You. (Luke Hemmings fanfiction)

Sophie is a 16 year old girl and she is a little awkward. She decides to move to Australia because of her past. She wants to start over again, in Australia. She meets lots of people, people like Luke Hemmings.

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7. part 7.



Hiii guyss,

So this is chapter 7.

There is a song I listened to while writing this chapter and it's called 'Leave Your Lover' by Sam Smith.

It's a really sad song it kinda gave me inspiration to write this soooo yeah it would be cool if you listened to it while reading this.

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I sit on my bed and stare at my ceiling. It's 3am and I can't sleep, I'm constantly thinking about Luke and what I'm going to say to him. Should I call or text him? Or should I just leave it? I decide to do the last and grab my laptop. I surf to Youtube and type '5 Seconds Of Summer' in to see a few video's of them performing. I click at one named 'Try Hard' and watch the video. I then listen to all of their covers, originals and also the blogs. Woah, these guys are amazing! I stare at fetus Luke singing 'Just The Way You Are' and I couldn't help but smile when I see him. Shit Sophie, don't think about him, he is not worth it.

I close my laptop and finally go to sleep.

The whole weekend I work on songs and I hang out with Calum, Ashton and Michael. They have a performance in a week and I promised to help them write a new song that they can sing. Ofcourse Luke was there too because well, it's his band also. He never looks at me and I feel extremely sad. I want to see his bright blue eyes looking back at me for at least once. I want to drown in his eyes but I all I see are his eyelids. At this point I don't even mind if he looks mad at me, I just want him to look at me. What did I do wrong?

It's now sunday night and I'm with the boys in Ashton's garage working on the song. ''We should get some dinner because I am staaaarving,'' Michael says while rubbing his stomach. ''Me too,'' Calum agrees. ''You are always hungry,'' Ashton says while giggling. I laugh as Michael pouts. Luke is quite the whole time but suddenly he stands up. ''You guys go eat something, I have to go to Nicky,'' he says. Oh ofcourse, Luke leaves his bandmates for his girlfriend. Bro's before hoes does't count for him I guess.

Ashton, Michael, Calum and I decide to eat some pizza at some random place. We all order our pizza's and I laugh at the boys' stupid jokes. They are so stupid and funny at the same time. While we are eating our pizza, Luke walks in hand in hand with Nicky. Well that is fucking great. Not. I think he doesn't see us because he walks straight to a table.

I see Nicky constantly touching Luke and I can't help but feel like I'm about to cry. I don't want him to be with her, I want him to be with me.

I want to eat pizza with him and hold his hand. I want to be able to kiss him everytime I feel like doing it. I want to look in his eyes and see him looking back at me. But I guess it's just not meant to be.

Luke notices me staring him and I look down. I don't want him to know I like him or something like that.

''Sophie, are you okay? Are there tears in your eyes?'' Calum says and he looks worried.

''Yeah, I'm fine. I think I'm going home. Thanks for tonight, it was really fun. I'll talk to you later okay?'' I say and hug them all. They say goodbye to me and I walk away as fast as I can. When I get out, I see it's raining. Yeah, like everything isn't shitty enough already.

I run towards my house but decide not to go in. I walk to the park and sit on the same bench as where I met Luke. I know I'm crying but nobody will notice it because of the rain. It's dark and there isn't anybody in the park except me. I feel lonely and I just sit there with my head in my hands. Suddenly someone takes a seat next to me and I look up. It's Calum.

''Sssshh, don't cry babe,'' he says and puts his arm around me. I hug him tight and cry on his shoulder. I don't know how he found me but I'm just really glad he's here.

''Why are you so sad Sophie? Is it Luke? What did he do?'' Calum says while rubbing my back to calm me down.

''I-I just.. I don't know,'' I say while still sobbing.

''I like him so much and he won't even look at me,'' I say.

''Look at me Sophie,'' Calum says while raising my head.

''He's an idiot for doing this to you. It's not fair, I know. If I was him, I would dump Nicky right away just to be with you,'' he says. I smile at his sweet words. ''Thanks Calum, really,'' I mumble and hug him. I'm happy I have someone who does care about me.

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