It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


12. 12. Best friends

Chapter 12 - Best friends

Emma lied in bed and re-watched yet another episode of The Vampire Diaries, as two well-known faces appeared in her doorway. „We bring Ben & Jerry's and good company,” Esme and Audrey exclaimed at the same time. Emma smiled encouraged at the girls. They always knew just what she needed. ”What episode are we watching?” Audrey asked when the girls all were placed on Emma’s bed. „At the end of season four somewhere, I’ve stopped counting. What are you guys even doing here?” Emma asked and turned her attention towards her best friends. A sudden silence fell upon the room, and in the background Damon was killing yet another vampire. Esme cleared her throat. „Louis called and told me that you weren’t exactly at your best. He said that you had shut yourself in your room after Harry left - so we thought that we could distract you from missing the curly haired lad who is currently in Paris. We should be enjoying our holiday Emma”. They both looked worried at Emma. She forced a smile and surrendered to a comforting group hug. She had the best friends in the world. Although they did not know why she could not handle reality, they were still there for her. The girls spent the whole day relaxing in Emma's bed, where they talked about everything and nothing. They just laid there and enjoyed each other's company.

As the evening approached they went downstairs to eat. Emma's father, Ross, had just taken the lasagna out of the oven and Louis seemed preoccupied with a phone call. The girls sat down and continued the conversation about if they should go clubbing tomorrow or not. The clubs had open throughout the holiday so there was no excuse to stay home, but Emma was far from feeling it. „Honestly man. Just call me when you hear this,” Louis frustrated finished his call and sat down at the table. „Can you still not get a hold of him?” Ross asked alarmed. Louis looked worried and shook his head. „Who are you trying to call?” Esme asked with her mouth full of food, charming yeah. Louis did not answer her because his ringtone caught his attention. He answered it immediately and quickly disappeared out of the room.

„Louis has not been able to get hold of Zayn the last few days. He has been quite worried. It's not like Zayn to disappear like that,” Ross explained. Zayns name instinctively made Emma tense but she kept quiet and listened. Soon after Louis came back and asked their father after the car key. Ross looked in wonder at Louis. „What did he say?” Emma immediately felt a bad feeling spread in his stomach. „I just have to pick him up at some chick’s house, Peyton or something. Apparently he has been with her, so that's why he hasn’t replied,” Louis explained and headed towards the car. Emma tried to ignore the hurt she felt by this but it was so hard - but then it dawned on her that it really was stupid of her to have expected otherwise. Zayn was and would probably always be a ladies man and she had no right to question that. He was obviously busy with if not several then at least one other woman - and she had Harry. Why did it hurt so much then? She thought to herself. Why did she care? Louis did not come home that night. He texted Emma and told her that he was spending the night at Zayns’.


„Wow great party Emma. Say hi to Louis from me,” a random student said as she passed by while her friends nodded in agreement. Emma sat in the school canteen with Audrey, Esme and a few boys from their English class. Though it was a holiday the school had open. All of Emma's class had a huge English assignment so they sat in groups around the school and prepared. The day had went by quickly and Emma had received a fair share comments about Louis's party and she had found out that all of the students who had attended had had so bad hangovers that they had ditched the next day. It was soon late afternoon and the janitor gradually began to lock the doors to the school and Emma received a message on Facebook from Esme. What do you say to Starbucks after school? X Audrey was quick to respond. Yes! Then there is at least something to look forward to after this ... X Emma laughed to herself. She turned to the girls and gave them a discreet thumbs up so the rest of the group did not realize their absentminded group members.

„Then we just need to review the assignment for errors and we are ready to go,” one of the boys from the group said. „Not it!” Esme screamed laughing and brought her index finger to her nose. ”Not it,” both Audrey and Emma yelled and imitated Esme’s movement, as it dawned on them what she had started. The boy, who had just spoken, clearly had no idea what was going on - and he ended as the last one without his index finger on his nose. „Too bad for you friend, but good luck with it,” Esme said and sent him her most charming smile. The others had already begun to pack their things and the girls waved a goodbye to the rest of the group before they left school.

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