You. (Luke Hemmings fanfiction)

Sophie is a 16 year old girl and she is a little awkward. She decides to move to Australia because of her past. She wants to start over again, in Australia. She meets lots of people, people like Luke Hemmings.

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8. part 8.

I wake up and look at my alarm: 6 am. It's already monday today so that means I have to go to school and face Luke. I'm happy Calum and Michael are also in my school so I have support when I need. And I have Abbie ofcourse, well at least I think. I haven't spoken to her in a while but I hope we're still friends.

I stand up and do my daily morning routine. I decide not to curl my hair for once and not to wear my jeans. Instead I grab one of the dresses I got from Abbie, the most casual once ofcourse. I put on some light make-up and a little mascara. Natural but I make sure it will still look good. I mean, I have to make Luke fall for me you know. I have to convince him that I'm better than Nicky, which will be hard.

I was just walking to the door when suddenly I hear my phone ringing, so I pick up.

''GOODMORNING SOPHIE, I'M OUTSIDE YOU'RE HOUSE SO YOU BETTER COME OUT THAT STUPID HOUSE!!'' Calum screams in my ear. I swear this guy is so loud, it's annoying but fun. I laugh and walk outside to see Calum and Michael sitting in Calum's car. I run to the car and get in as fast as I can. Gosh I missed these guys, eventhough I haven't seen them for one day. They just mean a lot to me now and they're my best friends.

The whole ride we are singing along to the radio and I'm sad when we arrive at our school. I don't want to go to school and I don't want to see Luke kissing and hugging his girlfiend. I don't want to see Luke at all because I know how I'm going to feel when I see him. I'll feel in love and sad at the same time, I'll feel ashamed and embarassed. How can I love someone I haven't even had a real conversation yet? How can I love someone who doesn't even look at me?

I walk to my locker after I said goodbye to Calum and Michael. I grab my books and walk to my first class, but I stop when I see Abbie.

''Hey Abbs, what's up?'' I say and hug her. I'm really glad to see her because she is a good friend and she always cheers me up.

''Hi Sooph, how are you?'' She says with a smile while still hugging me. We have a little conversation but it doesn't last long, the bell rings. I walk in my class and I'm all alone, I decide to sit in the back. The class starts and I notice Luke is not there. Is he skipping, or just sick? Or is he not coming because of me? Suddenly, Luke walks in.

''Goodmorning Mr. Hemmings, you're too late. There's only one chair left, the one next to Sophie,'' the teachers says. My eyes widen when he calls my name and I try not to look at Luke when he walks to me.

Shit shit shit shit shit, why me?

After a few minutes, I see a note on my desk.

We need to talk. Luke.

Why? I write back.

Because I need to tell you something. Come to the big tree at lunch. He answers.

Oh great, what is he going to tell me? That he hates me? That he never wants to speak to me again? Well, like I didn't know that already. Why else would he ignore me and not connect his eyes with mine?

The next classes seem to be really long and I'm glad when lunch starts. Wait, take the glad away and place nervous as hell. I'm scared for what Luke is going to tell me. I don't him saying awefull things to me, I want him to kiss me, hold me and whisper sweet things in my ear.

I walk to the big tree and I see Luke standing there in his dark skinny jeans, black shirt and black Vans. I take a deep breath and walk up to him.

''Hey Sophie, I'm glad you came,'' he says.




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