It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


28. 28. And a cup of Earl Grey tea

Chapter 28 - And a cup of Earl Grey tea

The next few of weeks went by so slowly. School was super busy with both an insane amount of homework and extra cheerleading practice due to the big game coming up soon. Somehow Emma managed to get everything done in time and still spend the majority of her time in Shoreditch - both when Louis was there, and when he wasn’t. This day was the latter.

„Where did you say Louis was again?” Emma asked Zayn as she snuggled closer to him. They were laying on the couch watching ‘Taken’ a Saturday afternoon. „He’s chilling with Niall - I’m not sure what they’re up to though,” Zayn explained while he just enjoyed the moment with this beautiful girl in his arms. „I really don’t want to leave you,” she sighed before trying to sit up. Zayn tightened his grip on her. She would love to stay here the entire day just the two of them. Actually she had been meaning to talk to him about the whole secrecy part of their ‘relationship’. She felt ready to talk to brother about them and she had sort of hoped he would be home today - but he had been out the entire day so instead she had enjoyed Zayn’s company. „Then don’t go Em,” Zayn stated. „I wish I didn’t have to - but I promised Esme and Audrey that I’d come and I can’t just not show up,” she explained and removed his arms from her waist.

„Thank you for today babe,” she said and got on her toes to kiss him goodbye. „Goodbye love, say hi to the girls from me,” he said as he opened the door for her. „I will, and I really want to talk to you about something so maybe we could meet up tomorrow?” She asked hopeful. „Sure Em, I’ll call you tomorrow and then we can figure something out”.


Hi babes! Sorry I’m running a bit late - I’m sure you’ll forgive me when I tell you it’s because I’m queing at Starbucks ;-) Don’t start the movie without me though! I’ll be right there. Xx

Emma quickly typed the text and sent it in the girls’ group message - she didn’t even check for replied but put her phone in her pocket. She had been waiting for ten minutes - which was a long time for London standard. When it finally became her turn she spoke up. „Three hot chocolate and three brownies,” „and a cup of Earl Grey tea,” a deep voice behind her interrupted. She turned around in denial and a big smile erupted on her face as she took in the guy in front of her.

„Harry, you’re back!” She exclaimed before pulling him in to a big hug. „Yeah I just arrived yesterday, I can’t believe I ran in to you what a coincidence,” he smiled and took in her beauty. „You look lovely as ever,” he continued as he handed the cashier his card. Even though Emma protested he wouldn’t here a word of it. „How was Paris? What did you see? Was the…” Emmas continuous questions was interrupted by a very well-known voice.

 „Well well well little sister, how fancy seeing you here,” Louis said before giving Harry and friendly hug and winking at Emma. „Hi Louis, good to see you again,” Harry nodded before greeting Niall as well. „You too Harry, actually Niall and I were just discussing you. Well more like your past in White Eskimo - we should definitely meet up some time in next week if you want to talk some business,” Louis continued while Harry happily approved the suggestion. As Harry’s name was called Emma hurriedly went to get their order.

„Don’t even think about it Niall,” she threatened as he had already reached for the brownies. „Fine I’ll just order some for myself,” he whined before getting in line. „Well, I’m not coming back to yours tonight but I might stop by tomorrow - I’m not quite sure about my plans yet,” Emma explained as she kissed her brother a goodbye on the cheek. „Sure sis, you look busy so that’s fine,” he smirked and waved a goodbye at the boy he was sure was dating his little sister.

„Well it was nice seeing you again! Take care Emma”. Harry had offered to drop her off at Esme’s since she had planned on taking the bus but already was running late. The drive had been filled with stories about Harry’s experiences in Paris - and Emma had even told him about Zayn since she figured she owed him that much. He was happy for them - being the nice guy that he is - and promised not to tell her big brother even though he asked for her permission to meet up with him and his friends - which she of course gave him but not without explaining he didn’t need her permission. They then said their goodbyes and he drove on.

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