It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


29. 29. No reply

Chapter 29 - No reply

Hi babe. When are we meeting up today? Xx

Maybe we could even go out to eat?

Or stay in - I think my dad’s going out?


„Hi, it’s just me. Sorry for bothering you with all of the messages - but I thought we had plans? I just really need to speak with you. Please call me back.”

Emma had been trying to get a hold of Zayn for more than two hours now - and she was finally giving up. He had probably just forgotten - or Louis had begged him to do something and he simply couldn’t refuse. But she still had that nagging voice in her head telling her that something was wrong - and her gut feeling wasn’t calming her down.

„Hi sis, when did you get back?” Louis asked and popped down on the couch at his old home. „This morning - what are you doing here?” She asked curiously since she would have expected Louis to be with Zayn. „Well I just needed to get the last of my stuff and then I was hoping to run in to you actually”. „Oh okay, but why?” „Well,” Louis hesitated. „Why didn’t you tell me that Harry was back?” He asked carefully. „I’m not following you  - you just saw him yesterday?” Emma stated confused. „I know - you guys were together, why didn’t you just tell me? I knew something was up because you seem so happy and I figured it had to do with a boy. Why didn’t you just say it was Harry?” Emma snapped her head towards Louis.

„Emma?” Louis asked trying to get his sisters attention. She had just been staring at him since he asked his question. „Sorry but I think you’ve misunderstood something,” Emma explained. „It’s okay sis, I like Harry - he’s a nice guy and I reckon he would be good for you”. „But I’m not with Harry. He’s a nice guy sure - but it’s not like that. I didn’t even know he was back - I just ran in to him at Starbuck by coincidence on my way to hang with Esme and Audrey,” she continued. „Oh, sorry I just figured you two were meeting up.” She slowly shook her head at her brother.

„So I think I’ve got all I need now - but would you maybe want to come with me? I’m not sure Zayn is home and I’m really craving some waffles so how about a lazy Sunday on the couch?” He asked persuading. „Sure if you’re making them, but I’m not staying over again - I can’t keep missing school.” „Deal.”


As Emma was walking up the stairs towards Louis and Zayn’s flat she felt her heartbeat quicken. She was supposed to hang with Zayn today - and she had already prepared for the speech she was going to give him regarding telling Louis about the two of them. She felt like her arguments were very valid since they’ve now been together for quite a while and she had finally concluded that she trusted Zayn with her entire heart. She had noticed it at first - how bad she had already started falling for him, but now she couldn’t deny it anymore. She was head over heels for that boy - and hopefully he felt the same.

As Louis opened an unlocked door Emma froze. She had expected Zayn be out and now she had no idea what to think. Why hadn’t he invited her over if he was alone? And why did he not even have the decency to answer her texts. The moment she stepped into the flat her heart skipped a beat - because of the noises coming from their flat. Somebody was surely having sex.

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