It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


26. 26. First night at the flat


Chapter 26  - First night at the flat

„I’m so exhausted - I mean with moving in on top of everything else going on in my life,” Louis whined with his mouth full of Lucky Charms. „Your exhausted? You’ve just been sitting on you fat ass - while I’ve been doing all the work Louis,” Emma stated and rolled her eyes „Well yeah, but you’ve no idea how hard it is to get you to place my stuff in the right places,” he teased. „Very funny brother. I’m definintly more exhausted than you - I’ve spent my entire weekend on helping you move in, and I can’t even think about getting up early for school tomorrow,” she whined as she went through a ton of TV-channels unfocused.

„Then don’t! Stay the night - it’s already late so dad’s probably asleep and I don’t really want you to take the tube alone at night,” Louis tried convincing her. „That’s just bad excuses - I really should be going,” his little sister answered but she couldn’t be bothered to get up. „Come on, I don’t know exactly when Zayn is going to get here - he hasn’t even brought any of his stuff over, only his bed, and I really don’t want to spend my first night here alone. Besides if we both ditch tomorrow we can sleep in and make all of your favorites for breakfast,” he tried persuading her - which succeed. „Fine, but only if you promise making me pancakes,” she said and held out her pinky. „Pinky promise little sis,” Louis replied as their fingers connected.


„She already fell asleep on the couch. Yeah, she isn’t getting my bed on my first night here - then she’ll just think it’s gonna be like that everything she stays over. If that’s okay with you of course - that she sleeps over. I just don’t want her to feel lonely at home when dad’s always working so I figured she’d might have a toothbrush and some clothes here, I’ll keep it in my room don’t worry. Oh great man, you’re the best. I know, and I really worry about her sometimes so thank you for understanding. Yeah, she’s great - you sure? Okay, I’ll move her in there then - I owe you one lad. Okay, see you tomorrow. Bye,” the voice was whispering and Emma wasn’t quite sure if she was asleep or awake.

„Louis?” „Yes love? Sorry if I woke you - I texted dad you were staying the night - just in case he was still up, and then Zayn called. He told me just to let you stay in his room, so you don’t have to sleep on the couch,” Louis explained while running his fingers through his little sister’s hair as her head was lying in his lap. She had fallen asleep during some random romantic comedy that Louis hadn’t really paid any attention to anyways.

„I’ll be fine sleeping on the couch really - I don’t want to be a bother,” Emma yawned mainly since she would feel weird sleeping in Zayn’s bed with Louis so close, she knew it would be without him - but still, at some point it wouldn’t. „Don’t be silly - he suggested it himself, and it will be way more comfortable. Come here baby sis,” Louis didn’t budge so he got up and pulled her up in his arms. He then walked towards Zayn’s room and gently put her down as he reached the bed. „Sweet dreams beautiful,” Louis whispered in her hair and kissed her forehead before pulling a blanket over her tiny body. He tiptoed out of the room and closed the door carefully behind him with one last glance at his sister.

He felt this urge to protect her from everything evil in the world. She had already experienced too much sadness at such a young age. Their parents’ divorce had been really hard on her - and she had buried herself in school work to distract herself. Finally she met Adrian who made her smile again - but that didn’t turn out great, and he made her flee all the way to New York. He knew she had put on this hard act but inside she was such a fragile girl. When the situation with Liam had happened Louis had been so worried he would lose her again - but luckily she had stayed put. And he intended to keep it that way - he needed his sister close.

Even though Emma had been in a state between being awake and sleeping, she felt something change as her older brother put her down in a bed, his bed. She took a deep breath and felt how calmness spread through her entire body as her head hit the pillow. She could almost imagine Zayn being there next to her - but the coldness of the bed made sure she knew that he wasn’t. She had gotten used to his constant warmth and lying without him in his room made her feel completely and utterly alone. But when she slowly let herself drift to sleep she dreamt of being in his arms - and the smile didn’t leave her face that night.

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