Just Another Summer?


8. Chapter 8

When we reached the room, my phone buzzed.

It was from Matt.

(M- Matt, E- Emily)

M- you two can come on over if you want. Tyler wants to see you

E- ok. We will be over in like 5 seconds


M- well that was creepy

E- definatly

Me and Maddie walked over to the boys rooms. I knocked on the door.

"Its open!" I heard Connor yell.

I opened the door to find Connor laying on the ground shirtless and Troye and Tyler practically on top of eachother. Like they were sitting insainly close with their faces really close in a flirty way. I had a fangirl moment. Im almost sure Maddie did to. Troyler is my obvious OTP. Maddie's too.

"Matt, Emily's he-" Matt cut Tyler off by running out from his room really loud and fast.

"What? Oh, um...im... hi!" He said nervously fixing his shirt and his hair and everything.

"You ok Matt?" I asked stepping towards him.

His face got red.

"Yes. Ummm, yeah everything is definatly ok. Nothing wrong. Is it hot in here? Or its just you. Umm, i mean its hot in here. Gosh your hot!" He said all nervous and shaky.

"Calm down." I said putting my hand on his shoulder.

"Ok." Matt said.

"Hold up, let me get something out of OUR room real quick." I said. "Be right back."

I walked to our condo. Brent was shirtless on his phone.

"Selfie with your fave?" Brent asked.

"Cant turn that down." I smiled.

He leaned in for the selfie. I was planning on kissing him on the cheek but he spun his head around so that my lips landed in his. He put his phone down and cupped my face.

"Brent, what kind of fo- BRENT?" I heard my brother yell.

Brent pulled away.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Noah yelled.

"Well, umm, we were taking a selfie and i spun my head around and kissed her." Brent said.

"Dont let it happen again." Noah demanded.

"Mabey I liked it!" I defended.

"DID YOU?" Both boys asked at the same time.

"Yes." I smirked then walked out of the condo.

I walked back into the boys condo.

"I think yiu should ask Emily." Maddie said.

"Ask me what?" I asked.

Matt turned around.

"Umm I- n-nothing. Nevermind." He said nervously.

"Ok," i said.

"The pizza should be here anytime." Matt said.

"Pizza is honestly my fave food ever." I laughed.

"Same." Maddie laughed.

"Maddie, I know we only recently met and everything, but will you go on a date with me?" Nash asked.

"Yes!" She said.

"Awwe, MASH!" I smiled.

Nash smirked at Matt.

ITS SO SHORT (lol thats what she said *baadumtiss*) THIS CHAPTER IS CRAP BYE😘

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