A shapeshifters Tale

Aries is a shapeshifter with a dream to become rich and powerful. Scylla is a mermaid running from her commitments. When these two become companions and go on the infamous quest for the zinnling stone their lives change in stunning ways.


3. Chapter 3

Aries P.O.V
What happened next, I'm not so sure. Scylla sprang from her chair and brought a dagger to Cedric's quivering adam's apple. 

"I'm not going back! I won't!.......and If you even try to take me, I will kill you!" Scylla fumed with hot tears streaming down her pale face.

"Look, I know the things they did were wrong but if we don't return the whole monarch will turn into chaos." Cedric tried to reason but I knew I was a feeble attempt. 

"You do not know what they did to me,th-" Her lips began to tremble. She lowered to dagger and looked at it like she was ashamed. "What they will do to me. I can never go back. Never." Her voice broke on that last word and her knees buckled.

I caught the fragile pinkette and cradled her while she clung to me and sobbed. Her sweet face was filled with a mix of devistation and vulnerability. I couldn't stand it. 

I carried her to my small attic area and placed her petite body into my bed. I hestitated but placed a peck on Scylla's forehead before running back to the aggravating redhead, who was currently sipping on his cup of tea like nothing had just happend.

"I want answers." I demanded giving him my don't-fuck-with-me face.

"Well, It's not all that simple." He said rubbing the back of his neck, " Nevertheless I'll tell you, But only because you're so darn beautiful." He shot me a charming wink that made my skin crawl.

"Scyalla and I come from royatiy, We were to be married three weeks ago but the bride was no where to be found. So, They sent me to collect her and if I return empty handed I die, and our monarchy crumbles. A new family will take the throne, and the current royal family dies. That has not happend for two thousand years." 

"I see the problem. But what did they to her,whys she so afraid?"

He looked at the steaming cup of tea with pure loathing, "When she was young a group of men kipnapped her and brought her to the land. They tourchered her, and raped her. That went on for four weeks until the palace gaurds found them and brought Scylla home....The men who did it were from the cult kingdom of Eyhalon. They were ordered by the king to do it. I had no idea untill about a year ago when I saw the scars on her back." He was on the verge of tears.

After we had sat there staring at nothingness, I decided it was best to call it a night. I called my children in and tucked them into bed. I gave that redhead a blanket and told him to sleep and we'll talk in the morining.

I climbed into my bed, pulling the quilt over Scylla and I. She was sound asleep snoring like a beats. Her face was covered in tear stains and scratches like she'd been clawing at her own cheeks. I used my cloack to wipe the blood and tears off her face.

I lied in my bed, wondering how they'd react if they knew who I was.

They'd hate me.

*Time skip to the moring*(sorry If that was cheesy)

I had awoken to the foul scent of burning food. I rushed down to the kitchen knocking down numerous things. "Oi! WHAT THE HELL ARE YA DOIN!" I exclaimed upon seeing that the idiot rehead was burning half of my food.

"Only cooking." Cedric replied calmly, then his olive eyes drifted to mu current attire, "Wow. Nice legs." He threw me one of his charming winks.

My face burned as I looked at myself. I was wearing a simple white gown that hung right above my knees and clung to my body like It was silk. I quickly retreated from the room that was filled with laughter and smoke.

Embarrassment burned through me. I quickly threw on a long ebony gown with tights. Scylla was still sound asleep. I climbed back down to the kitchen. 

Cedric, my kids and I sat at the table eating the charred food. Shortly after everyone was done Scylla came down.

She had a huge grin on her face but I could see in her eyes she was still thinking about last night. 

"When are we leaving?" Scylla calmly asked as she sat next to me.

"What? Where?"

"For that quest you told me about, do not think that I've forgotten."

A smile appeared on my face. A Idea poped into my head. I knew how to solve everyones problems.

"There is a stone, more of gem, worth more than the whole kingdom..." I told the story just as my mum did when I was little, "The stone is called the Zinnling stone, it was created by a sorceress who made it by sacrificing her life and the life of a star. In return it grants one wish. It's in The Emerald Quarters, gaurded by The dragon Kaleth."

"I was completely on board untill you said dragon." Said Cedric.

"I don't think you understand, It can grant a wish. Maybe you guys could use the wish and save your home and family while not having to get married or having to leave."

"Do you really think it will work" Hope glittered in Scylla emerald orbs. 

"I'm not really sure but there's really no other choice..." I turned towards Cerdic, "What ya think?"

"It's not like we have any other choice." He sighed, "So when do we head out?"

"Tonight, I perfer to travel at night." I said with a wide grin.

Finally my dream would come true.

((( Sorry if this chapter was kinda rushed, and for any spelling errors. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!)))





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