It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

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19. 19. Louis finds out

Chapter 19 - Louis finds out

The last days of the holiday Emma used to write some of her upcoming assignments. She didn’t really want to hang with the girls or go clubbing, so she mostly just stayed in her room on her computer. She knew school was going to be hectic soon so why not prepare when you had the time? Handing papers in on time was something relatively new to Emma, but one time had to be the first, right? In the few moments where her concentration was non-existing she updated both Facebook and Instragram. It was one of those moments right now. She updated the home page but nothing new came up - so she continued to WeHeartIt. She also updated her wish list with further wishes - since her birthday was coming up soon.

She signed in on Facebook again - which felt like the hundredth time today hoping that something new finally had happened - and this time it actually had. The club had uploaded pictures from that night they had all been downtown. Emma opened the first picture and searched it for familiar faces. She swiftly clicked past the images of strangers and a smile came to her lips as she slowly began to recognize her friends on the pictures. One of the pictures was of Niall, Sutton and herself who were all toasting and had huge smiles on their faces. She then promised herself to text Sutton about all of the details regarding the evening with Niall.

„Louis, get in here!” Emma yelled while laughing uncontrollable as she came upon a picture of her older brother. His facial expression was priceless - probably because of the empty shot glass in his hand. Louis burst through the door, and his face turned red with embarrassment when he saw the picture. „No, how embarrassing! I look so hammered,” he whined. Emma laughed and pointed out that he actually had been extremely drunk. Louis threw himself on the bed beside her and he was now completely focused on the pictures from the party. They both commented on the details and - and laughed especially at the one where Esme was dancing on the bar while sending the camera a seductive gaze. „Damn, she surely knows what she’s doing,” Louis said and winked which caused Emma to hit her big brother, but she could only agree with him. Esme always knew what buttons she needed to press to get what she wanted.

Emma got up to put her phone in the charger when Louis's laughter suddenly died out. He looked furious. „Louis what's wrong?” Emma asked concerned. He glanced briefly at her and then back at the screen. Emma went back to him so she was able to see what had upset him. It was a picture from the party. It did not focus on anyone specific, but however it gave an overview of the entire dance floor. If you just quickly looked at the picture then it seemed like nothing could be wrong. But if you focused on the people several familiar faces caught one’s attention. Emma spotted Esme and girls who seemed to enjoy themselves firstly. When she looked around them she discovered what had pissed Louis off. Fuck.

Emma was in the picture. Or actually you could only see Emma from behind, but it was undoubtedly her - because both the hair and the dress was Emma’s from that night. The problem wasn’t her though but the guy who was standing with her. Zayn had his arms around her waist, and you could just tell how her hands were placed on his chest. The picture had caught him sending a charming wink to her, and it looked like he was about to bow down and kiss her.

„Emma, ​​what the fuck is this?” Louis shouted at her. Emma just stood there petrified and stared at the picture. „Is this why he has been so strange the last few days? I just knew that something was wrong! He has been completely beside himself since that night. Have I be worrying about him when he has been using you, my little sister? Did he try anything? Is that why you've been sitting up here every day? What did he do to you?” Louis continued to ask questions while Emma tried to get a word in during his rambling. „Louis stop! The picture does not mean anything. It's just taken at an unfortunate time. I have not been with Zayn, and of course he has not tried anything. God Louis, he’s your best friend,” she tried to calm him down. It didn’t work though and it definitely didn’t help when he heard a voice from downstairs.

„Hello, is anybody home?” They had a visitor. „Louis no! Please don’t, he hasn’t done anything wrong,” Emma whimpered as she recognized the voice. Louis just looked right at her and stormed down the stairs. It only took Emma a second to react and soon after she was right behind him. She kept asking him to stop and think about it, but after what had happened to Liam she couldn’t talk sense into Louis. There were enough of his friends who had already hurt his little sister. As they reached the kitchen, Zayn just stood there and smiled at them, totally oblivious to the situation, waiting for Louis.

„Louis, I swear nothing happened,” Emma kept trying to talk him down. Zayn just looked puzzled at them both and was suddenly astonished when Louis pushed him up against the wall. He tried not to resist which Emma was happy about - it had not been a problem for Zayn to take down Louis if he had wanted to. „Have you tried something with my sister?” Louis asked and he was clearly furious. Zayn looked quickly from Louis to Emma, ​​whom was hoping that Zayn would not tell Louis that they had kissed. Emma was luckily pretty convincing when she lied - so she went on and explained how the image gave the wrong idea. Zayn luckily caught on about some random picture showing Em and him.

„Of course I haven’t Louis. I would never put our friendship at risk like that,” Zayn said - even though it wasn’t the truth. Louis looked uncertainly between the two of them but he did not let go of Zayn. ”Of course, and you have Harry - I completely forgot about him for a sec,” Louis said and pointing at Emma. „Uh, actually I'm not with Harry anymore,” Emma replied avoiding both of their gazes. „What?” Zayn responded a little too quickly and looked at her. Louis noticed immediately. „Is it because of her that you've dumped Peyton?” he asked and tightened the grip on Zayns t-shirt. Emma looked confused at the boys. Had Zayn dumped Peyton? „Is it because of my little sister that Zayn the ladies' man has completely rejected any girl that has offered herself, even just for the night?” Louis continued. Zayn glanced at Emma who was ​​the main focus in the boys' conversation. „It's your sister, man. It was just an unfortunate picture,” Zayn said subdued.

Both Louis and Emma believed him, but for Zayn it had been hard to make the lie sound convincing. He had just wanted to confess all his feelings the instant Emma had told that she was no longer with Harry. Although he had broken it off with Peyton, it didn’t mean that it was Emma who had dumped Harry, or the other way around but Zayn remembered how Harry had looked at her - just like Zayn looked at her, so maybe there was still hope. Hope that Emma had no feelings for Harry. That would mean Zayn still had a chance. A chance with Emma.

Louis interrupted his train of thought as he finally let go of him. „I’m so fucking sorry lad, I mean the two of us are best friends and we’ve even started looking for an apartment together and I know you wouldn’t do that - I’ve just been so worried me about both of you the last few days. It is as if there is something that’s not quite right with both of you since that night. It's probably just me. After everything with Liam I've probably just been a little too overprotective. I just don’t want anyone to exploit her,” Louis said quietly. „You are well aware that I can easily take care of myself right?” Emma cut him off with crossed arms and a raised eyebrow. This only caused both Zayn and Louis to laugh hysterical.

„It's okay you know, I understand you. If there was someone who had touched her, I would probably have even beaten them up myself,” Zayn simply answered. Then Louis challenged him to another Fifa match and just like that their discussing was forgotten. If the girl drama was just so simple ... When Louis walked out of the room, he left a tense atmosphere with Zayn and Emma. Zayn took a few steps towards her. „I'm sorry about all of this with Louis - I really tried to explain to him that nothing had happened.” Emma spoke softly. „It's okay, it's not your fault. I should just have kept away from you at the club - but you're damn hard to resist,” Zayn said cheekily and for the first time in several days Zayn felt like himself again. He sent her his most charming smile and Emma noticed immediately how she again felt completely lost in him. This only made Zayns smile even wider, and when his arm on the way out of the room stroked hers, they both felt the sparks between them. It was undeniable.

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