It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


25. 25. Getting a tattoo

Chapter 25 - Getting a tattoo

„Emma, are you sure about this?” Esme asked nervously. Emma nodded confidently and lied down on the chair. „Of course she is Esme. It’s going to look sick and she has already paid for it,” Audrey said enthusiastic. „Are you ready?” the tattoo artist asked impatiently. Emma did not answer but instead she pulled up her shirt to make room for the tattoo. The pain hit her immediately. It was not unbearable but it was a strange feeling - like her skin was on fire. Since the tattoo was just a small symbol it didn’t take too long to finish, and as soon as she was allowed to see it every memory of the pain disappeared. She was so happy with the result and she was definitely glad that she had stuck by her own choice and not listened to all of Audrey and Esme’s ideas regarding long quotes. Just above her panties and near her right hipbone a black circle was now inked onto her skin. „Remember to keep lubricating it twice a day, even when it starts to peel - and no sun in the first few months,” the tattoo artist said and shook Emma’s hand. „I can’t believe you actually did this - like for real,” Esme grinned as the girls walked down the street arm in arm. „It’s so fucking awesome,” Audrey gushed. „But I still don’t really get the meaning of it? Are you sure this isn’t just something you did because of Zayn and his bad boy reputation?” Esme hesitated as she asked this. „She explained it a thousand times - and you still don’t get it?” Audrey rolled her eyes. „No it’s not because of Zayn - I guess he just gave me the courage to be me, you know he’s the realest and that inspires me,” Emma replied with a small smile and was about to explain the meaning of her tattoo, once again, as her phone interrupted her. „Who’s calling?” Esme asked curiously „It’s just my arse of a brother”. „An arse he has, indeed,” Audrey playfully wiggled her eyebrows and dodged Emma’s fist. „What do you want Loubear?” Emma asked sickly sweet already annoyed at her big brother. „Is this a secure line?” The voice sounded muffled against the phone. „What’s the emergency this time?” She asked already laughing a little - he was always trying to prank someone, and sometimes her help was necessary. „None really little sis but I have big news - you remember that flat I told you about?” He continued now way more serious. „Yeah sure,” Emma stated even though she only vaguely remembered him mentioning going flat hunting. „We got it!!!” He screamed loud enough for Emma having to remove the phone from her ear and strangers shooting her curious looks. „Appereantly Zayn and him finally got a flat together,” Emma mouthed towards her best friends. „Wow congratulations to the both of you! I can’t wait to see it - when do you get to move in then?” Emma asked with interest. „Well that’s the best part - apparently the former tenant was some old guy how died - so the landlord just need it rented already, which means we can move in next week,” Louis exclaimed. „How lucky for you guys that some old guy died then,” Emma teased since she knew that had come out wrong - Louis would never wish unhappiness on others just to make his own opportunities better. *** „Well how exactly are you going to hide it?” Esme asked again being a bit skeptical but only because of her concern towards her best friend. „I haven’t figured that out yet,” Emma shrugged and started one of their favorite movies, Clueless. The girls had just gotten back from the tattoo parlor and had immediately jumped on the couch with feeling like hot chocolate and old classics. „Well there’s still a long time till summer - so as long as you don’t walk around naked then your dad or Louis shouldn’t notice,” Audrey explained as she observed one of her own tattoos, her favorite was the lion on her finger. „True. It shouldn’t really be a problem then, as long as the two of you keep quiet about it,” she sent her two best friends an evil look. „Us, and Zayn,” Audrey winked.

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