A shapeshifters Tale

Aries is a shapeshifter with a dream to become rich and powerful. Scylla is a mermaid running from her commitments. When these two become companions and go on the infamous quest for the zinnling stone their lives change in stunning ways.


2. Chapter 2


I woke to the aroma of fresh bread drifting though out the house, accompanied by the sound of children fighting.

"Give it BACK!" yelled Lilly while scrambling to reach Viron's hand.

"Shut it, horse ass. It's your fault. If you hadn't burned my book, I wouldn't have taken your dagger." I rubbed my eyes and Moved the baby sleeping on my stomach onto the stack of hay in the corner.

"Children, please stop fighting." I asked , hoping they would listen.

"Shut up! Your an outsider!" both of them snapped in unison at me.

Fine! Those little monsters! I can't believe that Aries leaves me here everyday to watch HER children. I am not a nanny. I sighed in hopelessness. As I looked around the house I wondered why they call it a house. All it is is a one room shack with a kitchen and a tiny attic. ((( think of katniss house in the hunger games but bigger )))

Then Lorella began to cry, Lilly and Viron continued to fight, the twin were running around playing games and Jabor was snoring on a stack of hay. My head began to ache, along with my stomach. God, I was hungry. And that is when I herd the sound of glass shattering. 

 I whipped my head around to find a window broken by Lilly's dagger. I've had it with these children! I could feel the anger rising in me and my face turning red.

"That is enough! I would like it if everyone would sit at the table in silence until Aries comes home!" I yelled, as all of then scurried to the dinner table. 

"I've only been here for three weeks and I can not take it anymore. I'd rather go back to my home than stay here with you brats." I mumbled to myself.

"Fine. Then leave." hissed Lilly as she got up and opened the door. "We don't need ya." 

"If that is what you wish" I stormed out of the house while they locked the door behind me. I roamed around in the nearby forest waiting for I do not even know what. I walked around with my bare feet on the moss covered ground until I noticed a baby fox chewing on a blueberry bush.

I ambled towards the bush not wanting to startle the fox. I sat down next to the kit and popped a blueberry into my mouth. Soon after I had consumed roughly the whole bush of blueberries, a rustling noise came from behind the bush.

The kit ran away, thus a cheery and familiar face appeared from behind the bushes. "Scylla! How you doing" Beamed my cousin.

"C-Cedric! conas an ifreann raibh tú dom(1)!" I stammered as I scooted away.

"It wasn't that hard. I followed your sent, plus I met the most beautiful women who said she had met you" Marveled Cedric with a twinkle in his olive eyes. That when I noticed that he looked different that when I saw him last. His curly, auburn hair was longer, he had to be at least three inches taller and he looked like a man, despite the fact that he was only nineteen. 

"Wait, you said you met a woman who knew me." I asked as he helped me up.

"Yes, She was the most exquisite and elegant creature that I have ever met. I think was Artemis or Aurora ... maybe Arina." 

"I think you mean Aries" I corrected.

" Ah, yes. My goddess Aries. Isn't she beautiful. W-wait how do you know her?" inquired the redhead.

"Well, It is a bit of a long story. But anyway we live tog-" I was cutoff When a elbow was placed on my shoulder.

"Oi, Scylla watcha doin out here. And why ya with this weirdo"Aries mumbled just as Cedric placed his hands around hers and put a soft kiss atop her hand. Her cheeks reddened while she pulled her hand away from his lips, "W-what the h-hell is wrong with ya"

"Cedric mind your manners!" I demanded, "and apologize."

"One cannot apologize for the will of their heart" He said dramatically while smirking at Aries.

She gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. I knew what was going to happen. I clasped my hands around her clenched fist. "Do not do it. He is royalty or at least will be, and he could easily beat you in a fight" I whispered in Aries's ear. 

"Thanks for the heads up." Her fist softened up and she began to walk away. I followed quickly behind not letting go of her hand. "Hey, Whateva ya name is, Come with us." Aries muttered as Cedric began to follow us.

*Back at the house*

We entered the house to it being the same way it was when I left. Children running around, fighting and snoring on a stack of hay. I saw Aries's eyes widen in shock as she noticed the broken window.

"WHO IN THE BLOODY HELL BROKE THE GODDAMN WINDOW!" she roared as everyone pointed to Lilly.

"what! It was Viron! He threw my dagger" Lilly gulped.

"Well thanks to these two everyone will be cold every night cuz I ain't paying for this. Now go play outside while I talk to Scylla and this guy." All the children ran passed us through the door.

"Sit down, we gotta talk about something. I'll make some tea." muttered Aries.

Moments later she sat down with us with three hot cups of tea. "Now, there's been this little dream of mine and now I finally have enough money to pay for my quest. It's dangerous but I need someone to come with me and I'm afraid to take one of my kids, so Scylla will you come with me?" 

I placed my hand atop of hers, "Of course I will." I replied with a giant grin. 

"There's just a small problem. She can't because I'm taking her home." added Cedric coldly.

"Wait, Why? Who are ya anyway?" questioned Aries.

"Ní gá insint di(2)" I begged grabbing Cedric by the arm.

"thug tú é seo ar féin(3)" Cedric looked at me in the eyes, "bhfuil tú ag caoineadh?(4)".

"What are ya guys even sayin. Can you just tell me who ya are"

A smirk found its way onto his face, "Well it looks like she didn't tell you. I'm her fiancé. And she's no ordinary mermaid, she's the princess."

(((I apologize for any spelling and grammar errors. I know that I have some parts that are in a different language, and it's actually Irish Gaeilge. You could just put the text in google translate. But if you can't or just don't want to then I'll put them below:

1. "How the hell did you get me"

2. "Do not tell her"

3. "You brought this on yourself"

4. "Are you crying"

I will be using more Gaeilge and I will be switching P.O.V or point of view.  I honestly have so much to write and there will be a lot of traveling, action and romance, so I hope you enjoy. I will try to update more often, so if you have any tips or ideas or just thing you want to happen then please tell me and Thank you so much for reading (◦'⌣'◦) )))

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