Mrs All American

Rebekah was happy with her life in America, but one day she moves to Sydney, Australia and her whole life changed. She met four guys, who are in a band they call 5 Seconds of Summer, and becomes instant best friends with them. But turns out two of her new best friends fall in love with her. Which ones fall in love with her? What becomes of their friendship? Who will Rebekah choose?


5. Chapter 5

a/n: hey guys. im publishing this with a bunch of chapters done so its not like one chapter posted and not update for a week which is kinda annoying. no offense to the people tht do tht. also i have this whole part of the story worked out its just getting to tht part tht is kinda frustrating so sorry if this is boring but it will get better. i promise. 😘

A couple days later I was sitting in the couch watching horror movies when I heard someone knocking on the door. My parents were out in the city today, so I was home alone with my dog.

I paused the movie and got up to open the door. It was Luke. He was alone. He was wearing ripped black skinny jeans and a black Rolling Stones t-shirt. His hair wasn't spiked up like it usually is. I was only wearing dark grey sweatpants and a light grey t-shirt. My hair was in a messy bun.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey," he said back, "Can I come in?"

"Sure," I said as I let him in. He was smiling at me.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Watching House of Bones. It's my favorite. horror movie," I said.

"Awesome. Wanna watch it together?" he asked.

"Sure," I answered. I led him to the living room and unpaused the movie. He sat down next to me on the plush couch. I don't know why, but I enjoy horror movies. It's a really strange obsession I guess.

Half way through the movie Luke put his arm around my shoulder. I looked up at him and he looked down at me. His blue eyes were amazing. Before I knew what was happening, he leaned in closer to me. I could feel his hot breath on my lips. Then his lips pressed into mine. I put my arms around his neck and he put his other arm around my waist. I could feel him smiling into the kiss. I ran my fingers through his blonde hair as he hugged me tighter.

We both pulled away at the same time. He smiled at me and I smiled at him. I then layed my head on his shoulder and continued to watch the movie.


After the movie Luke went home and I went upstairs to get ready for bed. It was already 11:00 pm.

That night I dreamed that Luke and I were in the horror movie. Just so you know, that movie has a lot of death in it.

I woke up from the dream at about 1:00am crying. In the dream Luke had died. That was one thing I never wanted to happen in real life. Dreams are crazy.

I didn't get any sleep after that. I was just laying there crying into my panda stuffed animal. My dog was in the corner sleeping on his dog bed. He was sleeping on his back with his head half off his dog bed. He sleeps in weird positions.... Also my dog's name is Macduff. Not sure if I said that yet... I'm really random when I cry.

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