It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


30. 30. Confrontation

Chapter 30 - Confrontation


Louis knocked before entering the living room - just in case something was going on in there. „Mate?” „Yeah what’s up?” Was the muffled answer from inside the room. Emma’s brother slowly opened the door and peeked inside.  „Oh my god I was sure you were shagging some girl in here,” Louis laughed before stepping in. She heard Zayn’s quiet chuckled before daring to walk in after her brother. When Zayn’s eyes took in her appearance his smile soon faded away. He nodded at her and then he turned his attention back towards the very heated scene from Mr. and Ms. Smith.

„Well make yourself at home sis - then I’ll go make those waffles,” Louis said before going into the kitchen.  Emma sat down in the couch make sure she kept her distance from the clearly upset guy next to her. „What’s wrong?” She whispered trying not to get caught by her older brother. „Nothing”. „Zayn come on, tell me.” Zayn didn’t reply but instead he kept his eyes on the TV-screen. „I thought we had plans today?” She asked hesitating. „I thought you had plans with Esme and Audrey yesterday,” he simply stated. „I did.” „Don’t lie to me Emma,” he said finally turning towards her - but she could tell by the way he pronounced her full name that his temper was bad.

„I’m not lying to you - why would I do that?” „Yes you are - you told me that you had to leave because you were meeting up with your friends, but then Niall and your brother comes back her talking about how they interrupted you date with Harry fucking Styles,” he snickered - still trying to be as quiet as possible.

„What? Is that really what you think?” Zayn didn’t answer and this quite frankly pissed Emma off. „I happened to run in to Harry at Starbucks - I didn’t plan on it, I didn’t even know he was back from Paris so don’t fucking accuse me of lying. I accidently met him while picking up stuff for the girls. God I thought you trusted me,” Emma was so frustrated. „Yeah right!” Zayn looked at her trying to stand his ground - but he was becoming more and more unsure about this argument. He had been sure, that was what Emma had wanted to talk about today - the fact that she was back together with Harry. He thought she wanted to break things of - and he didn’t want to get hurt - but now it seemed like he was the one hurting her.

 „Believe whatever you want Zayn. But you could at least have had the decency to answer my text - while I was at home trying to prepare myself for telling Louis about the two of us, you were giving me the one reason not to. Thanks for not trusting me - I really thought you knew me better than that,” she replied quietly as she quickly got up and left the living room. „I think I’ll skip the waffles and just go back home again - I’m not feeling well,” Emma tried convincing her brother.  „Shush girl, just lay down on the couch or something and I promise to pamper you”. „But Louis…” „I won’t take no for an answer - now get in there and relax, then I’ll bring you a cup of tea”. Even though Emma didn’t want to she didn’t want to disappoint her brother either so she slowly made her way back to the living room - and back to Zayn.

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