kidnapped by them (R5 fan fiction)

hi I'm Allison but I'm called Alli, you may have hear of me its me I was kidnapped by the dangerous r5 they'd killed a lot of people and now its my turn.. I can't escape and believe I've tried a lot of times... so heres my story


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Allison's P.O.V

(Knock Knock)

"Who is it!" I shout madly knowing it will get me in trouble, and without any warning Ross comes in.

"if I promise not to tell Riker you are totally mad and unrespectful" Ross begins, "then what!" I ask still madly.

He comes over to my desk where I sit with my dairy I quickly take it into my hands but Ross take it out of my hands, "give it!!" I shout.

"Oh so you write in your little secret dairy huh?" Ross says and starts to read.

"How sweet you think Riker lets you go home haha!" Ross says .

"It's not my problem that your brother is sick in the head!" I say madly.

"Well I should go tell him that, you know I think he will get really 'happy' huh" Ross says suddenly my mood changes from mad to annoyed that Ross will even try to tell him and I know he is not joking.

"No please? Don't tell him? What do you want?" I ask nervously.

"I want a kiss... from you" Ross says I just look at him.

"Why?" I say quietly

"Why not" Ross says smiling, I shake my head.

"Good then I'll be sorry to see him punish you again" Ross says.

I close my eyes then getting up and kissing him.

" I'm sorry I need to say it anyway" Ross says as he walks out of the room.

"What!? But you said!" I shout after him .

He just closes the door..I sit back down to my dairy when I realize that Ross still haves it, "shit!?" I say out loud. I get out of the room and chases after Ross.

I go down stairs to see him in the couch with a..guitar? I look for my dairy and when I spot it its on the table in front of him.

"Shit!" I whisper, but then Ross starts to sing.

"Waow" I say surprised luckily Ross doesn't hears me he is busy singing... 


Ross's P.O.V 

I walk down stairs again and into the kitchen I see a note on the fridges

Hi Ross make sure that she doesn't escape.. AGAIN 


I run into the living room to get my guitar in the closet, yes I know me a brother and helper to a kidnapper plays guitar and sings shocking huh?

I sit down in the couch finds the notes to a song I wrote on my phone, then starts playing but suddenly in the middle of the song I have a feeling of someone watching so I stop play in a fear that its Riker I can just imagine how he would be if he found out..


Riker walks into the living room to see I sing i stop and he runs to me takes my guitar, lay it on the floor and jumps on it "Ross you are such a disappointment, now go sing to your girlfriend oh thats right she doesn't exist!..get out little sis" Riker says laughing

*end of daydream*

I shake my head by that thought "oh so you also have a secret huh?" a voice from behind says in a laugh and its for sure not Riker unless he'd start to sound like a girl I look at the direction the voice comes from.. its Allison what does she doing down here "do you have a problem with that?!" I say cold "no but I think you had a problem with 'my little secret dairy'?" Allison says using a deeper voice to sound like me "shut up or I give it to Riker!" I say she makes a sad face "well then I'm showing him this video of you singing" Allison says with a cheeky voice I look at her "K if you won't say anything I won't.. I promise" I say "deal" Allison says as she smiles she actually looks pretty when she smiles WAIT no she does not I don't even Like her.. "can I sit?" Allison asks "fine?" I say in a 'don't care' way and turns the T.V on and there is something about Allison in the news for the third time in this week

Rapporter: This girl Allison McClain is still not found after she for a month disappeared if you see her the family will pay 1.000.000 dollars in ransom to get her back just call this number 556-456-557 and here is a message to Allison from her family "hi Alli we love you so much and we'll do anything to find you we hope you will be brave to that hope to see you soon" that what they said and after they broke down in tears.

I turn off the T.V when Allison starts to cry "can't i at least call them and say I'm good?" she asks between her tears "sorry but if I say yes Riker will just punish both of us" I say and I really am sorry it wasn't my idea to kidnap her or all the other girls and I actually have no idea why I should help "why did you kidnap me" Allison asks I look at her then at the door that's still closed "first of all Riker is my brother and He don't deserve to grow old in a jail, and he just saw you and the other girls and started following you and then one day he would get us to to help kidnapping you and the other girls.. then kill them" I explain I look at Allison and i can tell she is thinking bout something that makes her sad I will just say she looks way prettier when she smiles "whats wrong?" I ask.


Allison's P.O.V

omg if they are gonna kill me shit! "whats wrong?" Ross asks almost sounds like a normal person "d-do you think Riker wants to kill me?" I ask scared "its hard to know, I mean you are actually way more brave and prettier than the other girls.." Ross says when he'd thought about it I start to cry with the thought about that they maybe is gonna kill me "d-do you think I'm p-pretty??" I ask whipping my tears away with my tump "uh yeah" Ross says he actually makes me smile he is the first who tells me that I've always thought people thought I was uglybut now i start to believe thats a wrong thought "thanks.." I say maybe he is one of my kidnappers and is really dangerous but he is kinda cute..



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