It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

All copyrights belongs to the author, me.


1. 1. First day of school

Author's note

This is the first chapter of my new fanfic - and I REALLY hope that you guys like it!
I imagine the main character as Lily Collins, and her best friends Esme and Audrey as Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne in that order.

Enjoy x



Chapter 1 - First day of school


„Get out of there; you've been in there all morning! It's gonna be your fault if I'm late,” Emma yelled annoyed and pounded on the wooden-door to the bathroom. „Take a chill pill sis, I can’t help that it takes so long for you to get ready for school,” Louis opened the door with a smirk. „Jerk” Emma pushed past him dressed in her blue school uniform, which consisted of a check patterned wool skirt, white shirt and navy blue blazer. Schools uniform in this weather what was the school board thinking? The summer had finally reached London and the weather was amazing. There was, however, not enough time to enjoy the rare English summer. Emma quickly brushed her long chocolate brown wavy hair before applying a bit of mascara.


It was the first day of school back after summer break, and Emma was already nervous so she didn’t want to be late. She had spent the whole holiday trying escape, and now she was home again and had to face her problems. Him. Emma had spent her summer vacation in New York with her mother and her new husband Kevin. Kevin was nice enough. He worked on Wall Street and was therefore almost never at home but he really loved Susan, Emma and Louis's mother. Susan was an artist and therefore she had been able to adapt her schedule so Emma and she had spent the whole holiday like real tourists and it had been fantastic. Their sightseeing had among other things consisted of a trip to the Empire State Building, where they had enjoyed the view of the entire Manhattan. They had sailed around the Statue of Liberty and seen Ground Zero, which had been an absolutely terrible but also incredibly beautiful experience. In addition, they had obviously gone for long walks in Central Park and visited various museums, although Emma did not find all of them equally interesting.


Susan had not been able to take of work every day so while she had worked, Emma had experienced the city on her own. She loved the pulsating city life - and New York was full of different cultures and different people. So was Central London of course, and although she lived close by, in Hammersmith, New York was new and inspiring. She had experienced Broadway, Harlem, Times Square and she had shopped on Fifth Avenue and in SoHo. She could easily understand New York's nickname, The City Never Sleeps, for it was as true as it was said.


She had enjoyed the trip so much but sadly it was all over. Now she was back in England and back in her normal routines. She had to admit it to herself. She had actually missed it here. Even though her brother was often pain in the arse and her father was sometimes impossible to communicate with, she had still missed them, and it was nice to be back in familiar surroundings. She had also missed Adrian and she hated herself for it. Their original plan had been to spend their holiday together at home in London, but that was before she had found him with Chelsea, a superficial blonde biatch, who had probably only hooked up with Adrian because of his popularity. Emma had stopped all contact with her now ex-boyfriend and booked a one-way ticket to New York. She had felt completely shattered, and when she left she wasn’t sure if she was ever going to come back. But in the end she had.


She could not live without her best friends, Esme and Audrey. They had obviously kept in touch during their summer holiday on facebook, but it had been difficult because of the time difference. Esme had visited some family in Copenhagen, while Audrey had been in Spain. „Are you coming? We are leaving now,” Louis called. He had been working all summer and of course been hanging out with all his friends. Although he was two years older than Emma, ​​they were very close, and it was mainly because of him that her phone bill was sky-high this summer. Emma grabbed her bag and locked the door behind her.




„Em! I missed you so much. How are you?” Esme exclaimed as she hugged Emma the second she entered the school halls. Shortly afterwards Audrey joined them. The girls immediately started blabbing about their holidays on the way to class. „And New York has clearly been good to you!” Audrey smiled. Emma looked down on herself. She had not really noticed that she looked any different, but now she saw the little changes. She had dyed her hair a tad darker, so her long waves now had a dark chocolate brown color. In addition, she has grown a bit, even though she was still relatively low. This had at least been a good excuse for buying more new clothes since her pants were a little too short. Her figure was slim and her skin was nicely tanned by the sun. She smiled shy of her friends there were noticeable checking her out and took her girlfriends under the arms and together they headed towards cheer practice. 

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