t apologize enough. I’m so so so sorry - I was just scared of losing you and I was sure you were going to break things of with me. I would absolutely love to tell your brother about us - there’s nothing in the world that would make me happier than letting the whole world know that you’re mine,” just as Zayn brought his hands up to cup Emma’s face a smash sounded and both Zayn and Emma jumped up from the couch.

„You,” Louis pointed towards Zayn and never in her life had Emma ever seen her brother so angry. Two cups were now broken to pieces on the floor and the tea was streaming out. „You hooked up with my sister!?” His voice was now raised and his face became completely red out of anger. „What no, it’s not like that Lou,” Zayn tried as he raised his hands to defend himself.  „You took advantage of her! You knew how vulnerable she was when she got back. You knew how hurt she had been! Get out!” „You can’t kick him out Louis - he’s not using me he actually cares!” Emma tried meddling in their argument.  „I’m sorry to point it out lad - but this is my place too,” Zayn tried convincing him to talk it out - it didn’t work though. „I don’t care. Get out right now - both of you!” 

„I’m not leaving and neither is your little sister,” Zayn calmly stated which was maybe not the best idea because before even noticing it Louis had thrown the first punch and was now holding Zayn up against the wall. Zayn didn’t defend himself - he knew it could damage their friendship even worse so he just took the hit and kept staring at his best friend. However Emma did try to get Louis of Zayn. „Leave him alone - it’s not his fault. Don’t just blame him - I’m in this as well,” she yelled as she tried pulling him off Zayn.

Louis just turned his face towards his sister. „Yeah I know you are. How could you? Honestly Emma you know how he is with girls - how could you bet his stupid?” „Hey I haven’t been with anyone other than your sister since we got together lad - I can guarantee you that!” Zayn defended. „Do you honestly believe him - after everything you know about him?” Louis ignored Zayn but kept focusing on his baby sister who now shred a single tear. „Yes,” she whispered. „How can you?” „Because I’m in love with him Louis”.

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