It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

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16. 16. Party-killer

Chapter 16 - Party-killer

Author's note

Are you ready for this??? ;-)

Emma had not really needed the toilet but she didn’t want to interfere with Niall and Suttons flirt. She scanned the dance floor for Esme and immediately started to walk when she found her in the crowd. Emma hugged Esme, and together they enjoyed the freedom that they felt on the dance floor. Tonight they just wanted to have fun and while the bass pumped out of the speakers and the bottles were emptied, Emma was too distracted by dancing to notice the man who stood watching her with a silly grin on his face. Zayn, Louis and the boys had arrived at the club a few minutes ago, and while most of the boys had gone to the bar Zayn had immediately started to look for Emma. He smiled at the thought of her wearing the dress he had proposed - and damn how it suited her well. Her dark brown hair hung loosely down her shoulders and her carefree smile made Zayn happy.

Zayn had no idea what he was doing - he was pretty intoxicated and perhaps this was why he was just following his instincts when he started to walk towards her. When he was standing right behind her, however, he doubted for a second - but he shook the thought of Peyton away. He was, after all, only with her ​​because he needed a distraction from Emma. While this sounded bad both Zayn and Peyton agreed on the terms of their “relationship” - no strings attached. Zayn therefore took a final step forward and when he was standing right behind Emma ​​he slowly slipped his arms around her waist. He felt her entire body tighten probably due to the fact she had no idea who just snuck up on her. He lowered his head so his lips were just beside her ear as he whispered: „You look gorgeous tonight babe,” which sent shivers down her spine. She turned around immediately so she came face to face with him.

Zayn still had his arms around Emma's waist, and she put her hands on his chest before giving him a brilliant smile. „I wasn’t sure you were coming,” she said teasingly and pouted. She felt drunk but she was not sure if it was due to the amount of alcohol she had consumed, or if it was because of Zayn’s presence. „I wouldn’t miss a night out with you,” he replied and Emma immediately felt the heat shoot up in her cheeks. She looked away quickly hoping Zayn didn’t notice. Zayn, however, had seen it, and he loved the fact that he could get this lovely girl to blush. „You're so cute when you blush,” he said softly, so only Emma could hear him over the music. He slowly raised his hand to Emma's cheek and forced her to face him which just made ​​her blush even more.

They stood in the middle of the dance floor and stared deeply into each other's eyes as Esme interrupted them. „Zayn, great to see you - but I need to borrow Emma. Louis is looking for her.” Esme quickly pulled Emma away who sent Zayn an apologetic look. „What the hell just happened?” Esme asked as they were moving away from the dance floor. Emma felt tumultuous, and she had no idea what to say. Her skin was still burning after Zayns touch. „Is it because of him that you do not want anything serious with Harry?” Esme asked again. „He kissed me,” Emma said now regretting the last shots that she had been drinking. Alcohol made ​​her both brave and honest, but sometimes she was a little thoughtless. Esme just stared at her in shock, and Emma was just about to tell her everything that had happened when she was tapped on the shoulder.

„Sis, I've been looking for you,” Louis slurred, who obviously was just as drunk if not more than Emma herself. Emma almost jumped in his arms, but she was still trying to collect her thoughts. Louis didn’t know. He couldn’t know. Only then did Emma notice the beautiful girl who stood beside him. „Don’t I get an introduction?” she laughed and pulled the girl in a hug. „Yes, of course, Emma this is Peyton - Peyton, this is Emma my little sister,” he said happy and in the moment the smile disappeared from Emma's lips. It was Zayn’s Peyton. Peyton, the girl Emma gladly had forgotten about, as she once again had felt safe in Zayn’s arms. Was she just plain stupid? Now it was enough. Zayn should just stay away from her. Esme, who quickly caught on to what was wrong, began retelling the events of the evening so Emma had some time to gather herself. The worst thing of all this was that Peyton was one of the nicest people Emma ever had met. „But now we simply have to go out and get some air. I need a cigarette, and Emma here is sweet enough to keep me company,” Esme ended the conversation and Emma waved goodbye to Louis and Peyton.


Esme placed the cigarette between her lips and grabbed the lighter in her pocket. „Can I have a cigarette?” Emma asked. Esme looked at her without understanding. „But you don’t smoke?” It sounded more like a question than a statement. „Tonight I do,” Emma replied and lit the cigarette that Esme had handed her. She coughed a little as the smoke filled her lungs, which was understandable since she never smoked. When they had been younger all of the girls had smoked a bit at parties, but Emma had stopped long ago. Right now, however, she had needed a smoke that could get her to relax. Although the large amount of vodka that she had been drinking already helped, it was not quite enough. „Well babe, now tell me what happened,” Esme said when Emma took another drag of the cigarette. She had forgotten all about how horrible it tasted. Emma watched a couple of drunken young people who left the club as she slowly began to tell about Zayn.

„I have to talk to Harry. Although Zayn is with someone else and he clearly doesn’t have the same feelings for me that I have for him - this is in no way fair to Harry. I'll call him tomorrow morning,” Emma concluded when she had explained everything that had happened between Zayn and her since she had come home from New York. Emma felt the tears running down her cheeks - which only made her angry. She hated girls who cried their eyes out while being drunk - especially because of a guy and now she was one of them. „Are you sure he doesn’t like you that way? I saw you together in there, and it seemed quite clear that there was chemistry between you guys.” Emma just shook her head and pointed out his relationship with both Amber and Peyton. Zayn probably just liked to flirt and she just needed to get over him. Esme compassionate nodded and tried to remove the mascara stains of Emma's cheeks. „We'd better get in again. It's too cold to be out here,” Esme said when she once again found Emma presentable. „Can I have another cigarette? I think I'll just head home when I have finished smoking. I'm not exactly in a party mood anymore but you should definitely go back in,” Emma said and forced a smile. Esme did not want to leave Emma outside, but she could tell that Emma needed a little space - so she handed her the rest of her pack then she went inside and continued the party.

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