It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


14. 14. Photoshoot

Chapter 14 - Photoshoot

The girls had finally agreed on enjoy the holidays to its fullest - and therefore Emma had persuaded Louis to drive the girls to a common friend, Sutton, and then they would go clubbing later. Emma was not really in the mood to party, but she knew that it would only get worse if she was home. A party would at least be able to distract her from everything. Emma ate dinner with her father and Louis in a hurry, and then she quickly jumped under the shower. She washed her hair in her favorite shampoo that smelled like strawberries. Then she took her pink robe from Victoria's Secret on and began to blow dry her dark brown hair. She attached her iPhone to the speakers and turned the music on. In between dancing she added a simple makeup, consisting of a little powder, blush and mascara - in honor of the occasion she also added some black liquid eyeliner on. When she, as she added the final touch in the form of lip gloss, observed herself in the mirror she felt better again.

Emma found her GHD straightener and while she waited for it to be warm enough, she opened her wardrobe. She was perfectly well aware that she had enough clothes - yet she felt like she had nothing to wear. Everlasting clothes-crisis. „Louis!” Emma called reluctantly as she had chosen some options. „What is it sis?” Louis stuck his head in the room. Emma lowered the volume of the music and pulled him into her room. „It is simply an emergency. I do not know what to wear tonight,” she sighed. Louis laughed shaking his head. „I'm probably not the greatest help.” „You can only be better than no help. Esme and Audrey are both wearing dresses - so here are my three options,” Emma continued and pointed towards the bed where the three dresses were placed. Louis went over to change the song and then he threw himself on the bed beside the dresses. He considered it and he came to the conclusion that he could not make a decision until he had seen them on.

„Fine, but then you have to be serious,” Emma said. Louis just nodded and replied to a text while Emma changed to the first dress. The dress was white, loose and summer-ish. It stopped just above knee and the fabric was filled with lace. It was certainly nice but Emma felt quite ”little-girl-like” in it. Louis took a quick picture. ”This way we can compare them,” he simply stated. The next dress was bright red and it was glued to her body. Emma posed for the phone's camera once again and Louis took a picture. She loved the dress, but she did feel a little uncomfortable in it. ”You’re seriously not allowed to leave the house in that practically non-existing piece of fabric. Next,” Louis told her. He then started  clapping as she walked an exaggerated catwalk. The last option was her safe choice, the little black dress. The strapless dress was black and slim around her body. The dress stopped mid-thigh and showed of Emma's long legs.

Louis got up from the bed and pretended to be photographer while Emma blinked and sent tons of air kiss as Louis took pictures of her with his iPhone. „I can feel the magic, smize, be fierce,” Louis continued in true Tyra Banks spirit. She had always forced him to watch America's Next Top model, but apparently he actually been had paying attention which she hadn’t expected. „I just think that you need to wear a pair of pants and a sweatshirt,” Louis advised her now more serious, but still with a twinkle in his eye. „Never in a million years bro’. I think I'll choose the black - it felt right,” she replied and found her white blazer. She decided on a gold bracelet, a pair of cute earrings and a simple ring with the word ”love” engraved. „ Zayn agrees with you - he thinks you should wear the black one as well” Louis said and continued to respond to text. „I'm sorry what?” Emma asked confused and turned sharply towards Louis. ”I sent a couple of snapchats to him. I thought that you would probably get more out of his sense of style than mine,” Louis explained nonchalant.

Emma stood petrified and stared stupidly at Louis. He had not just done that. For Louis's self-defense he had no idea about all that had happened between Emma and Zayn. He gullible assumed that Emma's thoughts were preoccupied with Harry in Paris, but that was not reality. Of course Emma thought about Harry but not in the same way as she longed for Zayn and his touch. „Fucking idiot! He even took screenshots - there are unwritten rules against that,” Louis said overdramatic. On the contrary Emma didn’t find it funny at all. Why in the world would Zayn take screenshots of their impulsive photo shoot? At least she hoped that she looked good in the pictures.

While Emma debated with herself whether she should change the dress in protest, she received a text message. Where are you??? X Emma laughed to herself. Esme was, as always when regarding a party, impatient. „Damn we're late Louis, come on,” Emma laughed and pulled Louis of her bed. She ran down the stairs and shouted a brief farewell to their father, who was watching the news in the living room. Louis grabbed the car keys, while Emma took her black clutch and took a pair of matching stilettos from Primark on.

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