It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


2. 2. Catching up

Chapter 2 - Catching up

„I would like three ice-blended chocolate frappuccinos,” Esme told the cashier. Audrey and Emma had already taken a seat at an empty table at the ever-busy Starbucks which was just across from their school. It was their regular place and most of the people from Latymer, the private school they went to, spent their free periods at the café. „Oh how I just miss Spain,” Audrey said, as Esme came back with their frappuccinos. „It so not just the country that you miss,” Esme stated laughing. Audrey blushed and tugged her light brown hair behind her ear. She had met a guy. A fantastic guy and she hadn’t stopped talking about him all day. Emma was happy for her, yet also a little sad. Audrey missed him so much already and they would probably never meet again.

Both Esme and Audrey then turned towards Emma to hear how she really had been dealing the situation concerning Adrian and Chelsea. She just shrugged her shoulders and told them that the trip to New York had distracted her and that she hadn’t been thinking of them. It was obviously a lie and the girls knew it. They knew her inside out, and they were in no doubt that she really had been hurt by his betrayal. She felt better now and it had been good for her to get away, but she didn’t exactly look forward to meeting neither Adrian nor Chelsea again. „How about we go to bonfire on Saturday? I know that we actually had agreed on not to go, but it would be nice to spend some time with everyone,” Emma suggested, ​​both to encourage Audrey but also to enjoy some time together. Esme thought it was a fabulous idea, which was not exactly a surprise, since Esme was always up for a night out.


Emma somehow managed to avoid both Adrian and Chelsea for the entire first week, even though she had spotted them together in the cafeteria one day. She did not look forward to seeing them together, but it surprised her anyway, that she eventually started to feel quite indifferent. Even without having to worry about her unfaithful ex-boyfriend, it was surprisingly stressful to go back to school, so when the girls invited Emma to a shopping spree on Oxford Street Friday, she thankfully declined and went home instead. When she opened the door to the hallway she immediately regretted her decision, since it was filled with jackets and shoes. She had expected to come home to an empty house - maybe take a relaxing bath, read Cosmopolitan and listen to some good music, but apparently Louis had friends over - which actually wasn’t such a big surprise since he always was surrounded by people.

She heard loud laughter from the living room and followed the sound. The whole room was filled with Louis's friends and they were all gathered around the TV. Louis and Zayn, one of Louis's best friends who always hung out with them, sat in couch, with each their game console, concentrating intently on their Fifa game. Emma luckily got along really well with her older brothers friends and sometimes she even joined their hangout. Although they were all very interested in the game, they gradually became aware of Emma’ presence. „Hey Em! Did you have a nice trip to New York? ” Zayn asked genuinely interested. He was suddenly distracted from the Fifa game long enough for Louis to score a goal. „The second a girl walks in here, you forget all about the game man. I thought that you were busy enough with the ladies - and had enough going on. But Em, you should definitely just stay here and distract Zayn so I can win the game,” Louis laughed. Zayn shrugged but the smile stayed on his lips, while he claimed that Louis would lose no matter who was in the room with them. The boys laughed and Emma just shook her head.

Emma told the guys some stuff about her holiday in New York, and when the Fifa game was finished, Zayn obliviously won, the boys agreed on enjoying the rest of Friday’s good weather that rarely hit London. „Sis, me and the guys are talking about going to the The Chiswick Riverside Health and Racquet Club, do you want to come with us?” Louis asked. Emma thought about it for a moment. She had decided to decline just as she received a text message from Adrian: Hi Emma J I've tried to find you the whole week at school. Can I maybe stop by? I really want to talk to you. XOXO Emma looked up at the boys who were all awaiting her response and gave them a short nod. Why not? She would at least be able to avoid Adrian without lying about it. She wrote to Adrian that she was going to Chiswick Riverside with some of the guys, so she didn’t have time to talk and she deliberately neglected to write, that they could talk another day.

„Give me five minutes, I just need my bikini,” she said before running up the stairs headed to her room. She had bought a cool strapless neon bikini with fringes in New York, which she had not yet used. On top of the bikini she wore a loose black beach dress, and in addition, she had thrown a magazine, her iPod, sunscreen and a water bottle in her bag. She gathered her brown curls in a messy bun and put her Ray-Ban sunglasses on top of her head. They were all waiting for her in downstairs. Liam, one of Louis's friends whistled at her as she walked down the stairs. She blushed and was glad that her bronzed tan hopefully covered by this. „And of course my little sister is of limits,” Louis laughed, though he gazed quite seriously at Liam. Emma rolled eyes of him.

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