It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


15. 15. Girls' night out

Chapter 15 - Girls' night out

”Finally you’re here girls!” Sutton squealed as she pushed the door open and gave the girls a warm welcome. Emma waved goodbye to Louis who she knew now was headed towards Zayn’s house. She had mostly wanted to run after the car and even gone with him - and it did not help that Sutton was already obviously quite drunk. Emma was now relieved that she had chosen the black dress, because Sutton was wearing a dress that was completely identical to the red one - and frankly she looked a bit like a skank. Sutton broke into a big grin and unconsciously ran her fingers through her nearly pitch black page. ”Everyone is already here, come in come in - you are behind on shots”. The girls chatted a little and continued directly to the living room where the pre-party was going on. Emma, ​​Audrey and Esme went one by one around the table and hugged each girl a hello - luckily they knew everyone from school. The atmosphere and the music was high and when the girls sat down the first vodka shots had already been poured.


„Oh my god, I love this song!” Esme screamed about an hour and a half later as she rose from her chair and jumped up on the sofa. Several of the girls joined her and just when Emma was about to get up to dance - she saw Audrey running out of the room. Emma quickly followed - she knew what was wrong. Audrey just reached the toilet in time as she began to vomit. Over and over again. Emma patiently held Audrey's hair and tried to comfort her. As the content of Audrey's stomach was flushed down the toilet, Emma felt a little more sober. Audrey whimpered and cried, and eventually she just wanted to go home but she did not want to come face to face with a pair of angry parents. Therefore Emma hopefully found Louis's number and pressed on his contact. It was ringing. He didn’t answer the first call but the Emma rang him again and finally someone picked up - it just wasn’t Louis.

„Babe, how nice of you to call. What's up?” Why did he have to sound so charming? Emma immediately recognized Zayn’s voice and this caused her to remain silent as she had no idea what to say. „Are you that babe?” Zayn continued slurred. He was really drunk. Emma pulled herself together and quickly explained the situation with Audrey. „So I had hoped that Louis might come and take her home. I didn’t know you were having a party. I just thought that you were going to play Fifa or something,” Emma concluded quietly. „We were actually not supposed to be partying love, but Louis persuaded me so we texted a couple of the guys. But none of us are sober enough to drive, sorry love - but good luck to her, and Em I’ll see you at the club” Zayn said and when Emma had said goodbye she finished the call. Last resort was unfortunately her parents, and though they seemed grateful for Emma's help, she still felt sorry for Audrey when she saw the eyes Audrey's father sent his daughter.

Emma went back to the girls in the living room and all of them were wildly busy dancing by now. Zayn was coming tonight. Fuck. What should she do? Emma started to feel nervous. The last time she had seen him was when he almost directly rejected her - and had told her that he just was going to move on to the next girl -, but now he was calling her both babe and love on the phone. She was so confused, and she was almost looking forward to seeing him again after their conversation, but then she remembered Peyton. Zayn was probably just drunk. Maybe he just always flirts so much with girls? She hoped he didn’t but she wouldn’t know - since he probably just saw her as a sister. Emma took a quick decision. She opened another bottle of vodka and lifted it into the air. ”Cheeeers!” She yelled in an attempt to drown out the music. It succeeded and all the girls raised their drinks to her - then Emma turned the bottle upside-down and drank directly from the bottle. If she was going to meet Zayn tonight and if she were to hear about the amazing Peyton - then she didn’t want to be able to remember any of it tomorrow.


The girls stepped out of the taxi unsure on their feet while Sutton paid the driver. Emma was surprised at the length of the queue to the club and she now regretted that she had left her blazer at Sutton’s. It was really cold. When they finally reached the end of the queue the girls showed their ID and paid the entrance then the doorman let them enter. The club was packed and the dance floor was filled with sweaty dancing teens. Esme immediately pulled the girls on the dance floor where they pushed his way through the crowd. Emma however waited for Sutton, who had to hand her jacket over to the wardrobe, and then they headed for the bar. „Damn, eye-candy” Sutton squealed and nodded discreetly towards the bartender. Emma laughing rolled her eyes as Sutton leaned over the counter in an attempt to get the bartender's attention. He approached the girls with a smirk plastered on his face as Sutton fluttered with her eyelashes. The guy ran his hand through his blond hair and turned his focus back to the girls.

„What can I do for you beautiful ladies?” He said and winked. Sutton immediately blushed but sent him a big smile. „Lots of shots and a couple of Sex On the Beach,” she replied. The bartender poured up the drinks before handing them the shots. „I’m Sutton by the way,” Sutton stated and reached out for his hand, just as he grabbed her hand and gentle pressed it to his lips he said: „I’m Niall” - and thereafter their conversation just kept flowing. ”They're on the house,” Niall said despite the fact that Emma tried to pay. She thanked him and took another shot. He kept coming back to the girls in between him serving the other customers. When he came back he always brought a new kind of drink - this time he actually walked up to them from the other side of the bar. „Do you mind if I join you? My break starts now,” said he. Sutton just smiled bright while nothing. ”Not at all, but I just think that I will find bathroom. „See you later,” Emma said. Niall gave her a slight nod before turning his attention towards Sutton.

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