It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

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23. 23. A surprise visit


Chapter 23 - A surprise visit

The next days were a blur. Emma was busy with school and her friends. She had finally updated both Esme and Audrey about what had happened with Zayn. They both had sworn that they would not tell anyone - and then they had cheered on Emma's behalf. Louis had not been much at home so Zayn hadn’t visited so often. When he had been with Louis at their house, he'd often sneaked a quick kiss in the kitchen, or sent an enticing wink when Louis turned his back to them. In addition, they had written together constantly, and they also talked on the phone almost every night before they went to bed. It felt so easy and so completely right.

The only thing that had changed in their relationship was that they were talking together more than before - and of course the fact that they kissed. They were still teasing each other and Zayn was as charming as ever - if not more. Despite the changes in their behavior, they had nevertheless managed to keep it hidden from Louis. Although it was difficult. Emma was constantly in a happy state, and not her friends or her family could help but notice her eternal silly smile. Audrey and Esme were immensely happy for her, but her father and Louis were unaware. Emma just said that it was because Christmas was approaching - but they both sensed that it was something else. Neither of them said anything however, because they did not want to ruin her good mood.

It was an ordinary Wednesday afternoon, and Emma was home alone. Her father was at work and she had no idea where Louis was. She had tried to call Zayn to see if he wanted to come by, but he did not answer his phone - so she wondered if she should make plans with Sutton instead. She sat in her room and scrolled down Facebook when two hands suddenly was covering her eyes. „Okay, it's not even funny. Who is it?” Emma asked nervously, while the worst-case scenarios floated through her ​​mind. Her whole body was tense. This could be a burglar, someone who wanted to kidnap her - or just Louis who was joking. „You have one guess Em,” a voice whispered softly in her ear and immediately she felt the butterflies spread in her stomach. It was Zayn. He laughed fondly as he noticed the large smile that spread on Emma's lips at the sound of his voice. He pulled her up easily as if she didn’t weigh a thing and planted a big kiss on her lips.

„That is a nice surprise,” Emma said and wrapped her arms around Zayn’s neck. „I’m seeing Louis later so I thought I'd surprise you, so we could spend some quality time together first,” Zayn explained and kissed her again. „So you would like to get some quality time?” Emma whispered in his ear and winking seductively at him as she pulled away from the kiss. Zayn gawked at her. „I didn’t mean it like that, I swear!” Zayn sounded so nervous it caused Emma to giggle. She never thought that she was going to see this side of Zayn Malik. He always seemed so sure of himself. She loved that she could get him to be so nervy. „Calm down Zayn, don’t be so nervous. It is okay if you do not want to,” she said teasingly. Zayn finally gathered his thoughts and formed a responds. „Emma, of course I do. I just do not want you to feel pressured. I don’t want you to think that sex is the only reason that I am here with you.” Zayn scratched the back of his neck, while his eyes wandered around the room. He tried to look anywhere else than at Emma.

Emma gently reached out and caressed Zayn’s cheek. „I never thought that Zayn,” she said sincerely. „I never ever thought that you were only looking for sex.” Zayn finally looked at her. He felt relieved for he had feared that Emma may not have trusted him. He had after all been with many different girls, but these had only been because he had never dared to hope that he had a chance with her. Emma grabbed both of his hands and he interlaced his fingers with hers. The mood had suddenly gone from being teasing, serious and now the air felt completely electric as they were skin against skin. Zayn took a step closer to Emma and tugged a tuft of hair behind her ear, and then he leaned down and met her lips.

Emma had closed her eyes as he leaned in, and immediately when she felt his lips on hers, everything around them disappeared. The air was full of sparks. The kiss became deeper and more passionately. Zayn lifted Emma up so she was sitting on the edge of her desk with her legs around him. „Have I ever told you how sexy you are?” He said hoarsely as he temporarily withdrew from the kiss. Emma felt the heat rising in her cheeks and was grateful that Zayn did not seem to notice this. He planted a trail of kisses down her neck and quickly found her sensitive spot. She moaned softly, which only made ​​him suck even harder. Her body responded with instinct and pulled Zayn closer to her. He was kissing her collarbone but as Emma gently tugged the hem of his shirt she got his undivided attention. Her fingers brushed his hip and left his skin wanting more, so his hands were suddenly on her thighs and the room was burning.


Author's note

Are you guys still with me???

I hope you enjoyed it. Xx

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