It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


10. 10. The hero of the day is...

Chapter 10 - The hero of the day is...

„Liam please don’t. Don’t do this,” Emma whispered panicking. She knew that Liam was strong - he was on the boxing team at school. He was usually such a nice guy, but he had had too much to drink even though that wasn’t an excuse, and he was clearly not thinking straight. She could scream as much as she wanted - but with all the noise from the party no one would be able hear her. She had never felt this trapped before, or this scared. „It’s alright beautiful,” he shushed and pulled the covers off her. She climbed further away until she was completely pressed up against the wall. Tears began to form in her eyes as Liam continued towards her, and his eyes turned cold which sent shivers down her spine. Suddenly his hand was on her thigh as he tried to pull her nightgown off. „Please don’t,” she cried.

Suddenly the door was forcefully being pulled open and Zayns eyes darkened as he saw Liam in Emma's bed. Emma looked both helpless and scared and the tears were streaming down her face which instantly made him snap. „Zayn,” she whimpered relieved as she recognized her savior. Zayn sprinted towards then and grabbed Liam and threw him off the bed, hard. Zayn forgot about the outside world and let the rage fill him completely. He hit Liam again and again, and he did not notice Emma screaming at him. It was only when she grabbed onto his arm that he came back to her. Liam was at this time badly bruised, and he quietly crawled out of the room since Zayn now only had eyes for Emma. Zayn now felt entirely sober and he was searching her eyes for any emotions. „Are you okay? You're bleeding,” she asked as she frantically investigative his hand. Her touch was slowly making his heartbeat slow down. His knuckles were bloody and bruised and Liam had hit one of his cheekbones which was gradually beginning to change color.

„Am I okay?” He replied puzzled, as if he could not comprehend that she thought of his wellbeing before her own. „Are you okay? He was in your bed. I can’t even think about what would have happened if I hadn’t ...” He stopped when he realized what he was referring to. If Zayn hadn’t been there then Emma would probably not have been able to get Liam pushed off her. Emma took a deep breath and even more tears streamed down her face. „I was so scared,” she whispered. „It’s okay Em. You're safe now. I'm right here,” Zayn said soothing. He took her in his arms, and Emma tightened her grip on him as if she were afraid that he would disappear into thin air. „I will always be right here,” he continued. He smelled of Zayn and it automatically made her feel more comfortable because Zayn smelled like being at home - and his embrace made her feel safe. They were standing like this for a long time and Zayn kept whispering words of comfort to her. He moved his hands slowly up and down her spine which calmed her down. Zayn cupped Emma's face with his hands and tenderly wiped away her tears.

Emma loosened her grip around him and gently caressed his cheek. One of Liam's blows had struck him. He whimpered in pain but when their eyes met, he forgot all about the hurt. Her eyes were full of concern and tenderness for him. „Thank you,” she whispered simply. She only said those two words but it was enough for him, because it was said with all the emotions that Zayn had longed to hear from her. He carefully put his arms around her waist. They stood like this looking deeply in each other’s eyes scared to do or say anything that might come out wrong. How they stood face to face and looked deeply into each other's eyes-ne. It was as if all the words that had always been unsaid between them, suddenly filled the air. However, none of them dare to open their mouths for the fear of ruining this magical moment. Zayn then did the only thing he was sure of - he slowly leaned in until their lips almost touched, and they could both feel how the air between them was absolutely electric. Slowly, almost motionless, he let his lips meet her in a gentle touch.

Suddenly Zayn felt entirely clear-headed and he soon pulled back from the kiss. What had he done? He had kissed Emma. And it had been amazing. But what now? Would it ruin their friendship? And what would Louis say? And what did Emma think about all of this? Before he had time to speak up Emma lifted her arms and put them around his neck. She smiled gently and her eyes flickered down to his soft lips, which made him kiss her once again this time more passionately. It tasted of smoke, salty tears and alcohol, which sounded like such a weird combination - yet it felt perfect. Emma affectionately ran her fingers through his hair, and Zayns hands wandered further down Emma's body. At this exact moment she felt truly happy. She felt like she could burst from too much happiness. Zayn was amazing and for a moment she allowed herself to hope that he liked her just as much as she liked him. That everything could just fall into place by itself. It was everything she had ever dreamed of. The guy she had secretly had a crush on forever - her older brothers best friend - might actually be hers, finally.

The moment was spoiled to quickly by a loud banging on the door and an angry voice calling her name. Zayn pulled back immediately and Emma watched the door distraught. Their moment was ruined and Louis suddenly stood in the doorway. He looked quickly from Zayn to Emma and then her bed. He then noticed her tearstained face. „What's going on? And why is Liam all bloody? He ran away from the party,” Louis asked trying to figure out what the hell had happened. Emma and Zayn both remained silent. „I asked you a question”. „Liam. He. He came up here...” Zayn’s whole body tensed as he attempted to explain Liam's assault towards Emma. Emma carefully put her hand on Zayns shoulder, which made him look down at her puzzled. „Liam was really wasted. He didn’t know what he was doing Louis. Zayn heard me shouting and he got kicked Liam out of here, ”she explained softly already trying to ease Louis whose gaze flickered around the room.

In a split second Louis's entire expression changed. His eyes turned dark and cold and he clenched his fists automatically. Liam had laid a hand on his sister - his sister who he wanted to protect for the world. Louis hastily disappeared out of the room, and there was no doubt who he was looking for - or what he had planned to do with him once he found him. Zayn sent Emma a worried look. „Go on, I'm okay,” she said, smiling vaguely. She knew that Louis would not be able to control his anger. Zayn had to get to him before he got hold of Liam. Zayn nodded in agreement, but before he left he kissed her quickly on the forehead. „Sweet dreams,” he whispered and started the chase after her big brother. Emma closed the door carefully behind him and she lay down then in her bed. What an eventful evening. Hopefully it would all be better tomorrow, she thought, and fell asleep with a smile at the thought of Zayn and their shared kiss.

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