Just Another Summer?


5. Chapter 5

After what seemed like 10 miles, we finally got to the resteraunt.

"Table for 9?" I asked the waitress.

"Sure thing cutie" she winked at me.

(Really nigga? Im sorry i had to😂 ok carry on- Emily)

What the fuck? Is she trying to freaking flirt with me? Hell no bitch!

"Emily, sit by me!" I said pulling her closer to me.

"Alright" she said.

We sat down at a round table. It was Tyler then Emily. Then me and Nash. Beside him was Maddie and Brent. Noah sat beside him. Troye and Connor finished up with Troye ending up sitting by Tyler. ( a/n~ WHO ELSE SHIPS TROYLER? ASDFGHJKL ; me fangirling, ok sorry carry on)

We ordered our drinks and the waitress brought them back.

Music played in the background.

"Holy shit, Nash listen!" I yelled.

"YAAAAAAAS BITCH THES MAH JAUM! TURN UP! AYEEEEEE" he yelled and got up at started twerking like a maniac.

I didnt want him looking like an idiot so i got up and danced with him. Soon enough, Emily got up and pulled Tyler with her.

Eventually we got other strangers dancing with us; even this old couple. We had the waiters turn up the music which was Wild Life by Jack and Jack. Two boys me and Nash know fairly well.

I started rapping the second verse and Emily joined in with me.

We all calmed down eventually.

"So, you like that song?" I asked.

"Yes. I literaly worship Jack and Jack." She said.

"Me and Matt actually know them." Nash said.

"Holy shit" she said.

I pulled out my phone and facetimed Jack Johnson.

"Sup Matthew?" He said.

Emily almost fainted.

"Holy shit" she said again.

Jack Glinsky came on the screen.

"Sup Mat- woah who is that?" He asked.

"Emily" i said.

"Damn." He said.

I poked Emily and told her to talk to them.

"Hi" she said sweetly.

"Hello beautiful!" Jack G said.

Emily's P.O.V


I blushed abit.

"Heres our numbers, text me sometime babe" he said.


"Uhh t-thanks. I-i wi-ill" i stuttered.

"Awww, she's SO cute Matt. Cuter than you said" Jack J said.

Matt gave him a death glare.

"Oh I wasnt supposed to say that? Sorry" Jack J said.

"So we just heard Wild Life in this random resteraunt down here, and we made them turn it up and we all started twearking. We even got this old couple to dance with us. It was really funny" Matt said.


"Ahh um the waitress is coming to get our orders. I'll talk to you guys later." Matt said.

"Bye Matt" they said to Matt.

"Bye babe" Jack G said to me.

"Bye cutie" Jack J said as he blew me a kiss.

"What? All I get is bye Matt?" Matt pouted.

"Bye beautiful" Jack J said.

"Das better." Matt smiled.

"Bye" i said.

Matt was almost ready to press the "end" button but stopped.

"Just wait. See how they really act. Jack J never turns off his phone. He always waits for me to press end."

"OMG SHE IS SO HOT" Jack G yelled.

"YES" Jack J said.

"I cant belive she has my number" Jack G squealed.

"CATAH STAHP IT" Jack J yelled.

I couldnt help it. I lauged. The Jacks looked at the screen and noticed me and Matt laughing our butts off.

"Oh shit" Jack G said.

"Well bye" Jack J said pressing the "end" button.

"That way halarios" i said.

Matt's P.O.V

"So can i get your orders?" The waitress said putting her hand on my shoulder.

I wrapped my arm around Emily and the waitress removed her hand. Emily looked up at me with a questioning look. I smiled and took my arm away from her.

"Espinosa, dont you dare hurt my sister. K?" Tyler said.

"Dont worry. She doesnt even like me." I said.

She rolled her eyes. Mabey she does like me? I dont know. Probabaly not. She probably likes Brent.

Troye's P.O.V

Emily is really cute. Her hair is just perfect. But I cant really tell everyone becouse they all seem to like her as well. I mean, espicially Matt. And this other boy who was with Emily and her friend Maddie. His name? I forgot.

I may tell Connor. I pulled out my phone and texted him under the table. I poked him and told him to look at his phone. He nodded.

(T- Troye, C- Connor)

T- I have a secret.



T- i like Emily. Her hair is just perfect and her eyes. Oh my gosh.

C- Glad some one else feels the same way

T- so your telling me you think shes hot too?

C- yeah but im confused. I thought you were ya know gay and stuff

T- i know i am. But she is beautiful.

C- dont tell me...

T- i dont know.

C- well, lets order

"Um yeah can I get the cheeseburger. With fries" Connor said.

"Sure. And for you?" she said motioning to me.

"I- um- uhh I think I'll have the same thing" i stuttered.

Shit. Did i just embarass myself. I think i did. I blushed.

Everyone else ordered their food. She brought it out fairly quickly. We all ate and then left.

"OH MY GOD!" Emily gasped.

"Whats wrong?" Nash said.

The two boys that were with them looked over at them and rolled their eyes.

"Wait for it" the one that looked abit like Emily ,and I think his name was Noah or something, said.


These four extemely tall boys were waiting to get in this store appearently and they were just about to open the doors. The tallest one with a lip piercing and an extremely tall quiff turned around. He wore black vans with a Nirvana shirt and black ripped skinny jeans.

"Luke" Emily whispered.

"Hello love" he said to Emily.

Dafuq? Is this guy australian or something? Dayuuuuum.

"Hi" she said not moving any.

"Your pretty" he said.

"T-thank y-y-ou" she stuttered.

Matt stood close behind her obviosly jealous.

Emily's P.O.V


Calum amd Ashton came over.

"Hi" Ashton spoke.


"Hi" i said back.

Michael walked over.

"Hi im Michael" he said hugging me.

I smiled really big.

"Whats your name?" Calum asked me.

"I-Its Emily" i said abit more confident.

"Well hi Emily" Luke said.

"Where's your phone?" Ashton asked.

"In my back pocket" i said.

"Can i see it for a minuit?" He asked.

I pulled it out and unlocked it for him and handed it to him. He saw my home screen. It was Calum from one of the keeks. He laughed abit. After a minute or two, he gave it back with a smirk.

"There. Now you have all of our numbers so we can text all the time." He said.

I smiled.

"Your so cute when you smile" Luke said.

I laughed.

"We better go. We have a gig tonight at the beach. You should come" Michael said.

"I'll see what were doing" i said.

"Well, bye love" Luke said kissing me om the cheek.

"Bye cute" Ashton said kissing my forehead.

"Later tater" Michael said waving and smiling.

"Hopefully see you tonight babe" Calum said in my ear and kissed my cheek.

Then they walked in the store and went on with their buisnuis.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Matt yelled at me.

"What are you talking about?" I said.

"They- and you- babe? What the hell?" He stammered.

"Why do you care so much?" I asked.

"Becouse I love you, Emily" Matt said as he started to blush.

Now people were starting to look at us.

"I-I umm" i started.

"Can we just go back to the hotel rooms?" I asked finally.

"Yes, oh and can I call you babe or is that a no?" He asked.

"Whatever floats your llama" i said skipping off to walk with Troye and Noah.

"Wait, llama? I thought it was goat?" Matt asked.

"Yeah. It is, but i like llamas better than goats" i said.

"I see" he said walking with Nash now.

I poked Troye who was nervously looking at his phone.

"Sup Sivan?" I said.

"Uhh Hi Emily" he said.

"You ok? You havent said much all night." I said.

"Oh, im fine. Dont worry about me" he said.

"Alright" i said making my way to Connor and Tyler.

"Sup brothah and mah brothas friend named Connor Franta who I definatly dont stalk" i said.

They laughed.

"Oh Emily, Connor was just talking about you" Tyler said.

Connors face got red.

"I know I sound like some crazed fan, but I really like your videos. You are so funny and cu- Umm you know what? Nevermind about that last part" i said.

He perked up.

Connor's P.O.V


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