It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

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13. 13. An unordinary trip to Starbucks

Chapter 13 - An unordinary trip to Starbucks

Shortly after the girls were already sitting at their usual table at Starbucks. Since the students had holiday the café was not as packed as usual. The girls all ordered a sandwich and something to drink, and their names were called out after a short period of time. Emma got up to fetch the girls' drinks, and she did not notice the guy who quickly responded to the sound of her name. „Go ahead,” she said and handed Audrey a cup of hot chocolate. „Excuse me, Emma we can talk for a sec?” Emma's entire body tensed the moment she recognized his voice. She gently placed the rest of the drinks on the table and slowly turned around to face Liam Payne. The bruise from his fight with Zayn was still evident. „Actually I don’t really want to talk with you,” she said quietly as she tried to hide her fear. She knew he was not drunk now, but he had frightened her - and the memories of Louis's party filled her thoughts. She felt dizzy and quickly got a hold of the edge of her seat. „Please Emma, just give me two minutes. I beg you,” Liam pleaded.

Esme and Audrey, who had first listened in curiously, was now observing their best friend worried. „Liam, I do not think ...” Esme began just as Emma raised her hand to stop her. „Fine, but just two minutes”. She hurried out of Starbucks and could feel Liam following right behind her. „I'm really so sorry. I was drunk and I know that it's not an excuse - but it was never my meaning to hurt you. I cannot describe how bad I’m feeling about what happened and how sorry I am,” Liam said when they were finally outside. Emma noticed the tears that slowly crept up in Liam's eyes. He meant every word. Emma nodded. „ Can you please say something? I know that you will never be able to forgive me - just say something,” he whispered softly and tried to maintain their eye contact. „You really scared me Liam. I don’t think you understand just how much.” „I'm so sorry,” he repeated. „I'm not angry, I'm just still not quite over it. I can’t promise that I forgive you Liam, but right now I just need a little space - so it maybe it will come later on,” Emma forced a smile. She now felt the tears that rolled down her own cheeks. Slowly she lifted her hand and wiped Liam's tears away before doing the same to her own.

Emma opened the door to Starbucks and uncertainly moved towards her friends. Had she done the right thing? She had seen how upset he was - and she really wanted to be able to forgive him but she was still hurt as well. Emma tried to smile as the girls gave her a worried look. Now she had to tell them what had happened. She just didn’t know how to start. „What was that about?” Audrey finally asked after a few minutes of silence. „Can we take this to-go?” Emma pointed towards their chocolate and her sandwich - the girls had already eaten theirs. Starbucks suddenly felt too small and crowded for this type of conversation, and Emma knew that if she were to tell the girls the truth, then she had to get out of here. Esme and Audrey both nodded and grabbed their jackets.

With a hot chocolate in their hand the girls started to wander aimlessly around the streets of London while Emma tried to tell them about that night. She started to tell about her date with Harry as both of her friends gushed at all the most romantic actions, but when Emma got further into the story, she also needed to explain her feelings. „I just think that he distracts me. I know that it's wrong of me, but I really can’t stand to be hurt again, ”she stammered and looked down at the ground. Esme and Audrey took her under each their arm, and then she explained how Liam had been hitting on her all night. When she told them how he had come up to her room and had sat down on her bed, both of them up stopped in the middle of the street. Tears ran down her cheeks again and the girls pulled her into a tight embrace.

She quickly jumped to the part of the story where Zayn had come up to her room - and how he had pulled Liam away from her and beaten him up. The girls then breathed a sigh of relief, they have feared the worst. Emma skipped the part of Zayn and her kissing so she just explained the Louis had run after Liam when he found out. „Why did not you tell us?” Audrey asked when the girls got on the Hammersmith and City Line. Emma shrugged. ”I do not think I knew how to.” The girls got off at their stop and followed Emma all the way home. „You promise to text if you need anything, right?” Esme said as she hugged Emma goodbye. Emma nodded and sent the girls a grateful smile before she closed the door behind her.

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