Just Another Summer?


4. Chapter 4

"Emily, Tyler is your brother too" Noah sighed.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Me and Tyler yelled.

"Mom had you and Tyler at the same time. Your twins. I was 4 when you both were born. Tyler went to live with our dad and me and you stayed with mom when they got a divorce when i was 10. You two were baisicaly the same person. You did everything together. You probably dont remeber him becoise of when you fell off your bike at 12 and went into that coma" Noah said.

"Oh my god" i said.

"Thats crazy" Tyler said.

"Well, can we go now?" I asked.

"Yes" they all said.

"What car?" Matt asked.

"We can take our car. It would fit everyone." Noah suggested.

"Ok" we all said.

Noah and Brent sat in the front becouse Noah drove us all. Maddie, Tyler, and Connor sat in the middle. Me, Nash, Matt, and Troye sat in the back. Since we are all fairly small, we fit perfectly. I ,of course, was in the middle of Troye Motherflying Sivan and Matt.

Soon enough, we got there. I made it a point to stand next to Matt. His hand was extemely close to mine. I pulled it away to swipe the hair our of my eyes. I had a plan : make him jealous. I wasnt going to target somwone who was going to catch on. I targeted Brent. Brents nice and all, i just dont like him that way. I walked over to him. He pulled me onto his back like he always does. I smiled. I could tell Matt got pretty mad. I wanted to make him madder, so i bent down to Brents ear and whispered " We should go to Taco Bell sometime". He smiled and i giggled glacing over to Matt who was now extremely angry. I felt kinda bad for him. I jumped off Brents back and walked beside him.

Matt's P.O.V

I didnt know what the hell she is fucking doing but she needs to stop it now. I am so mad its not even funny. She is over there fucking flirting with Brent which im sure now is NOT her fucking brother. This is literaly shit. There is no way in hell im not sitting by her when we eat.

"Matt, dude? What the hell is going on?" Nash asked.

"Nothing im fine" i snapped.

"Sorry i snapped like that, i just.. i. oh whatever" i said.

"Its fine" he said.

I started walking abot closer to Emily. I poked her shoulder.

"Sup Matthew?" She asked.

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