It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


17. 17. Another fight

Chapter 17 - Another fight

„Em, what on earth are you doing out here?” Zayn looked at her confused. He had just exited the club and he looked amazing as always - wearing his black jeans, a simple black t-shirt with print and his leather jacket. Emma just responded with a shrugged and took another drag of the cigarette as she avoided his gaze. She did not want him to see that she had been crying because of him. „You shouldn’t be out here alone and you shouldn’t smoke either,” Zayn continued and took the cigarette out of her hands. Instead of throwing it away, he lifted it up to his own lips and inhaled. „How very hypocritical of you! YOU are out here alone and now you took away my smoke? My god,” Emma rolled her eyes and walked closer to the main road trying to hail a taxi. Zayn however got a hold of her by grabbing her arm, which caused her to turn around. „What?” He shook his head. ”It's different Em. I can stand up for myself, put in a good fight - what would you do? ”Emma was speechless. How dared he? But okay, it was Zayn who had been there for her - both regarding the Adrian and Liam episode.

The picture of ​​Liam, who now had a huge black eye made Emma giggle. Zayn looked at her with a confused look. „I am well aware that you can fight back - I saw the bruise you left on Liam’s face,” she said and was about to lose balance when she tried to swat his shoulder. Zayns jaw tightened and he clenched his hands as Liam's name was mentioned. „When have you seen him?” He asked coldly. Emma hadn’t meant to mention the episode in Starbucks for Zayn, but once again the alcohol had taken over. She shrugged. „It was just a coincidence - I ran into him at Starbucks the other day. He just wanted to apologize.” „Em, what the hell were you thinking? To talk to him after he treated you like that?” She suddenly felt stupid.

His hand suddenly had a hold of her chin and he lifted her face up so he could catch her gaze. „Have you been crying?” Emma tried to move away but his grip just tightened. „Em, what's wrong? I'm worried about you,” he said and held her gaze. She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. Zayn gently stroked her arm. ”You're completely cold,” he said before quickly removing his leather jacket. Emma raised her hand to stop him. ”Just keep it - I can’t feel anything anyway.” Another sign that she had had too much to drink tonight. Zayn’s gaze burned though her and without even letting her protest he put the jacket around her shoulders. She gratefully pulled it closer around her petite body and immediately felt better. The leather jacket had a scent of him. How calming.

„Come on Em, just tell me what’s wrong,” Zayn looked pleadingly at her. „Stop,” she whispered. „Stop what?” He replied and caressed her cheek. „Stop pretending you actually care about me.” This response made Zayn let his hand fall. „Well of course I care about you,” he replied. Emma felt the tears pipe up as she tried to control her voice. „Stop making me feel like I actually mean something to you Zayn - just to ignore me afterwards. Leave me alone and go to the party. Have fun with Louis and Peyton, or whoever you're with at the moment. I'm going home.” Zayn stood rigid on the sidewalk outside the club when Emma turned around and left. It was only when she had hailed a taxi, he came to his senses - and though she heard him callout her name, she still got in the cab and told the driver her address without looking back.

Zayn didn’t understand what was going on. She had left him outside the club. She had been crying. Due to him. He felt like an idiot. He knew that he might have crossed the line by the way he had behaved, when they had been on the dance floor - but he had just been so happy to see her. The amount of alcohol in his blood had not exactly helped, but he had thought that she was glad to see him. Maybe it was just best if he stayed away from her. Every time he came near her she was clearly hurt. He should just leave her alone, so she could be happy with Harry. It was just so hard. He cared for her so much. Why could she not see it? Why did she think it was all fake?

Zayn did not want to party on and since Emma had forgotten to return his jacket he was shivering. He therefore sent a text message to Peyton who was supposed to go home with him. Hi Peyton. It's been fun, but we'd better stop this here. I'm headed back home now, so feel free to go home with somebody else. - Zayn. They had agreed on just having fun - until one of them said stop which Zayn had done now. He received a message from a less sober Peyton, who wrote that it was quite ok - and it had been nice as long as it lasted. Not even Peyton could make him forget the twinkle in Emma's eyes or the feeling he got when she smiled at him - so why waste his time.

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