kidnapped by them (R5 fan fiction)

hi I'm Allison but I'm called Alli, you may have hear of me its me I was kidnapped by the dangerous r5 they'd killed a lot of people and now its my turn.. I can't escape and believe I've tried a lot of times... so heres my story


1. new

Riker walks slowly to me unluckily I know what he is gonna do he dose it every time I do something they think is wrong. I just stand waiting for the feeling of his hand coming across my cheek, it hurts but I'm use to it they've done it in a whole month "now you get the little ass of yours upstairs on your room!" Riker demands this time I do as told but other I would normally say something back. I'm slamming the door I hate them,

Dear dairy

I hate being here but I truly HATE Riker cause it's only him who slaps and kicks me maybe it's cause the others are scared but I know it has only been Riker who've done it.. I hope I soon get away from here before they kill me like they've done with they others...

(Knock Knock)

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