It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


3. 3. Chiswick Riverside

Chapter 3 - Chiswick Riverside

Since it was Friday they almost had Chiswick Riverside for themselves. They threw their stuff on the sun loungers and most jumped directly into the pool. Emma however decided to stay on her sun lounger and took out her magazine. Zayn and Louis ended on each their side of her. Monsters of Rihanna and Eminem blasted out of the speakers, and they all enjoyed the view of the pool and the tennis courts in the background. After several attempts Louis finally persuaded Zayn to play a tennis match. They were both equally competitive, but luckily they could always have a blast together. „So you’re just gonna leave me here all alone then?” Emma teased and sighed overdramatic. Zayn sent her an apologetic smile. „You and I can always do a round later,” he then said and winked at Emma who suddenly felt quite lost in his hazel brown eyes and shyly smiled back.

The other boys got ahold of a ball and suddenly the whole pool turned into an American football field. Emma took off her dress and jumped in the pool to join the game. She loved how they all treated her like a friend instead of their friends little sister, and she enjoyed their relaxed company. They easily distracted her thoughts and although they certainly knew what had happened between her, Adrian and Chelsea, they didn’t bring it up. It was refreshing not to have to think about anything but having fun.

Although the game was not yet over Emma got up of the pool. She was thirsty and went over to the tennis courts where the water dispensers were placed. Emma waved to Zayn and Louis, who were both preoccupied with their match. She smiled to herself, if only every day could be like this. Nothing could ruin this peaceful atmosphere, she thought. But someone actually could. As she took a sip of her now full water bottle and turned around to go back to the boys, she noticed that she had company. He was here. Adrian. He smiled innocently while Emma just observed him confused. It dawned on her that she was only wearing her bikini and she crossed her arms protective front of her chest. „What are you doing here?” She asked coldly. „I thought maybe we could talk. I know you're here with Louis and his friends, but I thought you might have time? ”He asked desperately. „I don’t really understand what you think that you and I still have to talk about?”

Emma looked at him trying to seem nonchalant as he repeatedly apologized for his behavior. It had only been one time and he had been so drunk - it would definitely never happen again, etc. His blond hair fell into his dark blue eyes that Emma had once found both charming and trustworthy. She didn’t anymore. „Don’t you ever get tired of lying? I've seen you together at school. Who the hell do you think you are? Do you honestly believe that I have spent my entire summer crying over you? ”She sounded angry and tried to control her trembling voice. He always knew what buttons to press. She started walking past him when he grabbed her arm to stop her. „Emma, ​​come on! You know that I would much rather be with you”. Emma frowned. „You should have thought of that earlier, jerk. Now let go of me”. She tried to pull her arm away from him, but Adrian did not let go. „It is so stupid of you. You're nothing without me,” he continued in a desperate attempt to get her to stay. „Is there something wrong here?” Zayn had suddenly appeared, and he gazed coldly at Adrian. „Stay out of this. We are just talking and it’s none of your business,” Adrian replied harsh but Emma finally escaped his grip. „Well, actually whatever regards Emma is my business,” Zayn stated and put a protective arm around her.

Emma looked confused up at Zayn but he just returned her gaze with a charming smile. ”What do you say about going back to your place babe?” Zayn asked her and kissed her on top of her head - making it obvious to Adrian. „Bitch, you're with him now?” Adrian yelled angrily. „It’s actually none of your business who I’m with. You were the one cheating so that basically gives me the right to be with whomever I want. Let's just go home Zayn,” replied Emma trying to seem calm and walked away. She was not afraid of conflicts, because she knew that it was important to stand up for your beliefs, but she still hated arguing. She was shaking while she packed her belongings and shouted to Louis, who had joined the American football game, that she was leaving. He simply waved goodbye at her, and he apparently hadn’t noticed the clash between her and Adrian.

„Give me two seconds I’ll just say goodbye to the guys,” Zayn said. „That was really sweet of you Zayn, but you don’t have to go back with me. I'm just gonna head home. It's fine,” Emma said quietly and began to walk. She put on Kiss Me with Ed Sheeran on her iPod and took her sunglasses on. This way she felt so isolated from the outside world and could finally let her thoughts fly. Zayn tried in vain to call her name, but she did not respond. He felt bad that she left alone. He wanted to protect her. He had, after all, practically grown up with her.

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