I walk around my cold and empty house, glancing at the pictures of my dead parents. I stop by one picture that catches my attention, it's of my mom, dad, and myself playing soccer. We all looked so happy, or so I thought. Who would have known that their smiles were holding so many secrets


1. Chapter 1

I sit up in my bed still half asleep. I am so not a morning person. Before I get the chance to open my eyes, my to giggly and preppy mother comes prancing into my room "Abby!!!!" I groan and fall back onto my bed shoving my face into my pillow. "Abby!! Sweetie!! Wake up!!! We are going to play soccer with your father today!!!!" I lay still in bed not bothering to move. Don't get me wrong I love my father and soccer.... but like I said, not a morning person. I could tell my mom was getting irritated because her peppiness finally went away. "Abby Anjelica Jones! Get your butt out of this bed now!! We are going to be late!!" I roll my eyes hoping that if I stayed there long enough that she would just disappear. Sadly though she was still there. "Abby" she sighed "What do I have to do to get you out of bed?!" I moved my pillow away from my face and smiled evilly "Let Trav come." She was speechless. Did I mention that I am dating a guy named Travis that my mother can't stand to be around? I didn't!? Well now you know. "Abby does he have to?!!" My mother wines a lot as well. "Do you want me out of bed?" I raise my eyebrows challenging her. Her shoulders fall and I know that I have finally won. I got out of bed pushing past her to my closet. I finally find my special soccer outfit and skip to the bathroom picking my phone up off my dresser on my way out. I quickly dial Trav's number and he picks up on the 2nd ring

(T=Travis A=Abby)

T: Hey baby! How's my princess?

I blush at his sweetness

A:I'm good. So I'm going to the soccer field with my parents today and you're invited.

T: Really!?! I thought your mom hated me?

A: Well let's just say that someone wouldn't get out of bed unless they got what they wanted

I could hear Travis laugh on the other side of the line

T: You're such a goof.

A: I know. So are you coming?

T: of corse. I wouldn't miss it for the world!!

A: Awesome. I'll see you at 1:00. Love you baby!

T: love you more princess

And with that we hung up. I decided that I should get dressed before I really was late. As soon as I had finished getting ready I heard my front door slam shut. I raced down stairs and found no one. Guess I'll be walking. I slipped on my shoes and headed out the door.

Hi guys... So this is my first book and I am very doubt full that anyone is going to even like it or read it sooo yeah... Let me know if I should keep writing.....

Toodles :)

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