Mrs All American

Rebekah was happy with her life in America, but one day she moves to Sydney, Australia and her whole life changed. She met four guys, who are in a band they call 5 Seconds of Summer, and becomes instant best friends with them. But turns out two of her new best friends fall in love with her. Which ones fall in love with her? What becomes of their friendship? Who will Rebekah choose?


3. Chapter 3

The next day I was walking through the city trying to find where the record store was. I had no idea where anything was, so I was walking down every street seeing what all there is and taking note about what street was what. I got to about the third street I've walked on when I saw Ashton with three other guys.

They were standing in front of a record store. I walked past them and into the store. It was like any other record store. All the CDs were organized by genre and artist names. I went over to the rock section. I needed some new CDs. I have alot, but I needed ones from bands like Sleeping With Sirens, Of Mice & Men, etc. Plus I kept finding more bands I like. Oh the struggles of being a fangirl.

"Hey," I heard someone say to me. I turned around and it was a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed boy. He had his hair standing straight up in a stylish way and had a lip ring. Why did he seem so familiar?

"Hey," I replied. I smiled out of politeness.

"I'm Luke. I think you've already met my friend Ashton," he said.

"Oh hi. I'm Rebekah," I said to him. He was wearing a Nirvana t-shirt and black skinny jeans, and was about a foot taller than me.

"Woah you listen to Sleeping With Sirens?" he asked somewhat surprised.

"Yeah. I love thier music," I replied.

"Awesome. It's just that I didn't think someone like you would listen to that kinda stuff," he said.

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Well, I have no idea," he answered smiling and looking down at his shoes. His smile was cute. I looked behind him and saw Ashton and the other two guys walk in. The other two were about the same height, but also taller than Ashton. One of them had bright red hair and green eyes. The other had brown almost black hair with blonde highlights and brown eyes and darker skin.

"Oh hey!" Luke said to them, " I thought you guys were staying outside."

"We got bored" said the one with colored hair. Ashton and the other one didn't say anything.

"Ok. Well, that's Michael," said Luke pointing to the one with bright red hair, "and that Mexican is Calum," he said pointing to the darker skinned one.

"Hey! I'm not Mexican!" Calum said somewhat offended. Luke just laughed.

"Nice to meet you guys. I'm Rebekah," I said somewhat cheery.

After I bought the CDs, I went with the guys to an arcade, Michael's choice.

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