It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


27. 27. Working on some new tunes

Chapter 27 - Working on some new tunes

„I could definitely get used to this,” a raspy voice woke up Emma. „Get used to what?” She mumbled not really noticing the presence of another body on the bed. „You - waking up in my bed”. „Well, I would prefer it if you had actually slept in here as well,” she replied and slowly opened her eyes. Zayn was sitting on the edge of his bed with a lazy grin on his lips. „Trust me, so would I babe,” he said before quickly pecking her lips after making sure Louis wasn’t in eyesight.

„So I’m guessing you’re not going to school today?” „How did you know?” She asked and faked a pout which made Zayn chuckle before kissing her again. „Because it’s 9.23 and you’re here at our flat in Shoreditch - instead of at boxing class,” Zayn explained. „Well I figured you’d need some help to unpack Mister,” she said before getting up from bed. Zayn grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer, as she headed for the door. „Don’t even try - Louis already told me about your breakfast deal,” he said with a genuine happy smile.


„What are you guys doing?” Emma asked as she popped down on the sofa after taking a shower. „We’re just working on some stuff,” Louis explained only focusing on her for a short moment. „Come on, tell meee,” she whined and baffled her eyelashes at the dark haired boy next to her brother. „Well, actually we’re working on some new tunes,” Zayn explained. „Really? Whoa, I didn’t think you guys were still doing music”. „Well we sort of stopped, but then after getting together with that Niall guy we just all kind of got into it again - it’s still like something’s missing though,” Louis threw his pen on the table frustrated. „I’m sure it’s gonna be great Loubear - I can’t wait to hear it”.

Emma remembered the time Louis and Zayn used to write and sing their own songs. They had always been very talented and boy did they have some amazing voices - but then they had just kind of quit it. It wasn’t like they didn’t enjoy it anymore, but with school, football practice and their busy social life it had just been too hard to find the time. Emma was so excited that they had started looking in to it again though - she was sure that if they were serious about it they could make it big time in the music industry.

Louis and Zayn both dreamed about fulfilling their biggest dreams which regarded being a part of the music world. Zayn had been scared to fail but meeting Niall who had just as much drive and passion for the music had made both him and Louis realize how much they actually craved this. They knew it would be hard and there would always be a chance of disappointment but they had to take that risk, because they only thing being worse than failure would be the regret that would haunt them for the rest of their lives if they didn’t at least give their dreams a shot - even if they might seem slightly unrealistic at this point. That was a chance they were finally willing to take.

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