Mrs All American

Rebekah was happy with her life in America, but one day she moves to Sydney, Australia and her whole life changed. She met four guys, who are in a band they call 5 Seconds of Summer, and becomes instant best friends with them. But turns out two of her new best friends fall in love with her. Which ones fall in love with her? What becomes of their friendship? Who will Rebekah choose?


2. Chapter 2

A/N: I hope you guys like it so far! :) I'll be trying my best to update when I can. School ya know? Anyways love you guys! :3 I guess that's what others say in these? I'm so akward with this.... xD

My flight on the way to Sydney was filled with looking at the mesmorizing clouds, listening to music, and being closterphobic with how close the seats were. Nothing unusual there.


As we drove up to our new house, I saw someone familiar walking on the sidewalk and into the house accross the street. At first I thought it was someone I've seen on youtube, but I shrugged it off. He really look familiar though.

As we settled into our new house, which already had our furniture, I texted Brittney telling her about Sydney. Sydney did have its perks. It's way warmer than North Carolina, the city is amazing to walk through, and I could bore you to death by making the list longer.

It was summer break in Australia, so I didn't have to go to school yet. It gives me time to get used to this new place.

I looked in my mirror to see how aweful I must've looked from the flight. I didn't look too bad I guess. None of us went anywhere, for we were all jet lagged and it was getting darker outside.

I layed on my bed and fell asleep for who knows how long, when I heard someone playing a familiar song. I slowly woke up and realized it was the song American Idiot by Green Day. The only thing was, it wasn't being sung by Green Day. It sounded like someone was doing their own version of it. I sluggishly went to my window to see who was playing the song. My window overlooks the street, so I could probably see where the music was coming from.

The house accross the street still had lights on, even though it was 10pm, according to the clock. It didn't feel like 10pm to me. Stupid jet lag. Maybe they were playing the radio? The only problem was it sounded more like it was live, and not on a radio. Plus it didn't even sound like Green Day!

"Rebekah!" Mom yelled from downstairs.

"Yeah!?" I yelled back.

"Go accross the street and see if you can tell them to stop playing their music so loud!" she replied still downstairs.

"K!" I yelled back so she could hear me. I rushed down the stairs and out the front door. There were no cars, so I crossed the street and went up to their front door. I didn't exactly see the door bell, so I knocked. No answer. I looked next to the door and sure enough there was the freaking doorbell. I can be so stupid sometimes.

I rang the bell, and the music stopped, but the drumming continued until I heard someone yell, "Ashton get the door!"

"Oops. Didn't realize you guys stopped playing." I heard what I guess was Ashton say.

About a minute later a guy who was shorter than most guys, but still taller than me, opened the door. He had brown curly hair and hazel eyes hidden behind glasses. He was wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt and black skinny jeans.

"Hello there," he said smiling. He had the cutest dimples.

"Hi. I just moved accross the street, and my parents were wondering if you guys could stop playing music," I managed to say. Talking isn't really my thing. Yay being introverted.

"Oh ok. Sorry about that. I guess we didn't realize what time it was," he was still smiling. "By the way, I'm Ashton."

"I'm Rebekah," I replied. Gosh I probably sound stupid. Ashton looked really cute and strangely familiar.

"Well, I better go back and tell my band mates. It was nice to meet you," he said.

"Nice to meet you too," I was smiling. He closed the door and I headed back accross the street. So far I'm glad we moved to Australia.

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