Just Another Summer?


3. Chapter 3

Emily's P.O.V

I talked the plan for tonight over with Maddie, Noah, and Brent. They all seemed fine with it except Brent.

"Hey Brent come here a second" i said walking out on the balcony.

He followed me and shut the door behind him.

"Ok so ive known you for what 4 years now? You NEVER act like this. You are mad about something and if you dont tell me, i will jump off this balcony" I said.

"Do i HAVE to tell you?" He said shyly.

"Yes" i replied.

"I like you" he studdered.

"What" i was shocked

"I have a crush on you" he said.

"Brent, you should have told me. Why didnt you?" I asked.

"Well, i knew your brother would kill me and you probably wouldnt ever date anyone like me." He said quite embarassed.

He looked down at the floor. I took my hands and cupped his face.

"Why wouldnt I?" I asked.

His face lit up.

"Umm becouse im ugly and wierd, duh" he said.

"Nope. Your not ugly or wierd. Your cute and funny. Im the ugly and wierd one." I said.

"Your not ugly and wierd. Im not fighting with you on this. Your the absolute most beautiful girl i have ever seen." He said.

"Um thanks" i smiled.

He pulled me into a quick hug. I held on longer to show him that i wasnt kidding. He wrapped his arms around me and played with my hair kinda. The way Matt does. But itw as different.

Wierd different.

"HELLO! We need to get ready if were going to the boardwalk tonight!" Maddie yelled breaking up our hug.

"Right" i said.

"Oh and when Matt finds out about this, he is gonna be pissed. Just saying!" Maddie said.

Matt's P.O.V

I walked out onto the balcony.

"Oh and when Matt finds out about this, he is gonna be pissed." I heard Maddie yell.

"Why does he care if i hug Brent?" Emily said from their balcony.

"I can see it Emily, the way he looks at you. Matt likes you!" Maddie said (which is true).

"Whatever! He probably doenst." Emily said.

Then i heard the balcony door shut. Then opened and shut again.

So she hugged Brent? Im really hopeing Brent is her brother and not that boy they were in the hot tub with. Becouse if thats him, i have NO chance.

Emily's P.O.V

I walked back in. Maddie and Brent followed me all the way to mine and Maddies room.

"Um can I take a shower? Or do you all have to observe that?" I asked.

"Oh, i um didnt know thats where you were heading- sorry" maddie said.

"Its fine" i said.

I walked in the bathroom and pulled out my phone. I got a text.

~ Who is this?~


~Oh, ok~

(M- Matt, E- Emily)

M- so i heard you and maddies convo on the balcony

E- are you mad?

M- no

E- good

M- i do want to clear something up tho

E- what is it

M- maddie is right

E- ?

M- i do like you

I didnt answer back. Instead i hopped in the shower. I took my shower then got out. I went into our room and pulled out my clothes: a tank crop top that said " theres no way you woke up like that" and some high waisted dark demin shorts, and some vans. I dried and straigtened my hair then pulled on my outfit. To top it off, i added some eye-liner and lip gloss. I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed my bag wich was small but i didnt need that much. I only had lip gloss, money, hair ties, some gum, and some purfume. I sprayed on some Bethany Mota purfume and walked out of the room.

"That was fast!" Maddie said.

"Yeah, i guess im pretty excited about our first night here!" I said.

"Me too" she said.

She got up and took her shower and got ready. She was wearing some white shorts and a pink, orange, blue, and white tanktop thing. She had on white TOMS and her hair was curly. She had on the same purfume as I did.

The boys came out in their normal outfit styles. I texted Matt. We decided to meet in the parking lot. We walked down to the parking lot to see Matt, Nash, Troye Sivan, Tyler Oakley, and Connor Franta.

I turned to Maddie. We stopped in the middle lf the parking lot. We had a little fangirl attack.

Connors eyes were on me the whole time we walked towards them.

"Hey beautiful. This is-" he stopped.

I was smiling really big.

"Im taking it you know who they are?" He asked.

"If you dont know who Tyler Oakley is, you probably live under a rock or something, duh" i said.

Tyler laughed.

"Hi, im Connor. You are really pretty" he said.

"Thanks" i smiled.

"So you all ready to go?" Nash asked.

"Yep" me amd Tyler said at the same time.

We both laughed.

"Wow, you two are like those creepy best friends" Noah said.

Me and Tyler laughed even harder.

"Its wierd, it feels like ive met you before." Tyler said. "Have you came to a show or something?" He asked.

"Nope" i said.

Noah looked the other way.

"Noah whats going on" i asked.

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