You. (Luke Hemmings fanfiction)

Sophie is a 16 year old girl and she is a little awkward. She decides to move to Australia because of her past. She wants to start over again, in Australia. She meets lots of people, people like Luke Hemmings.

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10. part 10.

After Luke and I finishe our songwriting, we decided to let the boys hear our song. I hope they'll like it because we worked really hard on it and I know Luke expressed his feelings in this songs which is a big deal for him.

I grab my purse and guitar and wait for Luke. I can see him staring at the wall while sitting on my couch. I feel so bad for him, all of this was my fault. If I didn't kiss him, he wouldn't be single. But hey, I do like him being single because now he looks at me again. Gosh I'm so selfish.

''Luke.. Are you ready to go?'' I ask softly. He looks me in the eyes and all I can see is emptyness.

His blue eyes used to be bright and full of sparkless, but now they're just blue.

''Yeah.. I'm ready.'' He answers and he stands up. He grabs my hand, smiles at me and we walk to the door.

I take a seat in Luke's car and we drive to Ashton's house, I expect the boys to be there because they always are.

I look out my window and I see dark grey clouds getting closer. A few raindrops fall down and I watch them finding their way to the ground. Everytime I see rain, I think about my grandma.

It rained the day I had to say goodbye. I remember everything about that day, even the shirt I was wearing. I remember I got a call from the hospital, saying I had to come. I knew what was going to happen, I felt it. I went to the hospital as fast as I could and ran to her room. I saw her laying on the bed and she smiled to me. I miss her smile so much it hurts. I sat next to her bed and started crying. I don't remember stopping crying for a month, it was all I did.

''Sssht sweettie, I'm here. I'll always be. Please don't forget me honey. I love you.''

Those were her last words before she fell asleep, and never woke up. My grandma was all I had and now it was gone. I smile at the thought of her and I felt tears rolling down my face. I whipe them away because I don't want Luke to find out, he has enough on his mind right now.

''I guess we're here,'' Luke says and parks the car in front of Ashton's garage.

He helps me out his car and we walk towards Ashton's door, we ring it. Ofcourse Ashton opens it and he hugs me and says hi to Luke. They used to do bromance hugs but Luke changed and rejected it everytime.

''Calum, Michael and I were just about to watch a movie. Wanna watch it with us?'' Ashton asked. I look up and see Luke looking down.

''Actually, we wrote a song together and we really want you to hear it,'' I say. Calum and Michael are now with us and I hug them both. We walk into the garage and I sit down.

''Okay, can we hear your song now? Is it good? Since when do you two talk again? What is the song about? '' Michael asks and I chuckle. This guy has too much energy and asks too many questions.

''Chill Clifford, just wait for it. I hope you'll like it,'' I say. I look at Luke and he nods. We start the song and I am in it. By the time the song ends, I see Calum, Ashton and Michael all looking sadly towards us. It is silent for a moment untill Luke starts talking.

''So yeah.. Nicky and I broke up..'' He says and I rub his back to let him know I'm here.

''I'm so sorry man..'' The boys say and they give him a group hug and I'm suprised to see Luke hugs them back. I guess he is the same old Luke again.

He explains what happened and this time without crying. After that, we decide to go to bed because it's already 1 am.

I am about to head out the door when Luke suddenly grabs my hand. I look at him and smile. His eyes are not as sad anymore and he looks relieved. I think this song is what he needed to heal a little.

''Sooph, can I sleep at yours? I don't feel like being alone, not tonight.'' He asks and looks at me with big puppy eyes and he pouts. I chuckle and nod. Is this a good idea but I don't want to be alone either and I mean, who doesn't want to sleep with Luke Robert Hemmings? Look at him, he is fucking perfect.

We drive to my house as we sing along to the radio.

We laugh and sing as false as we can. We make weird sounds with our voices and Luke tries to sing really high but it isn't really working. This is what I like, being with Luke without drama and without the awkwardness. I like being with Luke.

We arrive at my house and I unlock the door. ''Welcome to my palace, Mr. Hemmings,'' I say and he laughs. I love to hear his laugh, I think it's the most beautiful sound in the whole world. We head to my living room and jump on my couch. ''Do you want to watch a movie or something?'' I ask and Luke nods. ''Yeah, let's watch a horror. Like Paranormal Activity or something?'' He says and I agree. I walk upstairs to change in my PJ's and grab a blanket and pillow. I whipe my makeup off and go back downstairs. When Luke sees me and smiles, I feel the butterflies in my stomach again. He always does that to me. I place myself next to Luke and he wraps his arms around me. The films starts but I don't know what's happening because I'm too busy with staring at Luke's perfect face.

He notices me staring at him and stares back.

''Dudee, why are you staring at me?'' I say and act like I'm mad.

''Cuzz you hot,'' he says and we burst into laughter. In some way, this reminds me of The Fault In Our Stars, but then a little less romantic.

We watch the film and I get closer to Luke everytime it gets scary. He makes circles with his dump on my hand which makes me feel happy. It are the little things he does that make me fall in love with him.

At the end of the film, we don't speak and I lay in his arms. I have my head on his chest, I can hear his heartbeat. I smile and slowly fall asleep.



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