It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


24. 24. Almost busted

Chapter 24 - Almost busted

„Sis, are you home?” Louis yelled and hung his jacket at its place. He had been out all day and played some ball with a couple of the guys - both Niall and Liam had attended, and now he had planes with Zayn. Zayn had texted him that he might just stop by earlier - and that if Louis was not home yet, Emma could always entertain him. Emma. Zayn and Emma. The thought had occurred to Louis before. Zayn always teased her in a flirty way and her eyes seemed too lit up when he was near. But Louis thought it was just a coincidence - after all Zayn flirted with everyone and even though Emma might have a little crush on Louis's best friend, there would never be anything between them. Zayn had repeatedly been told by Louis that his sister was off limits. Emma seemed however happier than she normally did. Louis had a feeling that it was because of a guy. He feared that she might have gone back to Adrian but he hoped that Emma was too smart to do it - and that she might be with Harry again instead. He was a nice guy.

Louis was on his way up the stairs when he heard the sounds from Emma's room. Apparently she was at home. When he reached the room and opened the door, without making his presence known, he was greeted with silence. „Louis man I've been waiting for you,” Zayn said and ran his hand through his hair. He sat uncomfortably on Emma's bed while she, for some reason, was sitting on her desk. Louis was completely unaware of the situation he had just interrupted. „Should we go out and buy some stuff for dinner?” Zayn asked in an attempt to get Louis out of Emma's room. He feared that every second Louis would catch up on what his best friend and sister had been up to in here just a few seconds earlier. Louis suddenly seemed distracted. ”Emma, ​​what happened to your neck?” He asked suspiciously.

Emma quickly glanced toward the mirror and was met by an intense dark mark. Down along her neck Zayn had left a number of hickeys that varied in shades of purple. Emma cleared her throat, and her brain was trying to figure out and excuse. „Esme was here earlier. She used me as a guinea pig to test some different makeup techniques. She has been chosen to apply make-up on the actors at the school’s theater-production this year”. She stumbled over the words, but it seemed as if Louis believed it. Zayn was impressed by her ​​quickness, and he smiled smugly at the thought of the marks he had left on her body. „Are you home for dinner?” Louis asked Emma ​​who nodded relieved that topic changed. Then both Louis and Zayn exited her room, and she was left with the memory of ​​Zayn caressing her skin, causing her heartbeat to fasten.


Emma had helped Louis and Zayn with dinner and when Ross got home from work, the food was ready to be served. In the meantime, Emma had tried to cover up the hickeys on her neck with make-up and they were fortunately hard to see now. „I should start working this late more often if the dinner I come home to is this delicious dinner,” Ross said as he began to take off the table. „Then you need to let Zayn move in because he made it,” Louis replied patting Zayn’s shoulder friendly. Ross just laughed at them. ”But hey, he can always move into Emma's room then she can sleep in the living room,” Louis continued joking while Emma rolled her eyes of him. If Zayn moved into her room, she had no intention of moving out of there.

This thought made a small smile appear on her lips, and when she discovered Zayn watching her she felt the heat rising in her cheeks. Her gaze observed his tattoos that were visible beneath his white t-shirt. Emma had always wanted like a tattoo. She had never dared but something about Zayn made her believed in herself. Emma decided to call Esme and Audrey later to see if they would go with her. She would actually like to have her brother with her, but she was not going to tell him that she was getting a tattoo - he would just try to talk her out of it again. Zayn cleared his throat, and Emma was immediately aware of his smirk. He had caught her staring. She looked away embarrassed and got up from the table, with a random excuse about having to fetch more water.

An evening in the company of her family and Zayn was always something that Emma enjoyed - and despite the fact that she had a constant desire to be close to Zayn that couldn’t be fulfilled they all had a pleasant evening. Ross announced that he was going to sleep after the first film - and when second film was finished Emma could also feel her eyelids becoming heavier. If Louis would just go to bed Emma could say a proper good night to Zayn - but Louis was as always wide awake. Eventually Emma could not stay awake any longer. „I think I will head to bed as well - but thanks for tonight guys,” she said and Zayn sent an apologetic smile. He sent her an air kiss as Louis looked away - and soon she was asleep in her bed.

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