Just Another Summer?


7. Chapter 7

*next morning*

"So, were just going to casualy mention that were moving and then drop it?" Maddie asked.

"Yep." I said.

We walked to where Noah and Brent were having breakfast.

"Hey!" Brent yelled.

I ran over and sat by him.

"We need to talk to you." Maddie said.

"Whats up?" Noah asked.

"Well, lets just go out and tell them. Were moving to California after the vacations over." I replied.

"What?" Noah yelled.

"Noah, im 17. So is Maddie. Were capable of taking care of ourselves in California." I said crossing my arms.

"Well, you DO have a point. But why?" Noah asked.

"Im sure its becouse of those two boys" Brent mumbled.

"Its becouse Virginia gets boring as poop." Maddie replied.

"Ok, I trust you. But your calling me every week. Facetiming every week. And you HAVE to text me everyday so I know your alive." Noah said.

"Done." Me and Maddie said.

"I cant belive your moving across America." Noah laughed.

"Neither can we. But, I was hoping we could just forget about that part and spend our last week together well together? I mean, holidays and birthdays, were gonna be back in Virginia." I said.

"Good idea." Noah smiled.

*20 minuits later*

"I really need a tan like bad." I complained.

"Me too." Maddie said.

We stopped where we were planning to leave our chairs. we looked at eachother.

"Perfect." We said.

We sat up our chairs and ran to the ocean.

"Wow, your brother can surf" Maddie said letting the waves crash against her feet.

"Thats not my brother, thats Brent." I said.

"How do you know?" She asked.

"Becouse. Ive seen how he surfs. He is amazing." I smiled.

We talked a little bit.

"Dang. Somebodys lookin fine this morning" A boy said walking up to us.

"Mhmm. This one looks nice" another boy said walking behind me.

He grabbed my butt.

I seatted him away.

"Can we help you?" I sassed.

"Yeah actually you can. Meet me in my room in 10 minuits. Ive got a boner and you look hella hot" The bpy next to me said.

"No thank you" I said walking away.

"Bye" Maddie said walking behind me.

"Come on babe. You know you want to fuck me. Lets just put it out there. Your hot and you know it. You have a nice ass and your perfect for me. Come on." One boy begged.

"No. Were leaving" Me and Maddie said.

"Hey whats going on here?" My brother said running out of the water to us.

Brent soon followed him.

"These two jack asses tried to get us to go up to their rooms and have sex with them." I said.

"You said no right?" Noah questioned.

"Duh" Maddie replied.

"Alright you two dickheads. Stay away from Emily and Maddie ok? If you touch them, talk to them, or if I see you again, im pounding your heads into a brick wall. K?" Noah said.

The two boys ran off.

"Thanks" I said.

"Anytime" Noah said.

"Were gonna go back and surf some more. If we get hungry, we'll just come in and get some food or something" Noah said.

"K. Were gonna tan and then i dont know what. So, see ya later" I said walking back to our chairs.

We reached our chairs to find Matt and Nash sitting in them.

"Guuurl, dis sun is so haawtt." Nash said.

"Yeaah. We gon need to go swim or sumthin." Matt replied.

"Baisic white girl" I said to Nash.

"Gurl. Look. Its Shantel and Laquesha" Matt said.

"Shantel. I havnt seen you in foreva gurl." Nash said to Maddie.

"Laquesha gurl. Did you get a new weave? Where did you get it done at?" Matt asked me.

"Walmart." I said.

We all burst out in laughter.

"Im hungry" Maddie complained.

"Lets get our bags and go find food" I said.

We reached around the boys to get our bags. Then we started walking off.

"Wait." Nash said.

"We're ordering pizza. You should come to our room and eat pizza with us for lunch." Matt said.

"No we dont want to invade with you and the boys" I said.

"No. I want you to come." Matt argued.

"Text me when your ready for us to come over" I said.

"Oh, I will" Matt said.

HI! This chapter was awful and so short becouse I was writing my first chapter for Skinny Love. Its my new book so go check it out. Thats baisicaly it. Bye


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