You. (Luke Hemmings fanfiction)

Sophie is a 16 year old girl and she is a little awkward. She decides to move to Australia because of her past. She wants to start over again, in Australia. She meets lots of people, people like Luke Hemmings.

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5. part 5.

We finally arrive at the party after 10 minutes of driving in Abbie's car. She grabs my hand and we walk to the house where the party takes place.

The music is loud and the people are dancing everywhere. We walk into the house and I see everyone turning around and whispering. I try not to think about it too much and just follow Abbie.

''Do you want something to drink?'' She screams over the music.

''Yes please!'' I scream back.

She hands me a red cup and I take a sip. I don't really know what it is but it's very sweet and I like it.

When I look up, I see Abbie talking to some of her friends. I decide to walk up to them and I look at her friends. One of them seems so familiar, but I'm not sure who it is.

''Guys, this is Sophie! I met her when I was crying on the toilet and she cheered me up. She's so nice, isn't she?'' Abbie says to her friends. I can feel myself getting red. I shake everybody's hand and when I'm about to shake the hand of the familiar boy, I suddenly remember him. ''Hey Calum, good to see you again!'' I say and smile at him.

''Hey Sophie, good to see you too! I didn't know you were a party girl?'' He says and I laugh.

''Well, neither did I! Abbie invited me and I just said yes.'' I explain. He chuckles and we have a little conversation about music and bands when suddenly Luke interups us.

''Hi Calum and Sophie, I see you guys met? How are you new girl?'' Luke asks with a smile on his face. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach but I try to ignore them. Why is he so beautiful and sexy at the same time? And why is he not single?

I notice my third cup is now empty and I grab another one. I feel myself getting a little drunk. I grab Luke's hand and drag him to the dancefloor. I blame the alcohol.

''Is your girlfriend not here?'' I ask while dancing with Luke.

''Nah, she isn't really into parties.'' He answers.

We dance with eachother and we get really close. I shake my hips and he places his hands on them. I feel myself getting warm by his touch and I look at his face. He looks me in the eyes and smiles at me.

I wish he was mine so that I could kiss him, wouldn't that be perfect?

''Hey Sophie, you wanna go outside? It's getting a little hot in here!'' Luke asks. I giggle and nod. I know I'm drunk right now but I still take another cup of alcohol. It just makes me feel good and confident.

I try to walk but I trip over my own feet. All I can do now is giggle. Luke pulls me up and carries me outside. He is such a gentleman.

He places me on the grass outside and he takes a seat next to me. I stare at him and giggle even more. ''What?'' He asks.

''You're so perfect Luke,'' I say while getting on his lap. I woud think he would place me back on the grass but he doesn't. He stares into my green eyes and says something but I can't really hear it.

I look at his lips. They look really soft and his lippiercing is distracting me. Suddenly, he leans in and places his amazing lips on mine. Firework is going off in my head and I feel perfectly fine. His kiss is rough but gentle at the same time. We break contact to get some breath.

''I like you a lot, Sophie,'' Luke says and he kisses me one more time.

''You have a girlfriend Luke,'' I say and I feel guilty.

I've never wanted to be that girl that kisses other people's boyfriend. I don't want to be like that.

''She doesn't have to know we do this.'' At that moment all I wanted to do was kiss him. If I was sober, I would get mad at him for saying that. But this was different. I was drunk, he was drunk and we kissed again. He puts his arm around my waist and I go through his hair with my hands.

We make out all night long untill I realize it's almost 3am.

''Luke, I should go home and get some sleep,'' I say, breaking our kiss.

''Stay with me, sleep with me. I don't want you to leave.'' He says. I giggle and kiss him again.

I can't remember anything that happened after that, it's all black.

What did I do?



They finally kissed!

Soo, what do you think happened after this?

Did she sleep with him?

Will his girlfriend find out?

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