Mrs All American

Rebekah was happy with her life in America, but one day she moves to Sydney, Australia and her whole life changed. She met four guys, who are in a band they call 5 Seconds of Summer, and becomes instant best friends with them. But turns out two of her new best friends fall in love with her. Which ones fall in love with her? What becomes of their friendship? Who will Rebekah choose?


7. Chapter 7

After we all exited the haunted house, we went out to eat dinner. We went to Panda Express, my favorite back in America. (I'm not really sure what resturaunts there are in Australia, but this is a fanfic so why not have some fun with it.)

"So tell me more about your band," I said to them.

"Well, I play bass, Luke and Mikey play guitar and Ash plays drums," said Calum.

"Yeah, but we all do vocals," said Michael.

"Which is kinda hard while playing drums," said Ashton somewhat laughing.

"Haha. Niceee," I said. "So who's lead vocals?"

"Mee!!" said Luke with a big grin on his face. We all giggled.

"Do you guys have any other songs or just the one?" I asked.

"Um, we have more, but they're not that good," said Michael with a mouthfull of food.

"Well thanks," said Calum.

Michael laughed at this, "You're welcome."

"He writes most of the songs," said Luke pointing to Calum.

"Awesome," I said smiling.


After we all ate, Ashton drove us to his house. They wanted me to watch them play one of their new songs. I followed the guys into Ashton's house. They led me to what I guess was the band room. Ashton took his place at the drums, Calum grabbed his bass, and Luke and Michael grabbed their guitars.

a/n: srry i havnt updated! its hard finding time between school and dance. :P anyway this is a short chapter. i know. but how do u guys like it so far? luv u guys! 💜

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