A shapeshifters Tale

Aries is a shapeshifter with a dream to become rich and powerful. Scylla is a mermaid running from her commitments. When these two become companions and go on the infamous quest for the zinnling stone their lives change in stunning ways.


1. Chapter 1

I sat in the mossy woods, I observed the mess I just made, two dead bodies and a dead cotton-top tiger. Lovely.

"Damn it" I muttered as I wiped the warm blood off my teeth and onto my cloak. "What am I supposed to do now!"

I guess I could put the bodies in the trees to make look as though a lizard-sparrow did it, but there are no burn marks anywhere. I sat on my knees trying figure out what to do, when suddenly a voice from the pond.

"Maybe I could help you?" said a sweet voice. I whipped my head around towards the pond. I saw a beautiful girl with long pale-pink hair and emerald orbs for eyes. But something was odd about her. I got to my feet and walked towards the pond.

As I neared it, I noticed that her leg- no, not legs but tail was white with hints of gold."So you're a mermaid" I indicated towards her tail.

"Yes and I can help you with those bodies that you mercilessly ripped apart" she asked with a cute little grin. 

I crouched down and felt the click of pain in my spine that felt like lava driping down my back. I looked at my paw. I was a lioness. I crept over towards the first body and picked it up the neck with my teeth.

FinalIy, was done with bringing all the bodies and shifted back to human form. I waited for the mermaid to drag the bodies down but after a few seconds, she did nothing but averted her eyes from me."Hey, what the hell are you waiting for, I have places to be." I announced with annoyance.

"Uh, um could you please dress yourself" The girl asked as her pale face turned bright red.

"Oh yea, sorry" I slipped on my black pants and long shirt, then my crimson cloak.

As soon as I was done she dragged the bodies  into the depths of the pond without a word. When she came back up,I said thanks, picked up my bag and the cotton-top tiger and began to leave.

"W-wait! T-t-take me with y-you, please" the mermaid asked.

I wanted to laugh at her stuttering and stupidity but instead I said "And how are you going to do that? you're a mermaid, you have no legs.".

"Just watch" The beautiful girl snapped back . She began to mumble in a language that I couldn't quite comprehend. Then she began to glow as if covered in gold and started to float in the air just above the moss covered ground. Her tail turned to silk, a dress a that had a sweetheart neckline, sleeves longer than her fingertips that touched the floor. I'll be one hundred percent honest, she is looks like a goddess and I think its gorgeous.

"So, may I accompany you?" I honestly fucking do not know why but I said yes. Maybe it was how badly she seemed like she wanted to leave or the sparkle in her eyes, but I know that if it were anyone else that asked, I would've said no.

"Just try to keep up with me okay? We got a long walk and I ain't got the time to afford to be late" I informed as we began to walk out of the misty forest. She looks so nervous, I wonder why she- wait, whats her name?

"Hey, whats ya name anyway?".

"uh, umm Scylla. Scylla Mangrove. And what is your name so that I may address you properly?" Damn. Does she always talk like that, so conventional. Its' fucking irritating.

"The names Aries. and I got no last name." I managed to give her a fake smile but I don't think it was convincing.

The rest of the trek to "our" home was silent and awkward. As we neared the house I decided to give Scylla a heads up about how things work. "Hey, I just want to tell you how things are at the house" She nodded. 

"Okay, so there's eight of us and that includes me and you. There's a centaur, elf, two humans their twins, a giant, and a fairy. were a very diverse group. and there all kids, my kids." 

She looked confused, but I think Shes just sucking in all the information I just gave her. "So, how long have you been taking care of all these children?" Scylla asked.

"Well, I'm eighteen so Its been about five years" I confirmed.

"Oh, well I'm 16 years of age".


We neared the Urc Caves and inside you would find a one room house with a miserable kitchen. As we walked in I was greeted by hugs of children and then odd stares.

"Ma, who is that girl?" asked Lilly Tidd, my little centaur. I looked a them with a serious face and proclaimed " I have brought ya guys a Mother!" 

Scylla looked at me like I was completely insane, while baffled looks came from all the children. "I'm just joking haha, I found her. Shes a mermaid. but shes not a child like y'all so shes gonna get a job, which means more moneeey!".

The cries of joy came from my little ankle-bitters. I looked over to the pinkette, she had tears in eyes. "Oi, why ya getting teary eye-ahhh!" before I could even finish she had her body pressed against mine with her hands clasped around me. shit.

I could feel my face heating up, damn it. "Ooooo, Ma's face is all red" Lilly taunted.

I pushed Scylla away and grunted "Its just hot in here, Okay?". Scylla made the cutest giggle and then did something unexpected. She planted her lips straight on my cheek.

"Uh, what the bloody hell was that for" I questioned as all my children began to laugh.

"That is how we say thank you in my culture" Scylla informed as she giggled and smiled like a child. "I'm so delighted to have a new family but I don't know any of your names" 

"Oh yea I forgot to tell you. Okay listen up cuz I ain't saying it twice. The centaur girl is Lilly Tidd, she's 12. The little elf boy is Virion and he's 14. The human twins over there tilly and yllit, tilly's a girl and yllit is a boy. they're 7. The scrappy lookin boy is Jabor, he's a giant and he's 10. And my baby Lorella is a fairy and shes only 3.........That's it, that's the family."

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